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Best iPad Parental Control App to Set Time Limits on iPad 2022

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iKeyMonitor, as the best iPad parental control app to set time limits on iPad, is of great help for parents who hope to control kids’ iPad usage. Nowadays an increasing number of young teenagers are spending much more time in front of iPads than with their family. They prefer to use iPad to watch movies, play video games, or chat with the unknown. iPad spy app may be used to limit children’s time spent on the iPad.

As parents, are you worried that their child is taken away by iPad? Will their study and growth be influenced by iPad? Are you looking for a way to restrict their iPad usage? If yes, you can try iKeyMonitor.

Why Put Parental Control on Kids’ iPad?

There are several reasons that parents should put parental control on children’s iPad, which are listed in the blow.

Psychological and Physical Harm

Blue light from iPad screen not only influences the eyesight but also does harm to children’s brains. The porn and cyberbullying on the Internet may influence children’s psychology. And children may become socially awkward due to a lack of communication with others in real life.

Study Distraction

How can kids concentrate in class if they are distracted by continuous messages from apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter? Likewise, it’s also common to find kids indulging in surfing the Internet at home when they are supposed to finish homework.

Losing Self-Control

The iPad-addicted children may lose self-control gradually. With all attention paid to iPad screen, kids may not realize when they should rest, study, sleep, or go to school! All they care about is to watch movies, play games, send and receive instant messages via iPad.

Obviously, it’s urgent and necessary for parents to limit iPad screen time. But it’s rude and harsh to take iPad directly away from children’s hands, which may result in more fierce conflicts between parents and children. Therefore, some parents look for helpful iPad tracking apps. But how can they choose the most suitable one? iKeyMonitor makes it possible for parents to restrict children’s iPad usage without physical access.

iPad Parental Control App Features

Take a look at the key features of iKeyMonitor and you will be amazed by how iKeyMonitior iPad parental control app limits the screen time on iPad.

Lock or Unlock Screen Automatically

Parents can set a timer to lock or unlock screen, web filter, or app filter automatically. This feature is especially useful for those who are busy with work and unable to spend too much time managing kids’ iPad usage.

Set Time Limit for Any App

Parents can set time limits on iPad like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram and more. For example, parents can choose to block Facebook during homework and bedtime if children often check the updates on Facebook so that they cannot control themselves well.

Time Amount of Screen Time

With iKeyMonitor, parents can make restrictions on the time amount of iPad screen. For instance, kids may be able to use iPad for 0.5 hours during the school day and 1 hour at the weekend. The iPad screen will be locked once the limited time is up.

By setting time restrictions on iPad, iKeyMonitor offers an easy way for parents to control kids’ iPad usage, which is also acceptable for kids. If your kids are addicted to iPad games or apps and cannot focus on study, you might as well try this iPad parental control app – iKeyMonitor, which does make a great difference!


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