Flex Meaning

Flex refers to showing off or exaggerating accomplishments. Flex is an internet slang expression that conveys arrogance or insincerity.

How Is Flex Used? Use Cases & Examples

Flex was originally the act of contracting a part of the body, but it’s much more than that. There are three main reasons you can use the slang term Flex — while referring to a genuine show-off, a fake show-off, and an awkward show-off. Everything can be applied to yourself.

Examples of how your teen might use the slang term Flex:

  • I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been selected as the lead representative of XYZ.
    Your flex right now is so amazing, I’m jealous. But happy for you!
  • I finally landed a job!!
    You go, man! This is a well-deserved flex for ya!
  • Last week accomplishments: *followed by a list of 15 things*.
    Dude, you be flexing so hard and attracting all the envy you possibly can.
  • Hurray! We made a billion dollars last year!
    Ugh. Sweet flex, wish that were true.

How to Identify If Your Kids Are Using the Flex Slang Word

Flex is a safe slang term used by teenagers to show off, but some slang terms are dangerous. To keep kids safe from potential threats, you need to monitor teenage slang like Flex. Here are two ways to detect the Flex slang word:

1. Check Their Phones Directly for the Flex Slang Word

It is every parent’s duty to check teens’ cell phones. To find out if your kids have used the Flex slang word, you can monitor their text messages, search history, and chat messages on Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.


  • Affect your relationship with your kids
  • Troublesome
  • Can’t detect dangers timely


  • No need to install any app

2. Install A Parental Control App to Monitor the Flex Slang Word

You can install a parental control app on your kids’ cell phones. Once installed, you can be carefree if your children are using their smartphones. You can set up alert words for Flex on their devices, and you will get instant notifications when it’s triggered. Therefore, you can prevent your kids from all kinds of risks.


  • More features like chat monitoring, GPS tracking, call recording, surrounding recording, etc
  • Instant alerts
  • Easy to install and use


  • Some apps are not free

Parental Control Apps to Detect the Flex Slang Word


  • Google Family link:
    It is a family parental control service from Google that helps you check search history for the Flex slang word, restrict content, set screen time, and more.
  • iKeyMonitor:
    iKeyMonitor is one of the most powerful parental control apps. It monitors SMS, chat messages, and searched terms on kids’ phones. It will take screenshots/photos and send instant alerts to you on triggered alert words such as Flex. Besides, it will record calls, surroundings and block inappropriate apps to protect your kids from threats.


  • Apple Screen Time:
    With Apple’s built-in parental control setting, you can manage app limits, set content restrictions, and more. Just unlock the iPhone or iPad, then go to Settings and tap on Screen Time.
  • Norton Family Parental Control:
    Norton Family provides insights that help you foster a healthy online/offline balance for your children and their devices.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS:
    Kaspersky Safe Kids is a popular parental control app that provides web monitoring, app blocking, filtering, and more.
  • Alertbird Parental Control:
    Alertbird is a parental control app for iOS that monitors the Flex slang term and other dangerous words. You will be notified immediately if it detects alert keywords in your searched terms and chat messages, such as the Flex slang word.

Tips to Talk With Your Kids About the Use of the Flex Slang Word

Teens are not shy about being inauthentic in others, and the slang expression flex reflects that reality. Disdain for modesty, flex children crave attention and have a strong desire to impress others. Whether your kids are the flexer or the kids who are annoyed by flexers, this slang opens the door to discussions about keeping things real. Here are some things to talk about showing off with your kids:

  • When you’re excited or nervous in a group, do you want to impress others by exaggerating?
  • How do you react when you find yourself among a group of people who are flexing?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard someone brag about?
  • Do you think people who like to show off are gullible?

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