Learning Center : Using Truth Spy App for Parental Control

Parents are making use of the truth spy app to better supervise their chidlren due to the heightened security for children. This mobile application has the capacity to ultimately monitor any phone where it is installed. It can even record calls either it is incoming or out coming calls. It is indeed a powerful monitoring […] Tags: , , , , ,

Learning Center : Ways of Initiating WhatsApp Hack for Spying Purposes

What’s the best way to initiate WhatsApp hack? In the social media world, the WhatsApp Messenger is one of the platforms that allow you to exchange messages with anyone who has that particular application in their mobile phones as well.  However, there are times that you need to conduct WhatsApp hack on this messaging platform […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Monitor Snapchat on iPhone to Protect Your Children Online

You can use iKeyMonitor to monitor your children’s Snapchat on iPhone if you want to ensure their safety when they are using Snapchat. But what is Snapchat? Snapchat is a popular online application which allows users to send or receive messages in a unique way. You can exchange message, pictures, videos and jokes just like […] Tags: ,

Learning Center : Use Snapchat Tracking App for Android to Check Your Kids’ Snapchat Activities

You may need to use monitoring apps such as Snapchat tracking app for Android if you need to view the unavailable files sent and received through your children’s Snapchat. Snapchat gives users the ability to share multimedia files to others but the files are only available for a limited time period. Thanks to today’s technology, […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Best Voice Recorder App for iPhone

Want to avail the best voice recorder app for iPhone? iKeyMonitor does that and more. With our iPhones, different messaging platforms and social networking sites have surfaced and are already gaining popularity from their subscribers. Facebook, Line, Wechat, Messenger and Viber are some of these popular messaging platforms/social networking sites that have taken our lives […] Tags: , , , , , ,

Learning Center : How to Record a Phone Call Conversation on iPhone Secretly with Call Recorder?

How to record a phone call conversation on iPhone secretly with call recorder? This may be a question that many iPhone users have asked. With technology booming nowadays, almost everything can be accessed by our smartphones. Various types of information have never been more open to the public, as well as communicating with your contacts […] Tags: ,

Learning Center : Easy Way to Record Whatsapp Calls and Audio Voice Message Notes on iPhone

Need an app that can record WhatsApp calls and save WhatsApp audio voice note messages in iPhone with ease? Complement your WhatsApp app with a powerful tool that lets you record and save WhatsApp audio voice message notes directly on your iPhone. Harness the Power of Your iPhone Our mobile phones, or technically, smart phones, […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Why and How to Record Skype Calls on iPhone?

Did you know that the latest advancements in mobile technology are now letting you record Skype calls on iPhone? This used to be an impossible feature for mobile phones in the past, but can be done seamlessly with desktop computers. Gladly, the advantages of being able to record Skype calls on iPhone are now within […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : How to Record High-Quality Viber Calls and Save Voice Messages on iPhone?

Have you ever considered to record Viber calls and save voice messages on your children’s iPhone? Your daughter, who just turned 16, received her first iPhone for her birthday and now, you are left wondering how your teenager will take it from there. Will she entertain strangers when they try to communicate with her? Will […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Record FaceTime Calls with iKeyMonitor

Recording FaceTime calls is becoming a trend since most iOS and Mac users confess that FaceTime is one of the best direct video and audio calling apps ever. Sadly, one Android user cannot download this app as it comes preinstalled on iPhone devices. FaceTime’s most outstanding feature is the high video quality that users enjoy […] Tags: ,