IDGAF Meaning IDGAF stands for I don’t give a f**k. IDGAF is an internet slang initialism that expresses disregard for the opinions of others. How Is IDGAF Used? Use Cases & Examples IDGAF is a strong way of saying “I really don’t care”. It can be used when someone is frustrated or tired of something. […]


IIRC Meaning IIRC stands for If I Remember (Recall) Correctly. IIRC is an internet slang initialism that can be used politely, sarcastically, or to express uncertainty. How Is IIRC Used? Use Cases & Examples IIRC is used for social media, text messages, and emails to show that you believe something is true. You can use […]


IMHO Meaning IMHO stands for In My Humble Opinion or In My Honest Opinion. IMHO is an internet slang initialism that clarifies that the speaker is stating an opinion rather than a fact. How Is IMHO Used? Use Cases & Examples Using “IMHO” makes it clear that what you’re saying is an opinion, not a […]


IRL Meaning IRL stands for In Real Life. IRL is an internet slang initialism that specifies that a person is talking about reality vs. life on social media, movies, video games, etc. How Is IRL Used? Use Cases & Examples IRL is an online slang term, so it’s not part of a formal conversation. If […]


JK Meaning JK means Just Kidding. JK is an internet slang initialism that indicates that the preceding part of a message is not to be taken seriously. This slang term can be used seriously or sarcastically. How Is JK Used? Use Cases & Examples JK is used to indicate that what you just said was […]


KMS Meaning KMS stands for Kill Myself. KMS is an internet slang initialism that refers to killing oneself. How Is KMS Used? Use Cases & Examples KMS is a way of expressing your disgust, anger, or dissatisfaction with someone or something. It is used in teenage slang to cover a range of emotions. While this […]


KYS Meaning KYS stands for Kill Yourself. KYS is an internet slang initialism that is a taunting directive to kill oneself. How Is KYS Used? Use Cases & Examples KYS can be used seriously or jokingly to tell a person to end their own life. It is a variant of “KMS” and is often used […]


LMIRL Meaning LMIRL stands for Let’s Meet In Real Life. LMIRL is an internet slang initialism in which the sender suggests meeting the recipient in person. How Is LMIRL Used? Use Cases & Examples You should be cautious when someone sends you LMIRL (let’s meet in real life). Depending on who you’re talking to, this […]


LOL Meaning LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud. LOL is an internet slang initialism used to express amusement or highlight a funny remark, picture, etc. How Is LOL Used? Use Cases & Examples LOL was considered text speak or textese because it usually only appears in digital communications. When people use it today, hardly anyone […]

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill Meaning Netflix and Chill refers to sexual activity. Netflix and Chill is an internet slang phrase that is a euphemism for a booty call. How Is Netflix and Chill Used? Use Cases & Examples The phrase started in 2009 and means exactly what it says: watch Netflix and relax. For the first […]


NM Meaning NM stands for Not Much. NM is an internet slang initialism that conveys boredom. How Is NM Used? Use Cases & Examples NM is often used in response to “what’s up?” or “what are you doing?” It’s a very common acronym in text and social media platforms. This is considered a non-committal answer […]


Noob/n00b Meaning Noob/n00b is an internet slang term that refers to a new or poorly skilled player in an online game or a person who is new to an activity. How Is Noob/n00b Used? Use Cases & Examples Noob/n00b is used in chat forums and gaming communities to describe newcomers with little or no experience. […]