TBH Meaning

TBH stands for To Be Honest.
Teenagers use TBH for emphasis or clarification in messages.

How Is TBH Used? Use Cases & Examples

If you’ve seen teens write TBH on social media, they were likely using it at the beginning or end of a sentence in place of the phrase “to be honest.” This word is often used to convey a feeling of frankness or express honestly how you feel about a person or thing.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term TBH:

  • TBH, you’re a kind and sincere person.
  • TBH, I hate your taste in fashion.
  • Why were you late for school?
    TBH, I was hung over.

How to Identify If Your Kids Are Using the TBH Slang Word

TBH is a harmless slang term, but risky teen slang is everywhere. It’s getting harder and harder for you to make sure your kids aren’t depressed, suicidal, bullied or exploited, or worse, dragged down the wrong path by bad friendships. That’s why you need to monitor the slang words your kids use to keep them safe. Here are two ways to identify the TBH slang word:

1. Check Their Phones Directly for the TBH Slang Word

If you see some teen slang words repeated frequently by your kids while texting their friends, maybe it is about time to check their cell phones. You need to keep your eye out on their text messages, chat messages, and search history for the TBH slang word.


  • Affect your relationship with your kids
  • Troublesome
  • Can’t detect dangers timely


  • No need to install any app

2. Install A Parental Control App to Monitor the TBH Slang Word

Install a good parent control app on your kids’ phones to detect the slang words used by them. It lets you access their text messages, chat conversations, and search history for teen slang expressions such as TBH. Additionally, it notifies you when risky slang words are detected. So, you will be able to ensure your children stay safe online.


  • More features like chat monitoring, GPS tracking, call recording, surrounding recording, etc
  • Instant alerts
  • Easy to install and use


  • Some apps are not free

Parental Control Apps to Detect the TBH Slang Word


  • Google Family link:
    It is a family parental control service from Google that helps you check search history for the TBH slang word, restrict content, set screen time, and more.
  • iKeyMonitor:
    iKeyMonitor is one of the most powerful parental control apps. It monitors SMS, chat messages, and searched terms on kids’ phones. It will take screenshots/photos and send instant alerts to you on triggered alert words such as TBH. Besides, it will record calls, surroundings and block inappropriate apps to protect your kids from threats.


  • Apple Screen Time:
    With Apple’s built-in parental control setting, you can manage app limits, set content restrictions, and more. Just unlock the iPhone or iPad, then go to Settings and tap on Screen Time.
  • Norton Family Parental Control:
    Norton Family provides insights that help you foster a healthy online/offline balance for your children and their devices.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS:
    Kaspersky Safe Kids is a popular parental control app that provides web monitoring, app blocking, filtering, and more.
  • Alertbird Parental Control:
    Alertbird is a parental control app for iOS that monitors the TBH slang term and other dangerous words. You will be notified immediately if it detects alert keywords in your searched terms and chat messages, such as the TBH slang word.

Tips to Talk With Your Kids About the Use of the TBH Slang Word

Seeking independence is normal for teens, and sometimes it’s hard to get them to let you into their world, including the world of teenage slang. Here are some suggestions for starting the conversation with your teens:

  • I keep seeing “TBH” in your messages. What does it mean?
  • Do some of your friends use certain acronyms that resemble their trademarks?
  • Do you think it’s better to use abbreviations or emojis? Why would you choose one over the other?
  • Let’s try to think of all the interesting things that “TBH” can stand for.

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