iPhone Tracking App: Guide Kids to Use iPhone Properly 2024

The iPhone tracking app, which works well to help iPhone users record all things happening on their iPhone, is increasingly in demand for today’s people. How has tracking app for iPhone played an increasingly important role in modern life?

Why Is iPhone Tracking App Needed?

Katheleen, who is in her 20’s, uses an iPhone, but she finds that it is difficult for her to control herself not to use her iPhone. Commonly, she found herself constantly using her iPhone to surf the Internet, do shopping online, chat with friends, watch videos and more no matter she is at work or at home.

Still, Katheleen’s use of the iPhone was moderate compared with that of younger colleagues. In fact, it is a very common phenomenon in our modern society. There is an ironic thing: people invented these high-tech products such as the iPhone just in order to make our daily life more convenient, and make our communication easier and faster, but now it seems that people spend too much time on the iPhone. An iPhone monitoring software comes into being in order to help you track all things happening on the iPhone. First and foremost, we can see what the iPhone tracking software can do for us.

What Can iPhone Tracking App Do?

The iPhone spy app is one of the most powerful iPhone keyloggers, which is able to help you monitor and record all activities done on the target iPhone, such as entire keystrokes typed, messages received and sent, emails composed, web sites visited and more. This keylogger for iPhone works well to track all things users do on the iPhone, including what web pages are viewed, what content is entered or searched online, what text messages are received and sent. In this way, you can easily get all detailed information about what the iPhone users are doing every day. The key features of iKeyMonitor iPhone tracking app are listed in the below. Take a look and you will find it amazing!

  • Record keystrokes and passwords typed
  • Record both in and out call history
  • Record sent & received SMS
  • Log both-sides WhatsApp messages
  • Log URLs of websites visited in Safari
  • Capture screenshots at a preset interval
  • Receive and view logs remotely via Email
  • Monitor all on iPhones automatically
  • Remotely control the monitoring status
  • Password can be set for the protection

The iPhone tracking app is well-featured for people to know what the users do with their iPhone. People especially parents can make full use of this iPhone spy app to get all their behavior on the iPhone so as to teach and guide the iPhone users to use their iPhone considerately. For parents, it is a unique iPhone spy app which can help them  to keep tabs on their children on the iPhone no matter when and where the children are.

iKeyMonitor is keen on keeping and making your phone to be as safe as possible from the outside world, thieves and invaders. iKeyMonitor have come up with the feature of GPS tracking that will help you track your iPhone. ilostfinder is an anti- theft app that is designed to give you a chance to get your lost phone back.

How to Configure iKeyMonitor Spy App?

  • First you need to get the app installed on your phone.
  • After installation, go to your phone settings and look for the ilostfinder app.
  • You will need to configure it and provide the necessary details such as e-mail address and so on.
  • Go to General Passcode lock in settings and set a passcode for your spy app.

How Does iPhone Tracking App Work?

After configuring the application, all you need to do is let the application do its job. This must be frustrating for those who have lost their mobile phone because of carelessness. However, if you have already installed iKeyMonitor phone spy application on your lost iOS and Android devices, you can quickly and easily retrieve your lost device. Its GPS tracking feature allows you to remotely monitor the historical and current location of lost devices via the online panel. You can even catch a thief who stole your device.

You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to enjoy this feature. It works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Just download it on your device and use the steps listed above to configure it.

Why Is iPhone Tracking Software Useful?

Why is it so important to use the iPhone tracking software? When you find that your iPhone has been stolen, dozens of thoughts may race through your head all at once. Anger, worry, surprise, sadness are all likely to pop up in your mind. It is far more than a loss of money, many people think, but a loss of some precious photos and information. Now there is a useful way for all iPhone users to track the exact position of your lost iPhone – installing the phone tracking app on your iPhone.

1. Locate your iPhone by tracking the GPS location

iKeyMonitor is the best iPhone spy app on the market nowadays which works efficiently on your iPhone to locate where your iPhone is by tracking its GPS location. The tracking software for iPhone works well in helping people find their lost or stolen iPhone. Once you have installed the tracking software on your iPhone, the GPS location of your iPhone can be uploaded at a time interval with a link to the Google map which you can click and open to check where your iPhone exactly are. And the Google map uploaded will tell you the exact position of your iPhone, so it is easy for you to get it back.

2. Help you locate your children and protect them

Apart from helping you get your iPhone back, the tracking software for iPhone also plays an important role in helping people locate your children and protect them no matter where they are. Because you can easily get the exact position of your children from the GPS tracking software, you can know where they are or if they lied to you. For example, if your children tell you they are visiting a friend’s house that you approve but instead go somewhere you told them not to go, you can quickly know all truth with this iPhone spy software.

Especially youth, most of them have their own iPhone and often use it to chat with friends, surf the Internet and more. Parents can hardly control their behaviors even though they are at home. The iPhone tracking app not only tracks the exact location of your iPhone but also provides powerful parental control for all parents who want to keep your children’s activity on their iPhone under your control. It acts a perfect parental control software to help parents record all SMS and call information, visited websites, viewed photos and videos, all social networking activity, email activity and much more. Almost everything they do with their iPhone will be recorded by this spy software for iPhone, so it is more convenient for every parent to take care of your children’s activity on their iPhone.


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