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A Cheap Easy Way To Monitor Child’s Text Messages 2023

A Cheap Easy Way To Monitor Child’s Text Messages

Are you the millions of concerned parents tempted to use an iPhone spy app as a way to monitor your children? Nowadays, iPhone devices are everywhere and every child seems to have one. Your children may use iPhone apps such as WhatsApp messenger to call, send and receive text messages everyday.

But what if they are making acquintances with the wrong characters? What if they are using sneaky text codes and acronyms to chat with people who may have a bad influence on them? As a worried parent concerned about monitoring your child’s online activities, a cheap easy way to monitor child’s text messages is using a spy app such as iKeyMonitor SMS mobile spy software.

Key Features of the iKeyMonitor SMS Mobile Spy Software

iKeyMonitor is a valuable tool with various features that make it easy to monitor your child’s text messages. These features include:

  • Monitoring your kids online activities discreetly
  • Retrieve instant messages on social networks
  • Log WhatsApp chat messages sent or received
  • Take screenshots of cell phone activity
  • Block apps, check installed apps

As seen above, iKeyMonitor iPhone tracking software can log chat messages so that you will know who your children are talking to. It works by logging SMS messages sent and received, even retrieving those that have been deleted on their device.

This is a big advantage when you are especially interested in SMS activities that your child or your children want to hide. With iKeyMonitor iPhone text message spy app, you will be able to access the text messages from your children’s iPhone discreetly without having them noticing. You can check the SMS logs and chat history straight in your email.

A Cheap Easy Way to Spy on Text Messages

Once iKeyMonitor has been installed on the target device, and an Internet connection is available, the software will simply run in the background to remotely spy on text messages of your children. It means that you can monitor and record information such as phone calls, and voice messages secretly without being detected, like all good spying applications.

If you are an employer, iPhone monitoring tool can also be used to track employees’ online activities on devices that you provide. The advantages of using this spy software is that you can easily find out if an employee is engaged. What’s more, you can know whether they are productive or harmful to the company.

All in all, iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app is an all-round monitoring solution that can be used to monitor text messages on different devices. It means that you can have full control over your kids’ or employees’ mobile phone activities. Highly recommended to parents and employers.


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