How to Secretly Record Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices 2024

Do you want to secretly record text messages on iOS and Android devices? Children often use mobile phones to send text messages to people you don’t know. Employees are texting instead of working during weekdays. You need to know the content of the text messages but you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, an SMS monitoring app can help you get text messages records on iOS and Android devices.

Why Do You Need to Secretly Record Text Messages?

Everyone’s text messages hide their own secrets. Children may be sending text messages to dangerous people, employees may betray company secrets to competitors, these situations are what you need to pay attention to. Use iKeyMonitor to record phone text messages on the target device, you can prevent things from getting worse.

Parental Control

As a parent, you need to know all your children’s online activities, especially the text messages sent and received. Online predators will entice children to meet with them through text messages. Pay attention to your children’s text messages to protect them from potential dangers.

protect kids

Employee Monitoring

If your employees use text messages to chat with family and friends or disclose company secrets, the company’s interests will be harmed. So, as an employer, you need to monitor employees’ text messages to prevent them from doing anything that is harmful to the company’s well-being and development.

Monitor Your Employees

How to Record Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices?

In the past, accessing someone’s text messages was a difficult task. Fortunately, due to technological advancements, the situation is completely different from before. Now you can use the tool to easily track someone’s text messages and other online activities. Check the two ways to record text messages on iOS and Android devices.

Using iKeyMonitor to Record Text Messages for Free

iKeyMonitor is designed to monitor and record both-side text messages on iOS and Android devices. It allows you to check all the monitoring logs remotely. Here are the steps to get iKeyMonitor:

  1. First, sign up for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
  2. Next, log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
  3. Last, you can go to LogsChatsSMS to see the text messages.

sign up

iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel

sms chats

Using iCloud to Read Someone’s Text Messages

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud on the target iPhone and enable the Messages option.
  2. Next, go to Mac and log in to the iCloud account using the target Apple ID and password.
  3. After that, open the messages app and check the Enable Messages in iCloud option on Preferences. Then you can click the Sync Now button if you want to immediately read the messages.


You can refer to the above two methods to record text messages on iOS and Android devices. If you only need to record text messages on iOS devices, then you can use iCloud. If you need to monitor Android and Apple devices, then iKeyMonitor is your best choice. It is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, tablets. Sign up and start monitoring!


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