Keep Track of your iPad Tablet with Intelligent Tracking App 2024

iKeyMonitor iPad tracking app is an intelligent keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod that gives you great control over your iOS device. iKeyMonitor is the first spying and tracking app for iPad. Its rich features, ease-of-use, and great functionality have won it great testimonials and feedbacks from lots of customers.

iKeyMonitor iPad Tracking App

iKeyMonitor is a keylogging app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to track every aspect of your device. It is used by lots of people to spy on any iOS device.

iKeyMonitor’s intelligent iPad tracking feature has enabled this app to receive positive reviews and comments from various magazines such as Reader’s Digest, T3, PC Pro and Computer Buyer. What really makes this iPad spy app different and better than other keyloggers and spying apps for iPad is its ability to remain 100% automatic and the possibility to retrieve recorded logs remotely. Other iPad tracking apps lack in these two features which makes it very difficult for the person spying to succeed in getting the desired information.

Benefits of parental control Mode

If the iPad tracking software does not operate in the automatic mode like iKeyMonitor does, the user may become aware that his/her device is being tracked. Such apps can also be easily detected by the task manager programs and forcefully closed on user request. Consequently monitoring would stop and you won’t succeed. Contrary to this, iKeyMonitor iPad tracking app works in a totally automatic mode which means it automatic by the user as well as a task manager. Despite being 100% automatic it is free from any kind of viruses or malware. So you can rest assured that the antivirus program won’t interfere in your spying.

Remote Control Panel of iPad Tracking App

Remote Control Panel is an online website designed by the makers of iKeyMonitor – mobile spy. This Remote Control Panel integrates with all the spying apps designed by Mobile Spy including iKeyMonitor iPad tracking app. This means you can remotely control the iPad keylogger without even being in touch with the device on which the spying app has been installed. You can turn on or off, monitor logs and control all other options of the iPad tracking app with this online control panel.

This means you can stay aware of activities taking place through your phone and monitor it even when you are away from it. When you are spying on your kids or employees’ device you don’t need to be physical in touch with the device or the person. All you need to do is to log in to your online account and track the device(s) connected with your account.

The Remote Control feature is great in case your phone or iPad gets lost or stolen. cell phone tracking app also has an IP tracking feature which will allow you to track your phone or iPad from your computer in case you have lost it. You may turn off monitoring when the device is with you and turn it back on when it is lost or stolen. In this way, you will be able to track everything done through your phone after it gets stolen. All these great features make iKeyMonitor your ultimate iPad tracking app.

The best part about Remote Control Panel is that it comes free with your iKeyMonitor license. No extra fees are charged.

To turn on Control Panel, here is what you need to do:

  • Configure your iKeyMonitor to send logs to your email address once it is installed.
  • Configure Amobile Spy Remote Control Panel on your iPad and connect it with your device according to the instructions provided on the website.
  • You are ready to track your iPad and turn monitoring on or off anytime you want.

With this great iPad tracking app, your iPad is totally safe and secure. iKeyMonitor provides the most secure and professional monitoring features for you. If you are seeking a secure way to protect your children’s safety online or keep an eye on your employees’ online activities, why not try iKeyMonitor?


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