Use Apple iPhone Spy for Parental Control 2024

It is now available to get an Apple iPhone Spy which will give you the ability to monitor the whole activities which take place on the iPhone of your kids. The powerful monitoring functions of iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app include the traditional logging of phone calls and tracking of SMS messages as well as advanced features including call recording, GPS location tracking, Geo-fencing, and more.

What Is Apple iPhone Spy?

Apple iPhone spy software is an advanced parental control application. You can install it on the target device and start monitoring. You do n’t have to worry about your child discovering it because it is designed to be automatic and secret. It provides multiple monitoring functions, you can try these functions to protect children from online dangers.

  • It works in automatic mode.
  • It offers a free plan.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Main Features of Apple iPhone Spy

It comes along with a great deal of remarkable features. iPhone spy software can store and restore huge amounts of data including pictures, videos and chat messages. 

1. Monitor Call History

Apple iPhone Spy offers the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing call logs, especially the numbers, duration and time of calls.

2. Spy on SMS Messages

Apple iPhone Spy allows you to check all SMS messages, regardless of whether your child intentionally deleted them.

3. Track GPS Locations

This app tracks your child ’s real-time GPS locations. You can remotely check your child ’s locations to make sure they are in a safe place.

4. Set up Geo-fencing

Geo fence is a virtual geographic boundary set on the map. You can use iKeyMonitor to track your child ’s GPS and set up geo-fencing. Once they get out of the geo fences, you will get alerts via email.

How to Spy on Your Child’s iPhone?

After the cell phone spy app is installed, you just need to wait, and then check the usage of your children’s iPhone devices via email. In this way, you can clearly know the relevant data sent by your child through the iPhone in a short time to master the child’s online activities. Not only can you know who they have sent messages to, who they have called, and what websites they have viewed, you can also know their current GPS locations.

1. Sign up

a free trial account of iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app.

2. Log in to the Cloud Panel

Sign in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor on the target phone.

3. Install iKeyMonitor

After installation is finished, input your license key to register iKeyMonitor.

4. Start Spying

Start Monitoring for free.

Make Parental Control Easy with Apple iPhone Spy

With iKeyMonitor, you can take appropriate measures to protect your children from online pornographic information. Your child will never realize that there is an iPhone mobile spy app on their iPhone, and how parents can know the accurate information of the iPhone without asking themselves. The only thing they can do is to stay away from unhealthy information and criminals and focus on their learning.

1. Monitor Your Child’s Online Activities

The online world is a dangerous place. Children cannot protect themselves while online, so it is your responsibility to understand every child ’s behavior online. iKeyMonitor helps you monitor your child ’s text messages, calls, keystrokes, pictures, videos, chat messages on social chat apps. Only when you know what your child has done online can you take timely measures to prevent your child from being threatened.

2. Control Your Child’s Phone Usage

In addition to monitoring children’s online activities, iKeyMonitor can also limit your child’s screen time, so that children are no longer addicted to mobile phones. You can also block inappropriate applications and games, keeping children away from unhealthy iPhone applications. These advanced features are only available on a few monitoring tools.

With the aid of Apple iPhone Spy, you can protect your children from online threats timely. Try Apple iPhone Spy now! Let the change begin!

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