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Screen Time Parental Control for Kids

What’s the bets mobile spy app? As a parent, we should have spent more time keeping company with our children and taken more care of them, however, most time parents are so busy with their jobs that they have little time to notice what their children usually do in school, whom they often play with and many more. Now you have the opportunity to watch your kids from a distance with the best mobile spy app.

What is Mobile Spy App? 

Mobile Spy App is a powerful Android based spying program that is designed to cater to all your spying needs. Be it for work or personal reasons, this free Android spy program is meant to solve all your problems in minimum cost and time. The app also comes equipped with a special recording feature for tracking calls, messages, locations and other activities. However, unlike other spy programs for Android, Mobile Spy App assures 100% invisibility with perfect recording of the activities of your target. If you are planning to track your employee’s notorious acts at work, Mobile Spy App is definitely what you need.

After this thorough introduction, you can see that iKeyMonitor mobile spy app is a comprehensive solution that can help you with many tasks. So, try out iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App and avail its features and benefits right away.

Mobile spy app defines the latest in high-tech cell phone surveillance. This revolutionary software allows individuals to easily install monitoring software to their compatible smartphone. Once the software is installed it silently logs activity such as SMS messages and call information.

What Is iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App?

iKeyMonitor mobile spy software is a very simple and efficient program that is available online. As this program works well it proves helpful in tapping all your cell phones. You need to be cautious about the fact that cell phone monitoring app you purchase is compatible with your phone. iKeyMonitor records the activities of anyone who uses your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS smartphone. Most of the new generation smart phones are made compatible and it is always better to check the compatibility initially and then proceed with your purchasing.

Why Spy on Mobile Devices?

But, just who are these people of suspect character that deserve to have Mobile Spy Applications installed on their phones? Well, although not exactly of flawed character but more of an innocent one, they could be children who need the protection of their parents. With more and more children going online, and doing so at an ever decreasing age, parents have had to step in and take control of the time they spend online and the content they have access to.

Another good reason to install spy applications for mobile devices would be at the work place. At a corporate level some businesses have made it a point to monitor all information coming and going from their employees’ devices. This is especially true if the devices are owned by the company and/or if the employees access the internet using the company’s network. The employers’ main reasons, and justifications, for doing so are focused around the fact that many employees waste time online, access restricted sites (or those that are not appropriate for the working environment) or visit sites that might harbor viruses or malware that can then do harm to the corporate network.

Monitor All Things Happening on the Mobile Phones

Mobile spy app is the most practical mobile monitoring software which is used to monitor all things happening on the smart mobile phones invisibly. Nowadays, most children will use smart phones to send messages, make calls, surf the Internet and more, since it is easy for them to use the smart phones to get the information and contact with friends no matter when and where they are. With the Mobile Spy App, you just need to install it in several minutes and then it will help you monitor, record, and track all things your kids do on their mobile phones. Now come back to the main point, there are some things below about how the Mobile Spy App watches your kids from a distance.

Invisible and Undetectable Working App

One of the most important features is that the Mobile Spy Software runs in an invisible and undetectable mode. It is not worth it that you lose the trust of your kids because they find you are monitoring even if you just want to know more about them. So there is no need trying to read your kids’ text messages and listen to their conversation secretly, which is out-dated and useless. Now you just need to install the Mobile Spy App on their mobile phones in several minutes and then everything will be logged and sent to you secretly and automatically.

Know Everything They Do on the Mobile Phone

The mobile monitoring application not only runs invisibly but also records everything done on the smart phones. It can be used to monitor and record all the SMS text messages, phone calls, web activity, email activity, and social networking such as the Facebook activity. You nearly control all information about your kids’ daily life. If your kids want to play with friends instead of studying in school, you will quickly get the information about what they want to do and whom they will play with and more. All messages and calls will be recorded clearly to tell you everything about them. You can also tell if they are lying to you from the logs you get.

Know Where Your Kids Are at Any Moment

With the Mobile Spy App tracking app, you don’t have to worry where your kids are, why she or he comes back so late and what they are doing outside. Since the mobile spy app can track the GPS location of your kids’ mobile phone, you can quickly find out where your kid is whenever you want. The GPS position tracked by the software will be uploaded every thirty minutes with a link to a map, so you can check it every now and then. The map will show you the exact position of your children and you can find them quickly if you want.

