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Screen Time Parental Control for Kids

What’s the best mobile spy app? As a parent, you should have spent more time keeping the company with your children and taking more care of them. However, most parents are so busy with their jobs that they have little time to notice what their children usually do in school, whom they often play with and many more. Now you have the opportunity to watch your kids from a distance with the best mobile spy app for Android and iPhone.

What Is the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App?

iKeyMonitor mobile spy software is a very simple and efficient program that is available online. As this program works well it proves helpful in tapping all your cell phones. You need to be cautious about the fact that the cell phone monitoring app you purchase is compatible with your phone. iKeyMonitor records the activities of anyone who uses your iPhone/Android smartphone. Most of the new generation smartphones are made compatible and it is always better to check the compatibility initially and then proceed with your purchasing.

Why Spy on Mobile Devices?

There are two main reasons. One is to protect your child from online threats, and the other is to monitor employee mobile phone activities to improve work efficiency.

Protect Your Kids

With more and more children going online, and doing so at an ever decreasing age, you need to step in and take control of the time they spend online and the content they can access.

1. Know Everything Kids Do on the Mobile Phone

This mobile monitoring application can not only run implicitly, but also record all operations done on the smartphone. It can be used to monitor and record all SMS text messages, phone calls, web activities, email activities, and social networks (such as Facebook activities). You can control almost everything about your child’s daily life. If your child wants to play with friends instead of studying at school, you will soon get information about what they want to do and with whom, and more. All messages and calls will be clearly recorded to tell you everything about them. You can also judge whether they are lying to you based on the obtained logs.

2. Know Where Kids Are at Any Moment

With the mobile phone tracking app, you don’t have to worry about where your children are, why they are back so late and what they are doing outside. Because the mobile spy app can track the GPS location of your child’s phone, you can quickly find where your children are anytime, anywhere. The GPS location tracked by the software will be uploaded every 30 minutes with a link to the map so you can check it from time to time. The map will show you exactly where your children are, and you can find them quickly as needed.

3. Know If Kids Are In Danger

To a parent, getting the basic information about a child’s activities can be a real headache. However, more and more intelligent parents are now choosing to purchase and install Mobile Spy Software on their cell phones. On the one hand, Mobile Spy Software helps parents concern their teens by spying on mobile phones that their children carry, on the other hand, there is no better way than mobile spy apps to save your teens from SMS abuse, especially sexting.

Sexting, taking, possessing and distributing nude photos via cell phones, is common among teens according to a study by the Pew Research Center on the sexual habits of American teenagers found that one in five has sexed before. Teenagers may have not been aware of they are breaking child pornography laws while transmitting the images to friends, but it’s parents that have a responsibility concerning youth and saving them from illegal sexting activities. In this case, technology is always the ultimate solution, in which Mobile Spy App is tailored to monitor the cell phones without the user knowing about it.

Improve Employee Efficiency

Another good reason to install spy applications for mobile devices is in the workplace. At the enterprise level, some companies have become the focus of monitoring all information coming and going from employee devices. This is especially true if the device is owned by the company and employees use the company’s network to access the Internet. The main reasons and reasons for employers to do so focus on the fact that many employees waste online time, visit restricted websites (or websites that are not suitable for the work environment) or visit websites that may contain viruses or malware and then harm the company network.

No matter how big your company is, the people who help keep it running are undoubtedly the company’s most important asset. Not all employees have the same working attitude, and many employees still spend time working on private calls using company-owned mobile phones. To check employee performance, employers need to use a mobile spy app.

1. Catches lazy employees

Almost every company has workers who pretend to be difficult to work when the boss is nearby, but when the employer is outside, they will perform many unrelated jobs. These people may play mobile games, texting, calling, etc. How to catch this lazy employee? Employers can set up a mobile tracking app to monitor employees’ mobile phones.

Mobile Spy App tracks all text messages, calls, visited websites and applications. After installing the Mobile Spy App, employers can find out who is engaged in private activities during working hours by looking at the logs sent to the Mobile Spy App account. In short, the Mobile Spy App can help bosses catch lazy employees and then take steps to increase the company’s productivity.

2. Helps to avoid resource waste

Employees in many companies tend to use office-owned phones to chat with friends and family during office hours instead of promoting their business or making business calls. This misconduct wastes company resources and working time. To fix this, the boss can turn to a mobile spy app.

Mobile Spy Software records every activity on the phone, including received and dialed calls. With a mobile spy app, employers can understand how employees use mobile devices. Besides, the boss can know how long employees spend on private calls because the Mobile Spy App tracks the time of the call. Employers can then prevent misconduct.

