How to Monitor Employee Email 2024

Monitoring employee email has many uses, such as communicating with customers and receiving important updates about company rules and procedures. Almost every employee in every company has an email address. When an employee working for a company, the email is usually very brutal: It is an enterprise resource and should not be used for personal communication. However, it has been ignored and many people still send and receive personal emails through the company’s email address.

That’s why companies know how to monitor employee emails. Although they do not necessarily view all emails that go through their servers like iKeyMonitor, these companies have security precautions that allow them to review the activities of each employee on the computer. Even if some companies do not handle sensitive information, it makes sense that there is a way to examine and prove whether or not someone is abusing their property.

Benefits of Monitoring Employee Email

These applications can benefit businesses of all sizes, in many ways, including:


It can save you time and your employee time as well. As if he is doing work according to you, it must be good if not then he has to. That is good for the employer.

Increases transparency

This helps strengthen the relationship between employer and their employees as they can automatically access in business.

How to Monitor Employee Email?

These companies have several ways because they have studied how to monitor employee email. Some can take screenshots to see the sites that each employee is trying to access. Other companies can shoot every keystroke of an employee made on his keyboard. Others randomly connect to each employee’s computers and check what they are doing. The latter may give warning signals to the user, but the primary purpose is to remind everyone that the user is continuously monitoring.

Personal email

Sometimes it does not matter if businesses know how to monitor employee email, whether it’s moral or not. The fact remains that their company owns the resource and has the right to control its use. If you don’t want your personal information to be read by someone else, the best thing to do is to make sure your email is confined to your home, and the company’s email is not used personally only in cases of real urgency.

Usage of software’s

The modern workplace demands that many companies use software to monitor employee email. There are many reasons why an employer must be vigilant and monitor employees’ emails as well as their other IT activities.

An important reason to monitor employees’ email is to make sure their employees use only the computers you provide them for your daily activities. If all of your employees were doing personal activities with your networks, it could expose your data to viruses and keyloggers that could steal your company’s information. On top of that, it will probably increase the amount of bandwidth you use each month and will cost you more on Internet access.

It is your decision, as an employer, to let your employees know at least once they are being monitored by iKeyMonitor. From that moment, if they decide to abuse their computer privileges, you have a reason to let them go.

Reasons for Monitoring Employee Email

There are many reasons to monitor employee email such as:

  • You can keep a backup file of all your data in case you suffer a loss, and it will be easily recoverable.
  • The information you collect can be used to evaluate employees.
  • You will easily be able to locate communications that are not appropriate.
  • You can choose who is surfing the net or instant messaging and have a record of those conversations.
  • You can quickly know if your sensitive data is being communicated to your competitors.
  • You can investigate inappropriate behavior with the information you collect.

Benefits of Employee Email Monitoring App

When you have email monitoring in the workplace then you must know the features of this amazing tracking app.

1. Trial version available

If you don’t know about this tracking app then you must check the guide about how to monitor employee emails. After that, you can buy the trial version of the tracking app and get to know it well.

2. Social media apps tracking

When you check the guide of how to monitor employee emails? You may also learn the procedure of social media app tracking. You can check all the chat messages remotely.

3. parental control version availability

Here is another question, is it possible to monitor employee emails? The answer is yes, not only monitor but also hide the logo of the application.

4. Track GPS locations remotely

The email monitoring in the workplace provides the best idea to check the workers and it also provides the current location of the employees.

Employers should let the staff know that there is a monitor employee email system and how much information is collected. Most employees will be more than happy to agree to be monitored by iKeyMonitor if that’s right and if we know how much. Equity is essential to the implementation of this strategy. Monitoring should only be used to protect the interests of the business and not to monitor staff.


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