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What’s the best mobile spy app? As children spend more time online, the risks they may face also increase. Most parents are so busy with work that they hardly notice what their children usually do online, who they often contact, and so on.

To protect children online, monitoring tools came into being. Now you have the opportunity to watch your kids from a distance with the best spy app for Android and iPhone.

What Is the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App?

iKeyMonitor mobile spy is a very simple and efficient program that is available online. As this program works well it proves helpful in tapping all the target phones. You need to be cautious about the fact that the cell phone monitoring app you get is compatible with your phone. iKeyMonitor records the activities of anyone who uses your iPhone/ Android smartphone. Most of the new generation smartphones are made compatible. It is always better to check the compatibility initially and then proceed with your purchasing.

Why Do You Need the Mobile Spy Apk?

There are two main reasons. One is to protect your child from online threats, and the other is to monitor employees’ mobile phone activities to improve work efficiency.

3 Common Online Threats for Kids

Children today are addicted to smartphones, you need to use monitoring tools to protect their safety. The online world is full of dangers. Here are some common online dangers and how iKeyMonitor can help you.

1. Cyberbullying
With the popularity of smartphones, cyberbullying is increasing. Social media and dating sites have become unsafe for children and teenagers. Protecting children from cyberbullying is the responsibility of all parents. With the iKeyMonitor monitoring tool, you can check all the online activities of your children.

2. Online Scams
Surfing the Internet means that your children may be exposed to online scams, and they may have no idea about it. If you allow them to go online, you must discuss online scams. There are many forms of online scams, including a form specifically aimed at children. Let’s see how to use iKeyMonitor to protect your children from those possible scams.

3. Online Predators
Online predators are adult online users who target younger or underage children for sexual or other abuse purposes. They use the Internet and social media to locate and harm young people.

How Does iKeyMonitor Help Parents?

1. Monitor Chat Apps

Many children use their smartphones to bully others on social apps. So you need to pay attention to the chat apps used by your children. iKeyMonitor monitors the chat messages sent and received on the target device. With this feature, you can know whether your children are being bullied and take action to protect them.

2. Track SMS Text Messages

Texting is also a way for kids to bully others online. iKeyMonitor monitors both-side text messages on children’s Android phones and iOS devices. So, you can know who has texted your children, find out the bullies, and help your children get rid of the nightmare.

3. Spy on Emails

In most cases, scams occur via phishing emails. iKeyMonitor monitors the emails sent and received on your children’s mobile phones. You can view these emails to learn whether your children have been scammed.

4. Monitor Pictures and Videos

iKeyMonitor allows you to view the pictures sent, received, and saved on your children’s devices. You can remotely check your child’s phone for pornographic pictures and videos. You can then take steps to prevent things from getting worse.

5. Capture Screenshot

With this feature, you can take screenshots of online activities on your children ’s phones. When a dangerous word is detected, iKeyMonitor will capture screenshots. Thus, you can see what your children are doing on the devices and whether they need your help.

Improve Employee Efficiency

Another reason to install the best mobile spy app is in the workplace. Not all employees have the same working attitude, and many employees still spend time on private calls using company devices. To check employee performance, employers need to use cell phone spy software.

1. Catches lazy employees

Almost every company has workers who pretend to be hard-working. when the boss is nearby, but when the employer is outside, they will perform many unrelated jobs. These people may play mobile games, texting, make calls, etc. How to catch lazy employees? Employers can install a mobile tracking app to track employees’ mobile phones.

2. Helps to Avoid Resource Waste

Many employees tend to use office-owned phones to chat with friends and family during office hours instead of promoting their business or making business calls. This misconduct wastes company resources and working time. To fix this issue, the boss can turn to a mobile spy app.

3. Prevents the leakage of trade secret

This free mobile spy app is used to monitor your employees. It is the most effective solution for employers to catch lazy employees, prevent waste of resources, and prevent information leakage. With this tracking software, you can not only increase productivity but also reduce company phone bills.

How Does iKeyMonitor Help Employers?

1. Track Web Browsing History

iKeyMonitor tracks the web browsing history of the target device, including the title, URL, date, and time stamp when employees access the website. iKeyMonitor Tracker will help you monitor your employees’ Internet activities by tracking web browsing history.

2. Check Installed Apps

Using the installed application monitoring function, you can easily view detailed application reports of employees. You will know the name and date of the installed application and the frequency of use of the application. In this way, you can adjust the company’s rules and regulations to increase productivity.

3. Spy on Call History

Viewing contact information, the date and time stamp of the phone can help you determine how much time and effort your employees have put into work. Perhaps your employees have been calling family and friends instead of focusing on their work. By monitoring employee call records on the company-provided equipment, iKeyMonitor effectively enhances employee monitoring capabilities and reveals hidden secrets in employee calls.

4. Block Apps & Games

Using the iKeyMonitor spy app, some social media apps, shopping apps, video apps, and games can be blocked during office hours and breaks. In this way, employees will know what activities are not allowed in their work. Of course, they will invest more time and energy in their work instead of wasting time on activities that are not related to work.

5. Track Keystrokes

iKeyMonitor keylogger enables you to know everything employees do on their devices. It sends you email notifications immediately after triggering keywords that allow you to capture lazy or unethical employees. Besides, after learning what employees type in social media applications, you can know which employees are cheating, lying, or even stealing company assets.

6. Listen to Phone Surroundings

Use iKeyMonitor to record the sound around the Android / iOS phone provided by the company used by employees. Maybe you will find that some employees have violated the company’s regulations and even carried out activities harmful to the company. The environment around the phone is useful evidence that can be used to prove that your employees have done something harmful to the company. You can use it to defend your rights when necessary.

Advanced Features of iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App

iKeyMonitor free mobile spy app is not visible on the target device and collects all activities of the child without being known by them. It can help you locate the real-time GPS location of the child or employee, while the application is still undetectable on the target device.

1. Remote Tracking

iKeyMontior allows you to monitor and remotely control through the control panel. You can not only turn iKeyMonitor on or off remotely but also view the monitoring logs online. You can control the keylogger and perform remote monitoring without physical access to iOS / Android devices.

2. Screen Time Limit

iKeyMonitor enables you to limit screen time children/employees spend on iOS/ Android devices to keep children away from smartphone addiction and keep employees focused on work.

3. Set Schedules

iKeyMonitor schedule function allows you to set schedules on the target device to limit screen time and record phone surroundings. You can view detailed information on the Cloud Panel remotely.

4. Alert Words & Notifications

This feature allows you to set keyword alerts on the mobile phone of a child or employee. This way, you can get instant alerts via email as long as the alert keyword is triggered or a specific application is used on the target device.

5. Track GPS Locations

iKeyMonitor supports tracking the GPS locations at the preset intervals on the mobile phone. With the records, you can get a lot of useful information to locate the phone: the addresses and the coordinates will be shown on the Google Map.

6. Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is a barrier to find out if a child or an employee leaves your defined area. You can use iKeyMonitor to track their GPS locations and set up geo-fencing. Once they get out of the geofence, you will receive an alert via email.


iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App is a powerful spy program that can meet your monitoring needs. Whether for work or personal reasons, this free spy tool is designed to solve all your problems with minimal cost and time. The app is also equipped with a keylogger that can track calls, text messages, GPS locations, and other activities. However, unlike other spy programs, the mobile tracker records the target device perfectly and ensures 100% invisibility. If you plan to keep your children safe online or monitor the performance of your employees, then you need this monitoring app for mobile phones.


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