3. Prevents the leakage of trade secret

From time to time employees need to talk about the business over the phone, which puts the company at risk. This is because information leakage can cause huge losses to the company and sometimes even cause the company to fail. Today, many employers have installed mobile spy apps to protect their trade secrets from disclosure.

The mobile spy app records caller and responder numbers, sender and recipient numbers, and message text to help employers know who has leaked trade secrets. As a result, employers can prevent information leakage on time. More importantly, records will be kept and used as evidence.

Spy apps for mobile phones are widely used to closely monitor employees, which is the most effective solution for employers to catch lazy employees, prevent waste of resources and prevent information leakage. With the Smart Mobile Spy App, employers can not only increase productivity but also reduce company phone bills. The benefits of choosing a Mobile Spy App far outweigh the cost of purchasing it, so act now.

What Are the Key Features of Mobile Spy App?

Are you still worried about your kids using the phone for inappropriate activities? Are you still having the distrust of your employees abusing the privileges of texting and calling with company cell phones? iKeyMonitor is the top mobile spy app that employers and parents are looking for as they just want to learn the true activities happening on their employees’ and kids’ cell phones. Monitoring on phones is a perfectly just way of keeping a track on people who matter, whether at home or in the office.

Mobile spy applications can help parents and employers a lot. With it, you can remotely monitor SMS, phone, installed apps, and web browsing history. It also provides excellent customer service. Here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should choose the iKeyMonitor mobile spy app.

1. Invisible Cell Phone Monitoring

Once installed on the phone, iKeyMonitor will run automatically when the phone starts up and records the activities on the phone invisibly without any notification. Besides, it won’t show its icon on the list of the installed applications.

2. Record Keystrokes and Passwords

One of the most powerful recording features of iKeyMonitor is that it can record all keystrokes and passwords typed such as the typed but not sent SMS, email composed, typed chats, messages, online searches, and all kinds of usernames and passwords.

3. Log sent and received SMS

With the iKeyMonitor mobile phone spy app, you don’t need to worry that the SMS may be deleted, why? Because it can record both sent and received SMS text messages even though the text messages are deleted.

4. Log both-side WhatsApp Messages

Today WhatsApp messenger is popularly used all over the world. iKeyMonitor keeps track of both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages on the target cell phone, so you can know what your kids send or received via the WhatsApp messenger.

5. Record Visited Websites

All visited websites are recorded secretly by the running Mobile Spy App. iKeyMonitor records the URLs of the websites visited in iOS safari, Android Chrome, or Android Stock web browsers even though the web history was deleted.

6. Track Chat Logs Typed

With the keystroke logging feature, you can easily track the chat logs that your kids, employees typed on the chat messengers like Skype, Snapchat, Kik, Viber, QQ, WeChat and more.

7. Log Social Networking Activities

Almost everyone likes to visit social networking sites, why? Because people prefer to communicate with others through social media, not face-to-face. iKeyMonitor tracks the accounts, the web pages, and the posted contents of the social networks.

8. Capture Screenshots

Another powerful feature of iKeyMonitor is that it can capture the screenshots of the target cell phone at a preset interval. If you want to track more things done on the phone, you can set a short interval to capture more activities.

9. Track GPS locations

iKeyMonitor supports tracking the GPS locations at the preset intervals on the mobile phone. With the records, you can get a lot of useful information to locate the phone: the addresses and the coordinates will be shown on the Google Map.

10. Check Logs via Email/Online Panel

All of these logs will be sent to an email box of your choice or uploaded to your private online account, so you can check them remotely whenever and wherever you are. So busy parents and employees can take advantage of this effective feature to monitor your children or employees.

You can also access iKeyMonitor to view logs or change settings remotely. Besides, through the remote control panel, you can also remotely turn on or turn off the mobile phone spy app!

How to Spy on Mobile Phones?

There’s no need to worry about being near the phone to view the activity because activities are rapidly uploaded to a private account viewable using any web browser. Here are steps to help you understand how this spy app works.

1. Sign up

Sign up for a free plan of iKeyMonitor mobile spy app.

2. Log in to the Cloud Panel

Sign in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor on the target cell phone.

3. Install iKeyMonitor

After installation is finished, input your license key to register iKeyMonitor.

4. Start Spying

Start spying on mobile phones for free.

Mobile Spy App is a powerful spy program that can meet your monitoring needs. Whether for work or personal reasons, this free spy tool is designed to solve all your problems with minimal cost and time. The app is also equipped with a record of keystrokes that can track calls, text messages, locations, and other activities. However, unlike other spy programs, the Mobile Spy App records the target device perfectly and ensures 100% invisibility. If you plan to keep your children safe online or monitor the performance of your employees, then you absolutely need the Mobile Spy App. Click on a type to start monitoring with the iKeyMonitor mobile spy app!


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