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What Are Signs That My iPhone Is Being Spied on? 2023

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If you google what are the signs that my iPhone is being spied on, you will find that most of the results are how you can spy on others. In the article, you will see how to tell whether an iPhone is being monitored and how to avoid that.

Signs that an iPhone Is Being Spied on

The reason you are asking may be that your iPhone has been acting weird, such as the notification that different apps are consuming the Internet (wifi), the camera unable to save pictures, and the battery running out quickly. If you store a password on your own phone, you are uncertain if it’s out of online hackers’ reach though.

You would say “I’m not saying my iPhone is being hacked” and it may very well be that the phone is so old that it acts this way. However, it is also possible that these are the signs of being spied on or hacked. If you suspect your iPhone is being monitored, don’t worry, here are the signs that your iPhone is being spied on and how to fix it.

  • Fast battery consumption
  • Keeping safe mode
  • Over usage of mobile data

No one can spy on your iPhone unless they have got a hold of your phone while you’re unaware of it and installed an app on it. Furthermore, those apps can’t be found by checking through the apps on the phone as they are hidden.

Two Ways of Spying on an iPhone

iPhone spy is categorized into two types based on the different requirements towards the target iPhone.

iPhone Spy with Jailbreak

To deploy the iPhone spy app, firstly you need to check the jailbreak compatibility and jailbreak the iPhone. After successful jailbreak, you can download iKeyMonitor from Cydia and install it to start iPhone monitoring.

iPhone Spy without Jailbreak

As for no jailbreak iPhone spy, you simply need to get the Apple ID and password on the target phone and make sure two-factor authentication on the target iPhone is disabled.

The Simple Way to Stop Spying

It’s quite easy to stop iPhone spy by following the suggestions below.

  • Restore the firmware
  • Update iOS version
  • Change the password of your Apple ID
  • Turn on two-factor authentication

Be cautious when some improper performance occurs because they may be the signs that your iPhone is being spied on. Follow the suggestions to set up the related configurations and you can protect your phone from the invisible spy apps.


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