Which Is the Best SMS Spy Software for iPhone to Use? 2024

Track Children’s Incoming and Outgoing SMS Messages

iKeyMonitor is the best SMS spy software for iPhone. Whether the phone is an Android operating system or manufactured by Apple, iKeyMonitor can easily perform monitoring tasks. It offers lots of advanced monitoring tools to track every activity of the phone such as text messages, phone calls, website visited, apps, games, and social chat messages. So let’s see how this iPhone spy app can help you.

iKeyMonitor: The Best SMS Spy Software for iPhone

iKeyMonitor has the capability to spy on text messages and upload the spying records to your account. With an iCloud account, users can supervise the logs from anywhere. Some spy apps can be uninstalled by the phone’s owner. Different from those apps, iKeyMonitor keeps restricted access. It is protected by a password which prevents others from using the phone. So intruders can’t go through the SMS text messages without authorization provided by iKeyMonitor.

Features of iKeyMonitor iPhone SMS Spy Software

iKeyMonitor offers a keylogger that records the keystrokes of the keyboard during a conversation and then displays them on the application spy viewer. iKeyMonitor is not only a text message spyware but also a powerful cell phone monitoring application which tracks almost everything on the phone.

Track GPS Location

iKeyMonitor also has a GPS tracker which keeps track of the location of the target phone. This feature is quite useful if the phone gets misplaced. Users can locate the cell phone immediately after iKeyMonitor application installed. If your phone is stolen, you can also use it to get your phone back.

Log Keystrokes Entered

The tracking software for iPhone also records the keystrokes pressed in the URL tabs of the browsers.

Keep Call History

It tracks incoming and ongoing phone call history on iPhone. 

Monitor Social Chats

iKeyMonitor monitors social chat apps’ activities such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It allows you to check many social media accounts, whether it’s Twitter or WeChat. These activities can be viewed through screenshots or email. All the recorded information are uploaded to your email address.

Record surroundings

You can use iKeyMonitor to record the surrounding sound of the target iPhone so that you can hear what’s going on around the target phone.

iKeyMonitor, as the best SMS spy software for iPhone, supports multiple languages so that users can choose the one that they prefer to use. It also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. After learning all the features and services provided by iKeyMonitor, you will find that it is an excellent spy app.

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