Mobile Spy App – Save Teens From Sexting

To a parent, getting the basic information about child’s activities can be a real headache. However, more and more intelligent parents are now choosing to purchase and install Mobile Spy Software on their cellphones. On the one hand, Mobile Spy Software helps parents concern their teens by spying on mobile phones that their children carry, on the other hand, there is no better way than mobile spy app to save your teens from SMS abuse, especially of sexting.

Sexting, taking, possessing and distributing nude photos via cellphone, is common among teens according to a study by the Pew Research Center on the sexual habits of American teenagers found that one in five have sexed before. Teenagers may have not been aware of they are breaking child pornography laws while transmitting the images to friends, but it’s parents that have a responsibility in concerning about youth and saving them from illegal sexting activities. In this case, technology is always the ultimate solution, in which Mobile Spy App is tailored to monitor the cellphones without the user knowing about it.

When it comes to monitoring children on cellphone, Mobile Spy App is the best Mobile Spy Software, so far, depending on parents’ needs.

Mobile Tracker

Mobile spy app exposes the location when your teens keep secrets to you and conceal where he/she really is. By accessing the Mobile Spy App logs, you’ll see all the phone numbers that your child keeps in touch with.


Children love to communicate through text messages and make plans with their friends in a discreet and versatile manner. You can easily know about these plans, as Mobile Spy App records every SMS messages, and then protect them from any potential risk.

Mobile Web Watcher

Mobile Spy App provides the capability for monitoring website photos and videos. Every URL explored in mobile phone will be exposed through Mobile Spy App.

Let Mobile Spy App be your capable aides and pay close attention to your teen’s mobile phone from moment.

In summary, the mobile monitoring software must be the best helper to allow you to watch your kids from a distance secretly and safely.

It is general that many businesses equip their employees with mobile phones to the benefit of effective business communication. At the same time, many companies also deploy mobile spy app to spy company provided cell phones because misuse of company’s mobiles by employees is a hot potato for the majority of employers.

  • Monitor what employees do and upload log reports for remote view
  • Remotey lock and restrict the mobile phone usage of your employees
  • Track GPS locations; Record surrouding audios; Run stealth camera

How Mobile Spy App Helps Employers

No matter how big your company is, the employees who aid to keep your business running are undisputedly your company’s most important fortune. While not all workers hold the same working attitude, as a matter of fact, many workers spend working hours on making their private calls with the company owned mobile phones. To watch your business, employers need to use mobile spy app.

Catches lazy employees

Almost every company owns workers who pretend to be hard working when the boss is around, but when the employer is outside, they will do many things work unrelated. These people may play mobile games, text messages, make calls and so on. How to catch this kind of lazy employees? Employers can set up cell phone tracking app to monitor the workers’ phones.

The Mobile Spy App follows the track of every short messages, calls, visited websites and applications. After the installation of Mobile Spy App, employers can find out who are doing their private things during the working hours through viewing the logs sent to the Mobile Spy App account. In a word, Mobile Spy App helps boss to catch lazy employees, and then measures can be taken to improve the company’s productivity.

Helps to avoid resource waste

Employees in many companies are apt to spend their office hours chatting with their friends and families with company owned phones rather than promoting their business or making business calls. This improper behavior wastes company’s resource as well as working time. To solve this problem, bosses can resort to mobile spy app.

Mobile Spy Software records every activity on the phone, containing received and dialed calls. With the aid of Mobile Spy App, employers can know the usage of the mobile. Besides, bosses can know how long the employees spent on their private calls because Mobile Spy App tracks the call time. And then employers can stop the inappropriate behavior from happening.

Prevents the leakage of trade secret

Now and then, employees need to talk about business on the phone, while this will place company at risks. It is because that information leaks will result in great loss for company, sometimes it even makes a company shut down. Nowadays, many employers install mobile spy app to protect their business secrets from leaking.

Mobile Spy App which records numbers of the calling party and answer party, numbers of sender and recipient and the message text facilitates employer to know who is tend to leak the trade secrets. And thus employers can prevent information leaks timely. More importantly, the records will be saved and used as evidence.

