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Smartphone contract is quite essential for teenagers and parents nowadays. Smartphones have become a lifeline of children. It opens a whole new world to children. Parents need to develop a contract for the use of smartphones. It will show the children which mobile habits are acceptable and which are unacceptable. Points Included In the Smartphone […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips March 18, 2019

Today, the use of the Internet is constantly increasing; the cases of cyberstalking are also increasing. Parents must know that the online world is sometimes more dangerous than physical bullying. This is because scammers can track children and engage in criminal activity in areas that parents believe are the safest. There are several ways to […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips March 18, 2019

For parents, Instagram safety tips are quite useful for protecting the child from the hazards of social media. A lot of people have moved from Facebook towards Instagram to ensure safety. But no matter what platform you are in you are always prone to various hazards. Even on Instagram, teenagers may experience cyberbullying, receive hate […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips March 14, 2019

Most parents seek advice from others to balance parenting and work. It is difficult to compete with the needs of work and family. Often, suggestions that new parents may get are outdated or infeasible. Sometimes parents may work according to their common wisdom, but sometimes they even fail. Below is a guide to balancing parenting […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips March 13, 2019

Nowadays, parents are worried about Momo challenge, which is said to be a suicide challenge. It is a game where the members are challenged to communicate with unknown members, which result in a series of violent acts that sometimes end with suicide. It is mainly viral on social media platforms to encourage children to perform […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips March 12, 2019

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