WB Meaning

WB stands for Welcome back.
WB is an internet slang initialism used to greet someone when they return to an online conversation.

How Is WB Used? Use Cases & Examples

In chat messages, the acronym WB means “Welcome Back”. Whenever someone recently returns to a chat room or online video game, you can use WB to welcome them back into the action.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term WB:

  • WB! Ready for another match?
  • Alan: Hey, I’m back.
    Kobe: WB, man.
  • Danny: Finished my chores. I’m back.
    Amy: WB.
  • Jack: Sorry our internet went down.
    Bob: WB we need you to win.

How to Identify If Your Kids Are Using the WB Slang Word

WB is a friendly slang word for online gaming, but there may be other risky slang expressions in the game. That’s why you need to pay attention to the slang words your kids use. Check out the two ways to detect the slang term WB:

1. Check Their Phones Directly for the WB Slang Word

You can choose to check your kids’ phones directly, which is great for figuring out if they’ve used the WB slang word. Remember to view their SMS text messages, search history, and social chats on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Line, etc.


  • Affect your relationship with your kids
  • Troublesome
  • Can’t detect dangers timely


  • No need to install any app

2. Install A Parental Control App to Monitor the WB Slang Word

A good parental control app will help you detect teen slang expressions such as WB on your teens’ phones. This app makes it simple to monitor your children’s activities in one central place. It’s also easy to set up alerts words for each device. In this way, you can protect your children from harm as soon as possible.


  • More features like chat monitoring, GPS tracking, call recording, surrounding recording, etc
  • Instant alerts
  • Easy to install and use


  • Some apps are not free

Parental Control Apps to Detect the WB Slang Word


  • Google Family link:
    It is a family parental control service from Google that helps you check search history for the WB slang word, restrict content, set screen time, and more.
  • iKeyMonitor:
    iKeyMonitor is one of the most powerful parental control apps. It monitors SMS, chat messages, and searched terms on kids’ phones. It will take screenshots/photos and send instant alerts to you on triggered alert words such as WB. Besides, it will record calls, surroundings and block inappropriate apps to protect your kids from threats.


  • Apple Screen Time:
    With Apple’s built-in parental control setting, you can manage app limits, set content restrictions, and more. Just unlock the iPhone or iPad, then go to Settings and tap on Screen Time.
  • Norton Family Parental Control:
    Norton Family provides insights that help you foster a healthy online/offline balance for your children and their devices.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS:
    Kaspersky Safe Kids is a popular parental control app that provides web monitoring, app blocking, filtering, and more.
  • Alertbird Parental Control:
    Alertbird is a parental control app for iOS that monitors the WB slang term and other dangerous words. You will be notified immediately if it detects alert keywords in your searched terms and chat messages, such as the WB slang word.

Tips to Talk With Your Kids About the Use of the WB Slang Word

While online gaming may not be in the same geographic location, players are as close together as any sports team or club. It’s important to keep an eye on players as predators often approach potential victims in online gaming, but also know that the vast majority of players are just kids who enjoy online gaming as much as you do. Here are some ideas for talking with your teens about online interactions:

  • Can I watch you play your favorite multiplayer game so I can understand it better?
  • Are the people you play with in our country or an international group?
  • When other players are jerks, do you just disconnect them or try to redirect them?
  • Have you met your in-game friends in real life?

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