iKeyMonitor: Now Block Apps on iPhone on the Go! 2024

If you want to block apps on iPhone which may pose potential damage or you want to limit screen time on iPhone, iKeyMonitor iPhone spy application is the solution you are looking for. The keystroke recording feature of iKeyMonitor helps you discreetly keep a check on the activities on the target iPhone, and the app blocker feature enables you to block unwanted apps according to time limit rules.

Why Is It Necessary to Block Apps on iPhone?

On one hand, parents block iPhone apps which are considered inappropriate so as to protect children’s online safety. The Internet is flooded with cyberbullying, pornography, and sexual predators. While using some apps on iPhone, children may make friends with suspicious people, leak confidential information such as credit bank account and password, or encounter unexpected trouble. Blocking these apps on iPhone helps parents prevent danger in advance!

On the other hand, parents can limit children’s screen time on iPhone by blocking unwanted apps with specific time limit rules. Since too much time spent on iPhone will do harm to children’s health and study to different extents. Parents can block apps when children should focus on study or sleep.

For employers, they care whether their employees spend too much time on non-work related apps on iPhone in the workplace, or leak important company information to competitors. To improve employee productivity and decrease unnecessary cost, it’s useful for employers to block apps on cell phone of employees.

How Does iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App Block Apps?

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App can keep tabs on app activities on the target iPhone, including keystrokes inputted from these apps, screenshots of the app activities, voice messages sent and received in these apps and more. iKeyMonitor also sends you all the monitoring logs in the form of Emil, an online server or FTP. Apart from acting as a monitor application, iKeyMonitor iPhone app can block apps on iOS, which can be effectively used against malicious apps and act as a blocking agent to any app which you feel is inappropriate for iPhone.

Log Keystrokes in App Activities

iKeyMonitor can effectively log pasted texts and typed keystrokes from these apps when the target device users access such apps. For example, the chat logs entered in Facebook/WhatsApp/WeChat along with time stamps can be clearly logged. By checking the keystroke logs, you can judge whether an app poses a potential danger to the iPhone users.

Capture Screenshots of App Activities

Another state-of-the-art feature of iKeyMonitor is capturing screenshots by interval, app name, and keywords in the keystroke. The target iPhone users may send and receive images and emoticons when chatting through apps such as WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, which cannot be logged by text. With iKeyMonitor, the screenshots of these images and emotions are captured, visually showing whether the target iPhone users have inappropriate behaviors when using these apps.

Log Voice Messages in App Activities

The incoming and outgoing voice messages from these apps such as WhatsApp/Kik/WeChat/QQ can also be recorded by iKeyMonitor. By checking the voice messages, you may find out more secrets about the app usage, and decide whether the apps need blocking.

View App Activities Remotely via Email/Online Server/ FTP

iKeyMonitor enables you to view the monitoring logs for app activities on the target iPhone remotely in the form of Email, an online server or FTP no matter where you are.  And then you are able to tell whether these apps should be blocked on iPhone.

Block Apps on iPhone

Since you have already known which apps influence the users negatively or take up too much of the user’s time, now you can block apps and games according to different requirements. You can set the daily maximum usage time allowed for apps. When the allowed daily usage time reaches, the apps won’t work. You can also set rules to temporarily block apps during a specific time. For example, the apps will not be working at bedtime, homework time. You can also block some troubling apps which you don’t want the iPhone users to access at all.

iKeyMonitor provides a free trial version so you can try it on your own iPhone before you pay for the full version. If you want to block apps on iPhone, iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App is the one-stop solution to all your problems, with which you can not only monitor all the app activities but also block malefic apps on iPhone effectively. iKeyMonitor helps you easily protect children’s online safety, limit screen time on iPhone, and increase employee productivity.

You should consider using a good app blocker to block apps on iPhone when your kids’ obsession with their iPhone is distracting them from studying and everything else. iKeyMonitor is the best you can get regarding blocking apps for iOS, which is designed to perform its monitoring tasks and app blocking function efficiently and conveniently.

Why Block Apps on iPhone

With the current state of technology, most iPhone users and owners have reasons to be worried. Children of this age are exposed to a lot of danger concerning the availability and unlimited access to the Internet and other iOS apps. iPhone is compatible with a variety of apps and can also accommodate lots of them. It is for the user to know which apps are appropriate for use and which ones aren’t. Parents have the responsibility to block apps from the Internet to protect young and innocent children from dangers online.

Block Apps on iPhone with Different Rules

How to block apps on iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6S Plus/7/7Plus? iKeyMonitor will help you block apps on cell phone with flexible rules. For instance, you can restrict your children’s access to apps which may contain X-rated content, scams, cyber bullies, etc. As a responsible parent, employer, and adult, it is imperative that you exercise protective measures at all times. And given that you cannot always have access to the physical device in use, the spy app such as iKeyMonitor also enables you to block apps on iPhone with different rules so as to protect your family and employees at all times without any alarms.

  • Block Apps Completely
    You can block distracting apps on your children’s iPhone completely such as Flappy Bird/ Pokémon Go/ Clash Royale/ Deus Ex Go and more, and enable educations apps. In this way, your children won’t access these games all the time until you remove the apps from the blocking list.
  • Block Apps in Bed Time/Homework Time
    You can block social media apps/games such as WhatsApp during bedtime and homework time so that they concentrate on doing homework or sleep on time. When homework time or bedtime ends, these apps will be automatically unblocked.
  • Set Daily Maximum Usage Time for Apps
    If you are worried that your children have spent too much on the screen of iPhone so that their eyesight may deteriorate, you can set the daily maximum usage time for apps. When the allowed daily usage time is up, these apps will be blocked. Your children can have time to take a rest, enjoy dinner with family around the table, and exercise.
  • Unblock Apps Temporarily
    Besides blocking apps on the target device with different rules, you can also unblock all the apps for 15 minutes/30minutes/1hour/2hours when you need to comfort crying children, reward their good behaviors, or you want to access these blocked apps yourself.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor iOS App Blocker

Besides blocking apps on iPhone, iKeyMonitor iPhone app blocker monitors everything in automatic mode and enables you to monitor your children’s iOS activities remotely. With iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app, you could stop worrying about what your kids might be doing when glued on their iPhone screens. You will be able to monitor all of their activities including the most visited apps, typed chat logs and voice messages from social media apps, screenshots of app activities on iPhone, accounts, and passwords inputted for logging into apps such as Facebook/WhatsApp/Hike/QQ, typed email content in email apps. iKeyMonitor delivers logs to you by email, FTP or Online Cloud Server. Here are some of the key features of iKeyMonitor:

  • Block Apps/Games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store
  • Limit Screen Time on iPhone
  • Keep Track of Web Browsing Activities
  • Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone
  • Record Chat Logs in Social Media Apps
  • Log Keystrokes and Passwords Inputted
  • Record Voice Messages in WhatsApp, Line, Viber, WeChat, Kakaotalk, QQ, Facebook

iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app is superbly designed and provides an excellent choice to monitor and block apps on iPhone. It provides iPhone users with a variety of benefits and you as a user can alleviate any problems that may arise due to the usage of certain applications. For its very many outstanding features, iKeyMonitor spy app is arguably the best app you can get to block apps from iPhone.

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