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Employee time tracking app is important because companies and firms are mostly based and dependent upon their workers even more than their customers. This is because employees are the people to help you in attracting more customers. Moreover, the entire productivity of your employees is mainly dependent upon it. However, we have seen that without a check and balance, employees start to forget their duties. Therefore, we need to use paid or free employee time tracking apps to check how much time your workers spend in the office while working.

Here are some questions that occur in your mind regarding employee time tracking apps along with their answers.

What Is Employee Time Tracking App?

Employee time tracking apps are those applications that let you find out the work timings of your employees like when they come to the office and when they leave it. There are different types of employee time tracking apps have been used such as:

Attendance Systems

At the very start, companies and firms started using attendance systems. From using a manual paper register to a computer and thumb scanner are all types of attendance systems. However, by using them, a company and its owners were only able to track coming, going, and break-time of employees and what they do inside the company remains out of the question.

Security Cameras

Another way that companies used after attendance systems are security cameras. Security cameras used to capture live footages of the employees inside the company. However, a separate employee has to hire for 24×7 to check for camera footages of employees. Continuous electricity is also required for cameras to working. So, the cost is increased.

Reasons for Tracking Employee Time

The basic function and work of the employee time tracking app is to track the work timings and entire schedule of work for employees. However, these basic functions perform the most important tasks for a company. When you can track company records, you can:

Remote Managerial Control

When you have the best employee time tracking apps, you don’t need to remain inside the office or at work. You will get instant notifications of your employees’ tasks like whatever they are doing during office timing. From their online browsing history to social media apps and software usage, you will get each bit detail without staying inside office premises.


After using paid or free employee time tracking apps, you will see the productivity of your business will increase. This is because your employees will know that you are keeping an eye over their work time and activities. Therefore, they will work with even more dedication and won’t waste time in idle tasks and hence the productivity of your business will increase.

Overtime Checking

What happened most of the time, when employees hear about overtime salary payment, they try to prolong their work and carry them on even after the work time is over. Here, paid or employee time tracking apps come as help because they allow you to check how much time an employee spent while shirking work or working.

Tracking Software Abuse

Many times, employees have been seen stealing internet hours, downloading data, or using the software in the wrong way. However, when you will have employee time tracking apps with you, you can understand that whatever your employee is doing on their computers or mobiles. You have no more need to lock software or websites as now you can track their work.

Why You Need Employee Time Tracking Apps?

When you find such best employee time tracking apps you get so many benefits. Some of these benefits are written as below:

Increased Productivity

When your employees will know that you are continuously aware of their activities, they will not shirk work or waste their time. Rather, they will always remain engaged in the work and hence overall productivity of the firm will increase.

Increased Employee Efficiency

When your employees will not spend time anywhere else and they will keep on working with focus, the efficiency of work will be improved. It means, they will do better work than before as now they are working with better focus.

Increased Profit

Lastly, when your employees will work continuously and efficiently, the overall production of the products and services inside the firm will increase. Increased production means you have more to sell and more production means a rise in your overall profit.

What Are the Benefits of the Best Employee Tracking App?

This app can benefit your company in a variety of ways, including:

Trial Version

First of all, the benefits of the tracking application is its trial version. Best companies offer best employee time tracking apps with trial versions. These trial versions are based on a limited period in which a person can enjoy its entire features for free. He can make sure if the app is suitable for their company or not. Hence, find an app that comes with the trial version.

Remote Tracking

Features of the paid apps are enormous such as they should send you each bit detail of the employees’ computers or mobiles. It should give you pictures, videos, screenshots, and screen videos of their completed activities. It should tell you which apps your employees use the most and what do they do while using those apps. If an app offers such features, it comes in the list of best employee time tracking apps.

All in all, employee time tracking app is the need of time and you must consider one, for your company. I would recommend you to use iKeyMonitor as the best employee time tracking app. It has got all the features that you would like to see in a tracking app.


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