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Here’s the story of a life-saving app. I really had one of the baddest and the best experience at the same time, thanks to iKeyMonitor. Let me tell you the story Beginning: Why did I need iKeyMonitor ? I have two sons. The youngest is only 1 year old, but the oldest is 10 years […]

Real User Stories July 15, 2019

I searched Google and Yahoo how to find out the contents of someone’s cellphone after that I used various applications to find out the contents of someone’s cellphone but nothing was good, after that I kept searching on Google and finally I found the ikeymonitor site then I read everything on the ikey monitor site, […]

Real User Stories July 11, 2019

My name is Lou and my target phone is a Galaxy 7.0. I have been researching spy apps for months now, reading reviews, checking out different websites, when I came across ikeymonitor. There were certain functions that I was looking for in a spy app but was unable to find one that included ALL of […]

Real User Stories July 11, 2019

What’s the bets mobile spy app? As a parent, we should have spent more time keeping company with our children and taken more care of them, however, most time parents are so busy with their jobs that they have little time to notice what their children usually do in school, whom they often play with […]

Learning & How to September 27, 2012

It is very common for children to make mistakes. If you find that your child is making mistakes online, why don’t you need to correct your child’s behavior accordingly. This is why parents must recognize wrong thinking and correct their children in a timely manner. Parents need not be hostile or angry when faced with […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips December 5, 2019

When children are allowed to use phones for non-academic purposes during classroom lectures, they perform worse in end-of-term exams that contribute to their falling grades. Students that think they can divide their attention in the classroom without harming their academic success but this is not right because cell phone use in classrooms has an adverse […]

Learning & How to December 4, 2019

This is a digital world where it is quite easy for you to feel overwhelmed to keep children protected so they tend to use a tech parenting style to lower the risks of digital parenting. This is a new parenting style outlined in a recent study that could be effective in managing the screen time […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips December 4, 2019

It becomes necessary to know about the LiveMe app when it comes to monitoring child online or monitoring their social media, we feel it as half the battle. As we know technology is growing faster & easily available online children have been the initial users of the newest social media channels. That’s the reason today […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips December 4, 2019

In this digital world, swatting game is a dangerous prank which too easy to get away with, and this is quickly becoming an epidemic. In a recent incident, a man died who wasn’t involved but just happened to live near the home of the prank’s intended target. The unfortunate death of this demonstrates in the […]

Learning & How to, Parental Control Tips December 3, 2019