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iKeyMonitor for parental control

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Friday, September 6, 2019 @ 07:51:37 am

Bought my daughter a smartphone recently and it completely took over her life. I was tempted to take it away because she spent hours on end on it and i couldn’t tell whether she was using it for mischief. I thought it would be unfair to yank it away because she always claimed she used it for researching and reading online articles. So we agreed that she could keep it as long as she would agree to us installing a monitoring app. After an extensive review of the pros and cons and user reviews of several apps, we settled on iKeymonitor

It does the basic monitoring as long as there is good internet. The installation is quite easy and fast. I installed it on an android device that was not rooted but it still worked. I got call logs, some call recording, sms logs, photos. 

iKeymonitor has some great features that no other software provides on android devices that are not rooted. What i loved most was the call recording. Most other software require rooting for this feature on android devices. The recording was crisp and clear almost like i was in the conversation. It records the whole call too until when the call is disconnected. You get both ends of the conversation quite clearly. Other features included:

Keystrokes – when this feature worked it was golden. You get keystrokes from most applications and even websites visited.

Whatsapp – I got recordings of whatsapp conversations. I didn’t expect this and was quite surprised by it. It works like a charm too.

Geo-fencing – The feature allows you to map out a geographical area where you expect your child to operate in during her daily activities. If the child steps out of the area you get alerts and can act accordingly by reaching out to the child to find out where they are headed.

iKeyMonitor has worked for me as a parent especially where wifi was available. It provides me with some assurance that my daughter is not exposed to external influences. The app filter, web filter, geo-fencing and alert words features have been especially helpful because it means i do not have to spend every second checking on what my daughter is doing. I can just set up the alerts and filters and wait for notifications. This also means that my daughter has some privacy and i only get involved whenever the rules agreed on for use of the smartphone are broken.


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