Record Calls on Skype with iKeyMonitor 2024

When do you feel recording calls on skype with a mobile spy app such as iKeyMonitor has become a necessity? If you suspect the possibility of your child being in contact with a pervert or dangerous person, or you suspect your employees are misusing their company provided devices. Or on the bright side, you just need to record your Skype calls, and then it is the time you got a hold of a spy app like iKeyMonitor mobile keylogger, which is the best spy software to record Skype calls on cell phone (both incoming and outgoing).

How Does iKeyMonitor Record Calls on Skype?

iKeyMonitor skype spy app is an intelligent app that is well designed to record audio calls on Skype and messages instantly. iKeyMonitor Skype spy app operates entirely in the Automatic mode so that the person being monitored won’t know that a spy app exists on his or her mobile device. What’s more, iKeyMontior sends all call logs to your preset email or uploads to FTP for remote view.

  • Log chats on Skype
    iKeyMonitor Skype spy app monitors and records all incoming and outgoing Skype messages with time stamps and usernames.
  • Record keystrokes and passwords typed
    iKeyMonitor Skype spy app logs text and keystrokes entered in Skype, including username and passwords,  and text messages inputted on Skype.
  • Capture screenshots of Skype calls
    iKeyMonitor can capture screenshots of Skype activities which cannot be logged by txt, including emoticons and stickers, and Skype calls.
  • View Logs via Email/FTP
    iKeyMonitor keylogger sends all the skype monitoring logs to an assigned Email account of your choice or uploads to FTP where you can view logs remotely.

Advantages of iKeyMonitor Skype Spy App

Besides recording Skype voice calls on iPhone and Android devices, iKeyMonitor skype spy app is equipped with a lot of advantages which you may be interested in.

  • Backup Skype calls
    Today, it is very easy to lose critical Skype call records since people are constantly changing computers and also the potential of computer viruses is on the rise. iKeyMonitor spy app enables you to secure these vital Skype calls in a secure email account where you can always access them anytime and anywhere provided there is an Internet connection.
  • Keep track of employee honesty
    With the ability to record Skype calls on iPhone and Android, iKeyMonitor Skype spy app enables you to monitor employee honesty. You can monitor their Skype conversations on their company provided devices to see if they may be selling out company information to competitors.
  • Keep kids safe
    It is the 21st century! Kids of this generation know very well how to use Skype. If you are a parent who has allowed your teenage child to access the Internet, especially Skype, then iKeyMonitor can help you keep your child safe from pedophiles and bad company.

Today, an increasing number of teenage and young people prefer to use Skype for live calling, video chats and messaging. Many parents, kids, and employers may be eager to know what their children and employees do on Skype. The best approach is to install a good Skype spy app like iKeyMonitor to record calls on Skype and messages secretly and more efficiently.


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iKeyMonitor Team is a team of parental control experts with over 16 years of experience in parental control apps and phone tracking tools. Started in 2009, iKeyMonitor is now the most powerful monitoring and control application for parents.

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