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Want to avail the best voice recorder app for iPhone? iKeyMonitor does that and more. With our iPhones, different messaging platforms and social networking sites have surfaced and are already gaining popularity from their subscribers. Facebook, Line, Wechat, Messenger and Viber are some of these popular messaging platforms/social networking sites that have taken our lives by storm. Now, most people with smartphones such as iPhones rarely spend their entire day without socializing and interacting with several people through these apps, and because of the Internet, they can talk and send messages to anyone they want, which is actually quite risky. In fact, voice messages have become a norm now, with the easy access and sometimes built-in process in some of these apps. Now you can record your message instead of typing them, which makes everything efficient and organized. That’s why parents and employers nowadays need a online voice recorder.

Why Is A Good Voice Recorder for iPhone Wanted?

So if you’re a parent who has teenaged sons and daughters who always have their head glued to their phones or even a boss of a company who thinks your employees are engaging in restricted Internet usage, then obviously you would want to find out what is going on and if there’s something wrong.

This is where iKeyMonitor comes in. This amazing app has all the spying features you want, like recording voice messages through any social networking app. It is fully compatible with IOS, easy to use and highly efficient. With this app, you can monitor anyone with any kind of phone, and keep track of all the activities they normally do privately on their phones. It’s a iPhone voice recorder, one of the best spy apps in the market and will not fail you in time.

How Does iKeyMonitor Voice Recorder for iPhone Work?

With iKeyMonitor, you can record all voice chats or messages on your target iPhone with any messaging app or social networking website. Here are the few details on how this app works:

  • It records all voice messages without the user’s knowledge.
  • It transcribes the voice messages and sends it to you through your email or FTP.
  • It regularly gives you updates on what messaging platform they’re using when sending and receiving voice chat or messages.

With these features, you are regularly in the hoop on what your target person for spying is always up to, who they always talk to, and what particular activities or things they are always talking about.

Why Is the Voice Recorder App for iPhone Useful?

It’s beneficial to use the iPhone voice tracking app, especially now that it allows you to remotely monitor your surroundings, and you can log in to the cloud panel to listen directly to the monitoring record. Sometimes hidden environmental recorders can tell more secrets and problems than to monitor mobile activity. A secure environment logging application like iKeyMonitor can be used for parental control and employee monitoring purposes.

Employee monitoring

To improve employee productivity, many companies offer smartphones to their employees. Some dishonest employees may conduct behaviors that are harmful to the company, such as selling trade secrets and other confidential business information to unauthorized individuals and parties. By recording the environmental sounds of the device, the employer and evidence of employee behavior that is harmful to the company.

Parental control

By installing iKeyMontior on your child’s phone, parents can remotely monitor the child’s surroundings. In this way, parents can clearly know whether their child is bullied or threatened by their classmates at school. If so, parents can take action to protect children from harm and threats as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for the best voice recorder app for iPhone, then iKeyMonitor is an excellent choice. Aside from recording voice messages on iPhone, it also offers several other features that can satisfy the spy in you. Users can avail 3 days of the free trial version to see if the app works on their iPhone before buying the Premium version.


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