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In this era, games and mobile apps are very popular, so children tend to make in-app purchases frequently. Games and apps earn revenue through this type of transaction. Usually, our children are tempted by these apps. Most parents allow their children to use their mobile device. But sometimes, if they make in-app purchases, there may […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips April 11, 2019

The usage of Tik Tok on children’s mobile phones has increased dramatically. They spent hours watching the video after the video. Usually, each video is short, so there is a high possibility that they end up watching hundreds of videos at a time. Some children even enjoy creating by themselves. As a parent, you will […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips April 10, 2019

Nowadays, things like phishing are around the Internet world. But what is phishing? Phishing is a technique used to trick users and steal confidential information from them. So far, hackers have used email to apply these technologies. But due to the increased use of social media and smartphones, this type of attack is increasing. In […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips April 9, 2019

Mappen stands for Make it Happen. It is a free location sharing app. In the description of the app on the app store, it says ‘see where your friends are and meet up.’ If your child is using this app, they can share their exact location with friends so they can plan to meet and […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips April 9, 2019

As technology advances, it becomes easier to monitor YouTube in modern society. YouTube is a popular social media platform that enables people to watch, share, and upload videos. One can learn a lot of educational and technical tutorials on YouTube. If your children spend too much time on YouTube, you should pay attention to your […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips April 3, 2019

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