Help Kids Use iPad Properly with iPad Keyboard Logger 2024

As parents, have you ever thought of using iPad keyboard logger to keep an eye on your children’s iPad activities remotely and automatically? With the introduction of iPad, it has opened a path for an improved web experience for everyone. It plays more and more common role in people’s free time. Today millions of people are using iPad all over the world to do everything you can imagine such as watching videos and photos online, chatting with friends, reading books, taking photos and much more. At the same time, a big problem – online security or online privacy comes into being with the wide use of iPad. An iPad keylogger occurs on the market to help you deal with the problems timely.

What Is iPad Keyboard Logger?

The Keylogger for iPad is also called as the iPad keylogger that is able to record all keystrokes typed on the target iPad, such as online searches, email composed, passwords, posts, comments, messages typed on Facebook and more. Apart from those mentioned above, it also can log the visited web sites, pasted text, chat messages, and capture screenshots, send all logs via email or FTP remotely.

  • Record keystrokes and passwords typed
  • Record both in and out call history
  • Record sent & received SMS
  • Log both-sides WhatsApp messages
  • Log URLs of websites visited in Safari
  • Limit Screen Time on iPhone
  • Capture screenshots at a preset interval
  • Receive and view logs remotely via Email
  • Monitor all on Android phones automatically
  • Remotely control the monitoring status
  • Password can be set for the protection
  • Record voice messages on iPhone

How Does iPad Keyboard Logger Guide Kids’ Online Behavior?

In this part, you will see what iPad keyboard logger can log and record. And you will find that it’s really a useful parental control tool!

Know What Kids Are Seeking for

The iPad spy app assists you to keep records of all keystrokes typed so that you can know everything your kids surf on the Internet. As we all know, many kids are addicted to surfing the Internet so you can know what your kids are interested in, or what they are usually seeking for if you want to know more about them and find the way how to teach them first.

Figure out What Kids Are Watching

Things online are so exciting and happen quickly in the world of the Internet so your kids can watch a lot of things worldwide. A very dangerous thing is videos online, why? Today’s Internet is more open than ever, so many bad things are flooding on the Internet now, such as the adult web pages, violent videos, blooding movies and more. The iPad spy software can record all URLs of visited web pages so that you can figure out what your kids are watching online. By this way, you can know how to guide them view right pages timely.

Track Social Networking Activities Clearly

Social networks are so popular and have a great effect on people’s lives. Many kids begin to post their thoughts every day, photos, even videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and share these with their friends. And they also chat a lot with their friends online. The iPad keyboard logger can help to record all these things they do on their social networks clearly, which makes it easier for you to make the rules for your kids.

According to what has been mentioned above, it’s rather meaningful to know what children do on their iPad with a useful monitoring tool. With an iPad keyboard logger at hand, you can easily monitor children’s activities online and protect them safe from potential danger in advance!


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