Spy app for mobile phone which is widely used to keep a close watch over employees is the most effective solution for employers to catch lazy employees, stop resource wastes and prevent information leaks. Using smart Mobile Spy App, employers will not only increase their productivity, but also cut down their companies’ phone bills. The benefits of choosing Mobile Spy App far outweigh the cost of buying it, take an action from now.

  • Are you still worried your kinds using the phone for inappropriate activities?
  • Are you still having the distrust of your employees abusing the privileges of texting and calling with company cell phones?

iKeyMonitor is the top mobile spy app that employers and parents are looking around for as they just want to learn the true activities happened on their employees’ and kids’ cell phones. Monitoring on phones is a perfectly just way of keeping a track on people who matter, whether at home or in the office.

  • Monitor how employees and kids use their phones in stealth mode
  • Log SMS, calls, GPS, emails, webs, photos, and social networks
  • Remotely check all logs via the appointed email or FTP

Mobile Spy App Features

Most of the spy applications for mobile devices perform the basic spying tasks. They monitor the calls that originate from the devices or are received by them, they show the websites that have been visited using the devices and they send or store a report showing all this information.

The mobile spy applications can help parents and employers a lot. With it, you can remotely monitor SMS, phone, installed apps, and web browsing history. It also provides excellent customer service. Download it now.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should choose iKeyMonitor mobile spy app. Have you been hunting for good Mobile Spy Software that you’ll be able to check what websites are visited by the teens, detect the dishonest workers? Mobile phone spying would be the easiest strategy.

Mobile spy app is a mighty SMS spy solution, which records every SMS message sent or received. In addition, Mobile Spy App accurately tells you more than just text message content but the exact numbers and Date/Time of each SMS message.

Mobile spy app is a superb cell phone spying software for monitoring mobile phone usage and activities. Need to enforce employee cell phone policy, parental control teens’ cell phone, and spy on iPhone SMS, GPS and calls?

  • Invisible Cell Phone Monitoring
    Once installed on the phone, iKeyMonitor will run automatically when the phone starts up, and records the activities on the phone invisibly without any notification. Besides, it won’t show its icon on the list of the installed applications.
  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords
    One of he most powerful recording features of iKeyMonitor is that it can record all keystrokes and passwords typed such as the typed but not sent SMS, email composed, typed chats, messages, online searches, and all kinds of user names and passwords.
  • Log sent and reveived SMS
    With iKeyMonitor mobile phone spy app, you don’t need to worry that the SMS may be deleted, why? Because it is able to record both sent and received SMS text messages even though the text messages are deleted.
  • Log both-side WhatsApp Messages
    Today WhatsApp messenger is popularly used all over the world. iKeyMonitor can keep track of both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages on the target cell phone, so you can know what your kids send or received via the WhatsApp messenger,
  • Record Visited Websites
    All visited websites are recorded secretly by the running Mobile Spy App. iKeyMonitor can record the URLs of the websites visited in iOS safari, Andorid Chrome, or Android Stock web browsers even though the web history was deleted.
  • Track Chat Logs Typed
    With the keystroke logging feature, you can easily track the chat logs that your kids, employees typed on the chat messengers like Skype, AIM, Kik, Viber, QQ, Wechat and more.
  • Log Social Networking Activities
    Almost every one like to visit social networking sites, why? Because people prefer to communicate with others through the social media not face-to-face. iKeyMonitor can track the accounts, the web pages, and the posted contents of the social networks.
  • Capture Screenshots
    Another powerful feature of iKeyMonitor is that it can capture the screenshots of the target cell phone at a preset interval. If you want to track more things done on the phone, you can set a short interval to capture more activities.
  • Track GPS locations
    iKeyMonitor supports tracking the GPS location at the preset intervals on the mobile phone. With the records, you can get a lot of useful information to locate the phone: the addresses and the coordinates will be shown on the Google Map.
  • Check Logs via Email/Online Panel
    All these logs will be sent to your appointed email box or uploaded to your private online account, so you can check it remotely no matter when and where you are. Thus, busy parents and employees can make a full use of this effective function to monitor your kids or employees.
  • Remote access and control
    You are allowed to access iKeyMonitor to view logs or change settings remotely. Besides, through remote control panel, you can also remotely turn on or turn off the mobile phone spy app!

