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Staff monitoring means recording all the activities of your staffs and restricting their accesses to the computers.

The office computer monitoring software available today offer a completely new dimension to Internet monitoring. Now you can record everything your staffs do online, including instant messages, chats, emails sent and received, websites visited, applications launched, network connections established and bandwidth consumed, files downloaded, files copied to removable media, remote staff’s computer desktop, and keystrokes typed. With a staff monitoring program in place, you can effectively take control of your office again.

An employee monitoring solution will increase employee productivity, provide a safeguard in the event of inappropriate employee behavior, and protect your company from leaking important company information.

Staff Monitoring Software

Network Enforcer is able to restrict any violations of your specific behavior filters by immediately closing the offending application or website. Network Enforcer does not log all user activity on your network, only the specific behavior that you define. The behaviors are categorized under three security levels allowing you to respond immediately to high-security threats.

iKeyMonitor is the latest in award-winning office surveillance. Monitor your entire network from one centralized location! iKeyMonitor allows you to track workstations and individual users that may use multiple computers on a network. iKeyMonitor allows you to perform employee monitoring, content filtering, remote administration, and more – from one location.
Combining real-time remote computer monitoring with individual employee monitoring and security auditing, iKeyMonitor is one of the most comprehensive network monitoring and administration solution available!

Employee Activity Monitor is an award-winning Employee Monitoring Software. It can record and log everything your employees do – from recording employee keystrokes typed and website visits, to chats, employee emails and screenshots. This Employee Monitoring Software can monitor and control employee workstations remotely in an Automatic, automatic mode, Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor gives you one-click access to viewing everyone on your entire network in realtime – from one central location. You may find it is definetly the best Employee Monitoring Software when compared with other similar employee monitoring software.

Ascendant NFM is a client-free and extremely comprehensive and powerful network file monitoring tool that logs every file creation, modification, and deletion on your network. Ascendant Security specializes in providing network security and asset protection. Operating with all office sizes in mind, Ascendant develops solutions designed to secure assets and data on networks of all sizes – from small business networks to large-scale enterprises and institutions. Do not let your staff decrease your bottom line.

KeyloggerHRD – Once installed, KeyloggerHRD will secretly record all keystrokes that are typed on the computer. KeyloggerHRD will store up to 64kb worth of keystrokes, which equates to roughly 64,000 individual keys typed! Best of all, there is absolutely no software required to use KeyloggerHRD. It is a true plug-and-play hardware device. Simply connect it and forget it – that is it!

Why monitor staff?

Reasons for staff monitoring include to:

  • Prevent company secrets from leaking
  • Log activities as the proof for improper
    staff behavior
  • Check the quality of customer service
  • Find out if staff require training by observing their performance
  • Review staff skills and competencies used in their job
  • Ensure staff are safe
  • Observe the application of health and safety rules
  • Ensure compliance with the law or company policy, eg on Internet usage
  • Discover any fraudulent, criminal or otherwise illegal or undesirable conduct by your staff

What monitoring includes

Monitoring can include:

  • Monitor staff internet use, website visited
  • Monitor staff E-mails sent and received
  • Monitor staff IMs(MSN/AIM/Yahoo Messenger etc)
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Monitor applications launched
  • Monitor staff files downloaded
  • Monitor staff files copied to removable media (USB, MMC card etc)
  • Monitor staff’s computer desktop
  • Monitor staff’s keystrokes typed

Benefits of an Staff Monitoring Program

The return on investment should only be a few months stemming mostly from increased employee productivity. If you suspect your company’s productivity is suffering because of inefficient employee Internet use, then keep reading. There are a few staffs who will choose to use the Internet for professional purposes only, countless others will decide to abuse the comfort of having Internet access in their office.

  • 56.5% of employees feel that surfing the Net or sending non-work-related E-mails decreases productivity, and 31% of employers said that they restrict employee Internet/E-mail usage. ( survey)
  • In 2007, 60.7% of employees surveyed said they visit Web sites or surf for personal use at work (up from 50.7% in 2000). (UCLA study on Internet/E-mail use)
  • 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five workday. (SexTracker)
  • 31.2% of employees feel it is appropriate to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes a day, 14.8% said up to one hour is appropriate, and 9% said over an hour, while only 26.6% of employers feel it is appropriate for employees to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes, 8.6% said up to one hour, and 4.2% said over an hour. ( survey)

Here are some results of recent surveys:

  • 67% of staffs admitted using the Internet for personal reasons.
  • 30% of BUSINESSES were losing a workday per week to Internet abuse.
  • 57% of BUSINESSES did not know what their staffs did online.
  • 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five workday.
  • 37% of workers say they surf the Web constantly at work.
  • <li>30 to 40% of internet access is spent on non-work related browsing

  • 60% of all online purchases are made during working hours.

Those are some sobering percentages. How much more productive would the office staff be if those statistics were close to Zero? An employee computer-monitoring program could help realize that number.

Taking charge of how your office staff is using the Internet by using a staff monitoring program will increase productivity and produce significant cost savings by eliminating excessive non-business Internet activity.


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