DM Meaning

DM stands for Direct Message.

DM is used when a person wants to communicate with someone directly.

How Is DM Used? Use Cases & Examples

DM refers to private messages on any number of social media services. This slang term is gaining popularity on Facebook and Twitter, where you can send private or public messages.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term DM:

  • He sent me a scary and abusive DM, so I reported the message and blocked his account.
  • DM me if you want to meet up.
  • Yo he asked me out anonymously on; didn’t even have the guts to DM me!
  • Oh my god, I couldn’t work up the courage to ask her for her number, so I sent her a DM!

How to Identify If Your Kids Are Using the DM Slang Word

The slang term DM is harmless to children, but some teenage slang may indicate that your children are engaging in risky activities. So you need to pay attention to teen slang words to keep them from getting into trouble. We provide two methods for detecting the DM slang word:

1. Check Their Phones Directly for the DM Slang Word

Checking your kids’ phones regularly can give you peace of mind. Set up cell phone usage rules with your kids; check their text messages, search history and chat messages at specific times to see if they use the DM slang term.


  • Affect your relationship with your kids
  • Troublesome
  • Can’t detect dangers timely


  • No need to install any app

2. Install A Parental Control App to Monitor the DM Slang Word

By installing a parental control app on your children’s phones, you can set alarms to help your children avoid the traps of predators, drug dealers, and other negative influences. With this parental control app, you can monitor slang words like DM in their search history, chat messages, and text messages. As a result you can protect them from dangerous people or things.


  • More features like chat monitoring, GPS tracking, call recording, surrounding recording, etc
  • Instant alerts
  • Easy to install and use


  • Some apps are not free

Parental Control Apps to Detect the DM Slang Word


  • Google Family link:
    It is a family parental control service from Google that helps you check search history for the DM slang word, restrict content, set screen time, and more.
  • iKeyMonitor:
    iKeyMonitor is one of the most powerful parental control apps. It monitors SMS, chat messages, and searched terms on kids’ phones. It will take screenshots/photos and send instant alerts to you on triggered alert words such as DM. Besides, it will record calls, surroundings and block inappropriate apps to protect your kids from threats.


  • Apple Screen Time:
    With Apple’s built-in parental control setting, you can manage app limits, set content restrictions, and more. Just unlock the iPhone or iPad, then go to Settings and tap on Screen Time.
  • Norton Family Parental Control:
    Norton Family provides insights that help you foster a healthy online/offline balance for your children and their devices.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS:
    Kaspersky Safe Kids is a popular parental control app that provides web monitoring, app blocking, filtering, and more.
  • Alertbird Parental Control:
    Alertbird is a parental control app for iOS that monitors the DM slang term and other dangerous words. You will be notified immediately if it detects alert keywords in your searched terms and chat messages, such as the DM slang word.

Tips to Talk With Your Kids About the Use of the DM Slang Word

If you see “DM” in a teen’s message, it’s probably harmless. Direct messaging is a ubiquitous form of communication, but you want to keep an eye on who is asking your children to communicate privately. Here are some conversation starters for you and your children:

  • I saw someone from a dance organization asking you to DM them about an upcoming competition. Do adults you don’t know often send you private messages?
  • What would you do if someone you didn’t know sent you a private message?
  • Do you think direct messaging is easier than calling?

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