iKeyMonitor 3.0.1 Released

An update of iKeyMonitor iPad/iPhone Keylogger – iKeyMonitor 3.0.1 for iOS 6 – was released on November 9, 2012. The latest iKeyMonitor 3.0.1 has the following new features: The jailbroken devices below running with iOS 6 are supported: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod 4G, iPod 3G, iPad 1 Record both-side chat messages in WhatsApp Improved […]

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iKeyMonitor for iPhone v3.7.0-38 Released

iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod v3.7.0-38 was released on August 22, 2014. This update enhanced the stability and security of iKeyMonitor’s performance on iOS devices. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v3.7.0-38? Added the support Call Logging Fixed Chrome crash issue Hide Cydia from Cellular Settings Fixed some safe mode crash issue Fixed some other […]

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iKeyMonitor for iPhone v3.7.0-70 Released

iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod v3.7.0-70 was released on September 05, 2014. This update takes the invisibility, security and stability of this iPhone spy app to a new level. What’s new of iKeyMonitor for iPhone v3.7.0-70? Fixed the crash issue Improved the email/FTP delivery algorithm Improved the call logging feature Enhanced the invisibility […]

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iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-41 Released

iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-41, a cell phone spy app for iPhone, iPad and iPod, was released on November 19, 2014. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-41? Added the support of WhatsApp v2.11.14 on iOS 8 devices Fixed some other small bugs WhatsApp released its new version v2.11.14, which made the WhatsApp spy feature temporarily disabled in iOS 8 […]

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iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-176 Released

iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-176, the cell phone spy app for iPhone, iPad and iPod version, was released on December 17, 2014. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-41? Fix the issue of keystroke logging difficulty in Safari on iOS 8 devices.

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Best iPhone Spy Software – Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing

What’s the best iPhone spy software? iKeyMonitor iPhone spy is the best program that enables you to secretly monitor your children’s smartphones. It is a good assistant for you to ensure the safety of your children. With this iPhone tracking app, no matter where you are, you can get the monitoring records you need. Why […]

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Why Choose iPhone Spy Software?

Why Choose iPhone Spy Software? iPhone is widely used in this modern life, no matter you are on a bus or on the subway, you will see that many people focus on playing their iPhone. However, the potential threats and dangers on the iPhone will follow. Do you want to know if your kids make […]

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How to Monitor Your Kids’ Text Messages on iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to monitor your kids’ text messages on an iPhone? There is no doubt that the iPhone has made our lives simple, but it also brings some risks to children. Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to children’s iPhone activities, especially text messages. In order to monitor your […]

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iPhone Monitoring Software – How to Spy on iPhone for Free

Are you looking for iPhone monitoring software? Want to know if your children are using the iPhone for the right purpose? iKeyMonitor is an effective parental control tool for parents to track their children’s iPhones. It is the best iPhone spy software for you to monitor everything that happens on your kids’ iOS devices. Why […]

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How to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software on Target Phone

How to spy on iPhone without installing software? If you are looking for apps to spy on iPhone without installing software, then you are in the right place. Read on to learn why you need to monitor iPhone and how to monitor iPhone without anyone knowing. Why Do You Need to Spy on iPhone Without […]

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How to Spy on iPhone with iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy Software

The advancement of new technology makes spying on iPhone with an iPhone spy software a reality. But at the same time, it also has many disadvantages. Children may be exposed to unsuitable content, visit inappropriate websites, employees may spend too much time online at work time. Therefore, responsible parents want to keep their kids away […]

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How To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone

How to track an iPhone using an Android phone? As an Android user, you must have considered this issue. If your children or employees are using iPhones, monitoring their online activities can be a challenge for you. Thankfully, you can easily track an iPhone through an Android device now. Therefore, in order to understand the […]

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