iPhone 8/iPhone X Spy App: Everything You Need to Know 2024

With the release of the iPhone 8/iPhone X, how to find a reliable iPhone 8/iPhone X spy app to spy on iPhone 8/iPhone X seems to be a concern for parents because the iPhone 8 is being courted by the young generation, especially teenagers. You know how difficult it is to control modern teenagers, but with the help of iPhone tracker, you can control almost every activity on your children’s iPhone 8 without any effort to know whether they are away from online dangers.

Key Features of iPhone 8/iPhone X Spy App

As parents, your greatest concerns should be what kind of features the spy app for iPhone 8/iPhone X provides and how it works to protect your kids. iKeyMonitor, with the most effective features, will never let any user down.

  • Log SMS text messages sent and received on iPhone 8/iPhone X
  • WhatsApp/Facebook/Viber/Tinder/Wechat/QQ/Line messages
  • Track GPS locations
  • Track website histories
  • Record Whatsapp/Wechat/QQ voice messages
  • Backup contacts
  • Record events in calendars/Notes/reminders
  • Record photos and videos in album

How to Monitor Your Kids with iKeyMonitor iPhone 8/iPhone X Spy App?

Monitor your kids’ text messages and voice messages

If your kids enjoy chatting in social media apps, you are able to know who they are talking to and what they are talking about through their text messages with no effort. All chat messages sent and received in WhatsApp/Facebook/Viber/Tinder/Wechat/QQ/Line can be logged even Whatsapp/Wechat/QQ voice messages. Every chat content will be under your control through iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone.

Track your kids’ website histories

Many adolescent teenagers are curious about everything in the internet world. Browsing the web is the easiest way for them to explore the online world. It’s necessary for parents to control the content of your child’s browsing for that they might accidentally go astray. iKeyMonitor will help you log the Website URL your kids visited, so you can easily know your kids’ website activities.

Track GPS Locations

Parents are always busy with work and cannot spend much time staying with their children. So, sometimes the whereabouts of children is a mystery to parents. Teenagers are in rebellious stages and may be abetted by brutal children of the same age to fight or gamble. At the same time, there is the rampant sexual assault on the Internet, and sex predators will lure young children into reality and then implement their atrocities. Internet dangers are everywhere around teenagers and it’s time to track your children’s GPS with iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app.

Necessaries to Use Spy App for iPhone 8/iPhone X

The news has reported countless incidents of children suffering cyberbullying, sexual assault and drug trafficking. And in many cases, children are threatened so that they dare not to tell their parents. If you find that your kids have been behaving suspiciously recently and always prefer to stay alone or ask for money, you should install an iPhone 8/iPhoneX spy app to observe what your kids are suffering.


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