What Are Signs That My iPhone Is Being Spied on? 2024

Spying on cell phones has become quite popular over the past couple of years, so many people have concerns that their iPhones are being spied on. In this day and age, it is very scary to think that there may be someone who is spying on you. You should now stop worrying over the thought that someone could be spying on your iPhone. Spying has some good advantages, especially for parents who are trying to control what their kids should do on their iPhones. How to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone? What are the signs?

Features of iPhone Spy Apps:

There are thousands of phone spy apps on the market that are capable of processing your information (chat, browse, contact list, gallery, and social accounts) on another phone without your consent. iKeyMonitor can help you with:

  • Monitor SMS text messages
  • Monitor Calls Logs
  • Keep an eye on Browsing History
  • Keeps alert with social accounts
  • Take screenshots
  • Provide Gmail support

Clear Signs that Your iPhone Is Being Spied on

There are ways in which you can find out if your iPhone is being spied on. However, some professional spy apps such as iKeyMonitor are automatic, and they log SMS, call history, GPS, chats, websites visited, keystrokes, passwords, capture screenshots, and deliver all these logs to your email or FTP. There are some clear signs that your iPhone is being spied on:

Battery Runs Down Faster

Using spy apps increases the use of your iPhone battery. When you notice sudden changes in your battery life, you should know that with time, the battery life will diminish naturally, and you should be on the lookout for any kind of dramatic change. This is common if you, as the person spying on the target iPhone, are using cheap spy software or apps. More modern programs, such as iKeyMonior, are quite hard to spot, and there has been no significant change in battery usage.

Abnormal Phone Behavior/Activity

This may be another indicator that you are being bugged. The abnormal behavior is caused by disruptions on your screen if there are programs that are installed on their own. It is, therefore, important to pay attention if you notice this strange behavior, for it could be another party trying to access your phone. Once you acquire the iPhone, it is important for you to go through and study it. This will help you to note a certain change easily.

Presence of Unusual Background Noises

This type of abnormality can be noises and unusual clicks when making a call, which indicates that your iPhone device is being monitored. Some spy software monitors and records your calls. Some exceptions are caused by bad networks, but when this issue continues, it is almost certain that you are spied on.

Random Phone Shut Down or Start

There are some spy apps that cause the phone to start up when it is switched off, and/or when it is in use, there is a random shutdown. If this issue occurs regularly, it is time to take action, but then again, there are spy apps such as iKeyMonitor that would not cause such abnormality.

You Receive Lots of Unusual Text Messages

The spy apps installed remotely work by sending secret coded messages, which can often be seen if the app is not working properly. Such text messages do not require one to respond, and all you need to do is open the messages, just like how some emails work. It is, therefore, very important to know the source of text messages.

Increase in the Usage of Data

Spy programs often send the monitored iPhone activities to online servers, which may result in your data plan usage. If your iPhone data gets used up faster, then you need to check if someone is monitoring your iPhone. This was common for older spy apps, but it has been changed with the current spy apps. The only time the data usage can be noticeable is when they are transferring huge files such as videos.

Two Ways of Spying on an iPhone

iPhone spy is categorized into two types based on the different requirements of the target iPhone.

iPhone Spy with Jailbreak

To deploy the iPhone spy app, firstly you need to check the jailbreak compatibility and jailbreak the iPhone. After a successful jailbreak, you can download iKeyMonitor from Cydia and install it to start iPhone monitoring.

iPhone Spy without Jailbreak

As for no jailbreak iPhone spy, you simply need to get the Apple ID and password on the target phone and make sure two-factor authentication on the target iPhone is disabled.

Ways to Check If iPhone Is Being Spied On:

Spying on an iPhone has become easier than before. You have to remain alert if you have something personal on your phone that you don’t want to share with someone. But the question often dances in the mind whether someone is spying on my phone? Do you want to check if your iPhone is being tracked? Yes? Scroll down and learn easy tricks!

  • Check your Battery Yes, the iPhone is much more durable concerning the battery. If you see a smooth and unnecessarily low battery most of the time, then the first thought that hits the brain is that your iPhone may be spied on by someone.
  • The behavior of your iPhone If your device has some bad behavior, such as suddenly turning it on when not in use, making useless tunes and other noise, or suddenly turning it off. You need to be aware of whether these things happen regularly.
  • Unnecessary Data usage happens when someone spies on your phone activity. When you spend less time online but notice a gradual decrease in data usage, you know that you are being tracked. You need to check your data usage before and after using the iPhone.
  • Download An App If there are a large number of apps can spy on someone, then there are some other apps to detect if you are being tracked.

The Simple Way to Stop Spying

It’s quite easy to stop iPhone spying by following the suggestions below.

  • Restore the firmware
  • Update iOS version
  • Change the password of your Apple ID
  • Turn on two-factor authentication

Why Is iKeyMonitor Useful?

iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app presents comprehensive spying features for parents and employers. With the advancement of technology, it has become necessary to keep track of your kids or employees. Download this app for free and then choose a plan that fits you and get complete knowledge about someone’s online activity.

Be cautious when some improper performance occurs because they may be the signs that your iPhone is being spied on. Follow the suggestions to set up the related configurations and you can protect your phone from the Automatic spy apps.


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