Secretly Record Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices

Track iPhone Messages with Best Spy App

Do you feel the need of recording text messages on Android or iOS devices? Well! I understand why. Having to worry about what is being texted on a mobile phone and with whom can be very overwhelming especially if there is no way for you to find out. Luckily, a good text spy app like iKeyMonitor makes it easy for you to get text messages records on iOS and Android devices.

Why Do You Need to Record Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices?

In this day and age, children, employees and the generation at large are rapidly embracing technology and everything it brings. One of the things technology has brought about is the ability to communicate anytime with anyone via text messaging. Anyone who has a mobile device can communicate with family, friends, even strangers anytime via SMS. iOS and Android devices are especially popular among all the smartphones.

It is justified for you to monitor who the target person is texting with and the contents of the messages more so if the person involved is your child who is a minor, your employee who should be busy being productive, or a loved one whose safety you are worried about. Do you still need to know why you need a mobile spy keylogger like iKeyMonitor spy app to record phone text messages? Read on.

How Does iKeyMontior Record Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices?

The above-mentioned reasons explain in detail why you need a covert and efficient text spy app that will enable you to monitor and record text messages on iPhone efficiently and most importantly secretly. iKeyMonitor mobile spy app is the best you can get in the vast spy software market. iKeyMonitor is designed to monitor and record both-side text messages on iPad/iPhone/Android phone and tablet. All the monitored text messages will be uploaded to the online server or sent to the preset Email. iOS users can also view the logs via FTP website.

As a professional keylogger for iPad/iPhone/Android, iKeyMonitor also logs SMS, call history, website history, chat logs, keystrokes typed, capture screenshots, record voice messages, and delivers logs to you by email or FTP.

Is iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App Useful?

Besides getting cell phone text messages, iKeyMonitor mobile spy app can be used in very many ways, including

  • Spy app for iPad/iPhone/Android
    The spy app can be used to spy on a particular iPad/iPhone/Android, and log all the activities that take place on the target device.
  • Backup phone data
    In case you need to keep a separate record of phone data, iKeyMonitor is the perfect app. In spite of extensive key logging features, you can quickly retrieve lost data from the iKeyMonitor control panel.
  • Recover lost phone
    iKeyMonitor can also act as a phone tracker. Once you install iKeyMonitor app on a phone, it can help you to track down a lost or stolen the mobile phone and eventually get it back through its GPS tracking features. Besides, if your mobile is missing, iKeyMonitor can give you very useful clues to track down the thief by recording text messages and call history.
  • Monitor employees
    iKeyMonitor can also help you enforce employee adherence to company policies. You can monitor their usage of the company provided mobile phones in case they are doing anything fishy that may jeopardize the well-being and development of the company.
  • Protect children
    With iKeyMonitor spy app, as a parent, you can keep your kids away from things like drugs, porn, violent behavior and sexual indiscipline. These are some of the things that accompany unmonitored and unrestricted mobile phone and Internet usage on teenagers.
  • Features of iKeyMonitor Mobile Keylogger

    Besides saving your text messages on iOS and Android devices, you can also have a lot of other control over the target device, such as:

    • Record voice messages
    • Log keystrokes and passwords inputted
    • Capture screenshots of mobile activities at preset intervals
    • Monitor all activities in silent mode
    • Record chat messages in WhatsApp/Line/Hangouts/Skype/Kik
    • Log all contacts on iOS and Android devices
    • Block unwanted app/game
    • View logs remotely via email/online server/FTP

    Make a choice now and get iKeyMonitor mobile spy app to enable you to record text messages on Android or iOS devices in the most efficient and secret way. By monitoring text messages on iOS and Android devices, you can easily find out the secrets about your kids and protect them better.


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