Apply Mobile Spy Application to Monitor Child & Employee

As lots of powerful monitoring features in mobile spy app, cellphone spy application helps parents to take control of kid’s activities; Businesses owners keep track of employee’s cellphones by the means of Mobile Spy Application. If you are finding a solution to check out precisely what a person is doing with the mobile phone at any time, mobile spy application which enables you this ability can be very useful.

Mobile spy software plays a significant role in parental control and employee monitoring. In fact, most people who purchase cell phone spy software really never intend to eavesdrop or gossip. To some extent, cell phone spy software can be a smart helper particularly in the following uses: employee monitoring and parental control for kids’ safety.

Employee Monitoring

In some industries, more and more communications with customers depend on cell phone calls and SMS messages, which provides a potential channel for employees letting out the company confidential information including customer information to rivals via calls or short messages.

You may fret about your employees’ phone activities like that. A good solution is to install spying software to your employees’ mobile phones which are offered by the company. However, you’d better notify your employees about the monitoring plan prior to using any spy apps.

Parental Control

Now mobile phones are widely used among young children. Nearly every child has a mobile phone. As parents, what your children do via mobile phone may touch your nerve. Have your children sexted someone else or received sexting messages? Have they contacted some suspicious friends online?

For parents who need a way to keep an eye on the kids to ensure whether they visit some bad sites via cell phone or send sexual pictures and messages, cell phone spy app is a perfect choice. Now, parents can have peace of mind with the help of mobile spy software. You can know all the messages sent and received on your kids’ cell phone.

To summarize, the mobile phone has become an electronic extension of the body now. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days. It makes life more enjoyable and convenient, and iKeyMonitor mobile phone spy software can also assist you a lot in daily life by keeping tabs on your kids and employees. It is created to solve problems that you concern with. Do you know what you can do with mobile spy software? Or do you feel anxiety when you think about the safety of your child?? Well, guess what? iKeyMonitor phone spy app is the best tool to save your life. The spy software for mobile phone is top-rated software that allows you to know and see the whereabouts of your child. It is ideal for employer who desires to keep track of his employees without being detected.

Nowadays most kids and teenagers are always fond of doing something wrong or getting in trouble. In addition to spying on the phone, what other methods can you do to protect your kids? There is no denying that spy app is beneficial to all parents. In fact, parents can prevent potential dangers if they are aware of kid’s actions in advance. Therefore, you can agree with me that parents and employers need to find out the cell phone usage of their children or employees. Know what employees do on mobile devices and prevent them from doing something wrong if necessary. This is the reason why iKeyMonitor tracking tool is the best mobile spy software. The mobile spy software provides you with many tracking features. In the past, spying on people wasn’t that easy, but with the advancement of technology, iKeyMonitor got the attention of parents and employers when it was launched.

Nothing is more important than knowing that your child is safe. With mobile spy app, you can take the lead and ensure an informed state for a long time.

How Does Android Mobile Spy App Help Parents?

If you know your child’s locations, you can make sure they are at least in a safe place. You must always install the best spy app for Android such as iKeyMonitor and avoid situations such as:

  • Kids visiting some strangers and getting into trouble.
  • Kids lying about their location or any other similar situation.
  • To some extent, cyberbullying and its lasting impact on children can be avoided.
  • Children can be protected from the damage of various online predators who may attack them.
  • Lots of scams and frauds can be obstructed.
  • Children are prevented from browsing websites with inappropriate content.

As long as Android devices are used in the best way, you can keep a balance between monitoring and privacy. The best thing about the Android mobile spy app is that you can spy on the activities of your kid without their knowledge. It is important that your child experience various colors of life but at the same time, it is your duty to keep them safe online without invading their privacy. Therefore, you must always opt to install a spy app on the Android device of your child and keep eye on them discretely.

iKeyMonitor is the best mobile spy app for Android which will help you remotely monitor your children’s activities on their phone. It allows you to keep your kids from adverse effects of the growing mobile technology world. The app is compatible with all types of Android devices phones and tablets and can be used to limit children’s access to Android devices, show device contents, as well as track down activities on the devices. iKeyMonitor is ideal to spy on your kids without being detected. The Android phone spy app gives you access to all the information entered on the monitored device.

