The Dark Side of YouTube for Teens

The Dark Side of YouTube for Teens

As a parent, do you know the dark side of YouTube? The use of YouTube and different social media sites is increasing worldwide. People of almost all ages use YouTube for information, entertainment, and other purposes. Especially for teenagers, they will use YouTube more or less every day. The number of teenagers has increased rapidly, […]

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Instagram Hack App – How to Hack Instagram Account Password For Free

instagram hack app

Instagram hack app is a free spy app for Android and iPhone which helps parents monitor kids on Instagram. It tracks keystrokes typed in Instagram, capture screenshots of Instagram photos and chat messages. With these features, you can easily hack the Instagram account and password of your kids and know what they are doing on […]

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Best Voice Recorder App for iPhone

remote audio recorder

Want to avail the best voice recorder app for iPhone? iKeyMonitor does that and more. With our iPhones, different messaging platforms and social networking sites have surfaced and are already gaining popularity from their subscribers. Facebook, Line, Wechat, Messenger and Viber are some of these popular messaging platforms/social networking sites that have taken our lives […]

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Record Calls on Skype with iKeyMonitor

Hack Someone’s Skype Messages and Conversations on iPhone

When do you feel recording calls on skype with a mobile spy app such as iKeyMonitor has become a necessity? If you suspect the possibility of your child being in contact with a pervert or dangerous person, or you suspect your employees are misusing their company provided devices. Or on the bright side, you just […]

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Secretly Record Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices

Track iPhone Messages with Best Spy App

Do you feel the need of recording text messages on Android or iOS devices? Well! I understand why. Having to worry about what is being texted on a mobile phone and with whom can be very overwhelming especially if there is no way for you to find out. Luckily, a good text spy app like […]

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When Should You Block Facebook on Android?

Facebook Parental Controls

When is it necessary for you to block Facebook on Android phones and tablets? When you find that you tend to spend almost all of your time glued to your Facebook page, or perhaps your children are spending most of their study time on Facebook, or maybe your employees, all they do is browse through […]

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Can Your Employer Track Your Phone Activity?

Tracking phone activity of employees is what many companies will do for the purpose of increasing employee productivity and catching insider threats. However many employees don’t realize that employers are monitoring their mobile activities secretly. Can your employers keep track of your phone activity when you are using the company-issued iOS or Android devices? Is […]

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Get to Know the Importance of Android Location Tracker

GPS phone tracker

Using Android location tracker on smartphones will be very effective for people to identify the present location of their smartphone or their dear one’s phone. Generally everyone will be very conscious about the safety of their smartphones. But some of the people will be negligent and they will lose their smartphone somewhere. It will be […]

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What Can You Do with Mobile Spy Software? 301

Use Best Samsung Spy App To Track Mobile Device Activities

Do you know what you can do with mobile spy software? Or do you feel anxiety when you think about the safety of your child?? Well, guess what? iKeyMonitor phone spy app is the best tool to save your life. The spy software for mobile phone is top-rated software that allows you to know and […]

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Track Your Employees and Children with iPhone GPS Tracker App

iKeMonitor is a secure and powerful iPhone GPS tracker app which can easily track the location of your employees and children or anyone who picked up your lost or stolen iPhone. iKeyMonitor is an all-in-one and easy-to-use GPS phone tracker which provides you with complete position monitoring. Just download and install it onto the device […]

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