Staff Monitoring

Staff monitoring means recording all the activities of your staffs and restricting their accesses to the computers. The office computer monitoring software available today offer a completely new dimension to Internet monitoring. Now you can record everything your staffs do online, including instant messages, chats, emails sent and received, websites visited, applications launched, network connections […]

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Do You Know What’s Your Man Doing at Work?

Do You Know What’s Your Man Doing at Work? What’s the best monitoring software on computer? Internet has become the necessary tool for companies especially IT related companies. However convenience goes with problems. Nowadays, the online social networking websites and the video sharing platforms such as YouTube,Metacafe or Facebook, attract a huge number of visitors […]

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Industrious or Indolent? Test with employee monitoring 301

Boss is behind you

It’s a real story of employee computer monitoring. “I just visited the Facebook website, 10 minutes later I got a phone call from my boss, who was in another city, asking me why I am on that website rather than working. It’ s like that my boss is behind me and watching. Too paranoiac! ” […]

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How to Spy on Employees’ Computers

Spying on employees’ computers is essential if most of their tasks rely on computers and the Internet since these resources could be easily misused without supervision. The Automatic Employee Activity Monitor offers a well-balanced solution for employers who want to know how the team uses office computers and employees who require trust from leaders. Spying […]

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Top 10 Reasons to choose Employee Activity Monitor

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor is the best Employee Monitoring Software in the entire market.Check out the top 10 reasons to choose Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor. 1. Continuous Innovation Imonitor prides itself on always keeping abreast of new technologies and bringing them to market within innovative products before the ink is even dry on the industry […]

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