Apple Watch Can Be Used As Spy Gadget 2024

Apple Watch is expected to be available on April 24, 2015. It’s said to be the most personal Apple product at present. So how does an Apple Watch work as an iPhone spy tool? What does it bring to us?

Apple Watch works as a health-care tool as well as an iPhone companion. Apart from the fitness care service offered, the features allows users to remotely spy on iPhone as follows.

Paired with an iPhone, Apple Watch is capable of receiving phone calls, iMessage, text messages, emails, managing contacts & calendars, browsing photo gallery, and even running third-party apps. Therefore, Apple Watch can be used as a remote basic SPY and CONTROL agent. Once a camera is built into Apple Watch just like Android wear, spy camera is one more possibility.

Parents and employers may take advantage of an Apple Watch to monitor kids at home or employees in a company, but there are some drawbacks:

  1. The distance requirement.

    With Bluetooth, the maximum allowed range is about 30-50 feet. When connected to Wi-Fi network, Apple Watch will connect with the iPhone wherever the network is covered.
  2. Only for 1 on 1 monitoring.

    At present users can only pair one iPhone with one Apple Watch. So it’s not possible to monitor multiple devices with an Apple Watch right now.
  3. Limited monitoring features.

    Only some basic information can be gathered and managed via the Apple Watch. If the iPhone holder uses third-party apps like WhatsApp, Apple Watch is of no use at all.
  4. Can be easily bypassed.

    An app called Apple Watch on the iPhone is used to pair or unpair with Apple Watch. iPhone users can easily bypass the monitoring by unpair the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is one of the way to spy on iPhone, however, it’s not so perfect apparently. If you hope to do a better monitoring job, we suggest you use iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app which removes the limitations above, and of course, costs less!

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