Why Should You Monitor Your Kids’ Mobile Activities?

The rapid development of mobile technology has brought both positive and negative effects on our children, the latter of which pushes the necessity of using mobile spy apps for Android phones and tables.

Pros of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has recently grown at a very high rate and it has transformed the world in almost all sectors including education and social life. Android phones have become especially popular. Kids are exposed to mobile phones as early as the age of 3 years or so. Introducing kids to mobile technology at an early stage in life is healthy as it helps them advance their minds and to grow socially.

Mobile technology has also enhanced communication, where you can call or text your friends and relatives from different parts of the world. Internet access has also become easier and cheaper making it easier to use different social platforms like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook where you can share multimedia with others. However, even after exposing your children to mobile technology, it is important to monitor the activities on the phone to ensure that the content they are interacting with is healthy and morally upright. This is only possible with a reliable Android mobile software.

Cons of Mobile Technology

Overusing of mobile phones may influence children’s physical and emotional health. Various social media apps make it easier for children to make new friends online. Children may trust strangers easily and share their secrets with them. Information such as home address, phone number, school name, parent’s credit card information may be leaked to the ill-intentioned guys. Potential dangers may happen to children.

What’s worse, some sexual predators view children’s profile and pretend to be teenagers. They attempt to make friends with children and build up trust with them. In the end, the predators may try lure children into meeting in reality. After that, they may commit illegal behaviors to children.

Parents may regret for their lifetime if anything unwanted happens to their children. Every responsible parent should do something to keep an eye on their children’s mobile activities. Only in this way, can parents keep their children away from potential dangers in time!

With the wide usage of Android mobile phones and tablets in both work and life, it seems necessary for you to use a good mobile spy app for Android to keep an eye on the activities of your employees and children. iKeyMontior provides a three-day free trial so that you can test it on your own device before you purchase the full featured one.

Do you know mobile spy app? Spying doesn’t necessarily need to be linked with secret agents and online hackers. There could be uncountable reasons to spy on somebody. If you are concerned about your kid’s suspicious activities or thinking to check on your employee’s work progress, spying could be an effective way to deal with such issues. This is why you’re bound to find at least one free Android spy program at your favorite app store. However, in spite of the variety of spy programs for Android available in the market, you should only go for the best. After all, you need to spy on Android phone discreetly and get the results you need. In that case, what you need is Mobile Spy App.

Start spying with Mobile Spy App in Four Easy Steps!

There’s no need to worry about being near the phone to view the activity because activities are rapidly uploaded to a private account viewable using any web browser. Here’s a diagram to help you visualize how this process works.

1. Sign up Free

In order to sign up for this software you must first acknowledge and agree that you are the owner or authorized administrator of the device you wish to install the software onto. We DO NOT condone or promote the use of our software for illegal purposes.

2. Install iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App

After signup, you will be instantly emailed a receipt with your Username/Password. This email will also contain a link to download the program. You can install the application to your phone easily using the included instructions.

After Mobile Spy App is downloaded to the phone you will run the installer file on the phone. Once the software is installed you are ready to adjust settings.

3. Adjust Settings

Once Mobile Spy App is installed you need to ajust settings. As the administrator of the phone you can dial a number on the phone to bring up the Mobile Spy App interface. From there you can change the various settings of the program.

Use the instructions contained in the order email to enter the key sequence to bring up the interface. Select which Internet connection to use to upload logs. Select which activities you wish to monitor and then select the option to start monitoring.

4. Login to View Activities

After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will record an array of phone activities and then silently send or upload the data to the email box or FTP preset by your own in advance. When you want to view results, simply login from any web browser and enter your user name and password. Even if the phone is turned off and back on it will still remain active in the background. Activities will now be recorded and rapidly uploaded to your Mobile Spy App account.

Then at any time you can log in to your account by visiting the Login Page. After entering your default username and password you will be brought to the Online Control Panel. Log entries are categorized by types on the left side. Click a type to start viewing with mobile spy app!


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