Learning Center : Spy Ambient Listening With Ambient Voice Recorder and Ambient Recording App

Now ambient listening spy can be realized with ambient voice recorder and ambient recording app as ambient recording technology developed rapidly. Parents could know remotely whether children have good performance at school instead of skipping the class for watching football games. Imagine the advantage when you could hear the ambient sounds of your children’s phone […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Listen to Phone Surrounding Live with Hidden Surround Recording Spy App for Android Phones

Nowadays it’s absolutely feasible to use a hidden surround recording spy app, such as iKeyMonitor to listen to the Android phone surrounding live. Sound recording feature enables you to find out the secrets and sensitive incidents which cannot be found on the device. For instance, if you want to know whether your kids are bullied […] Tags:

Learning Center : Best Hidden Phone Call Recording With Call Recorder Spy App for Android

A call recorder spy app for Android is necessary to ensure efficiency in the use of company-issued mobile phones. In the same way, a responsible parent should monitor closely if a child uses the mobile phone properly. It may sound invasive to privacy, but remember, a company-issued phone is for business purposes and not for […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : How to Spy without Jailbreak?

How to spy without jailbreak may have become a question that troubles many people with the increasing popularity of iPhone and iPad.  For children’s security online, parents have to seek for various effective methods to keep an eye on children’s mobile activities. Employers also want to know whether employers spend too much time on non-work […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Using iCloud Spy to Monitor iPhone

iKeyMonitor iCloud spy is a method tailored to those who want to watch the mobile activities of the ones they care remotely and invisibly without any installation or jailbreak. iCloud is one of the features that make the iOS devices stand out, which ensures that you can easily sync all your Apple devices and keep […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Use Snooping Software to Monitor Your Kids Anonymously

The snooping software has become a part of the current parenting tools. Because of the rise in the use of technology, phones are no longer a prerogative for adults. Kids own and use phones in an equal measure.  Parents, on the other hand, still need to have a measure of control over their children. The […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Advantages and Uses of Snapchat Screenshot App

The Snapchat screenshot app is basically used by people around the world who are indulged in taking Snapshot photos. Well, almost everyone can relate to this topic since this social media platform is one of the widely used applications. It conquered the market because of its one unique feature. It has an anti-screenshot technology that […] Tags: , , , ,

Learning Center : Using Truth Spy App for Parental Control

Parents are making use of the truth spy app to better supervise their chidlren due to the heightened security for children. This mobile application has the capacity to ultimately monitor any phone where it is installed. It can even record calls either it is incoming or out coming calls. It is indeed a powerful monitoring […] Tags: , , , , ,

Learning Center : Ways of Initiating WhatsApp Hack for Spying Purposes

What’s the best way to initiate WhatsApp hack? In the social media world, the WhatsApp Messenger is one of the platforms that allow you to exchange messages with anyone who has that particular application in their mobile phones as well.  However, there are times that you need to conduct WhatsApp hack on this messaging platform […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Monitor Snapchat on iPhone to Protect Your Children Online

You can use iKeyMonitor to monitor your children’s Snapchat on iPhone if you want to ensure their safety when they are using Snapchat. But what is Snapchat? Snapchat is a popular online application which allows users to send or receive messages in a unique way. You can exchange message, pictures, videos and jokes just like […] Tags: ,