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iPhone Spy Stick vs. iPhone Spy Software 2023

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iPhone spy stick and iPhone spy software have become the commonly used tools by parents to check what children have done on their iPhones. Obviously iPhone has become the most popular smart phone for people to communicate with others, however, more dangerous factors emerge as well.

  • Did you find that your daughter often plays her iPhone till the midnight?
  • Why does your son spend so much time on his iPhone?
  • What has happened to him?

Maybe because of these questions, the ways to spy on iPhone are searched frequently on the Internet. When it comes to monitoring an iPhone, the most difficult problem is to recover and get the data deleted by the iPhone user. Here are two different ways – iPhone spy stick and iPhone spy software, which helps those people who want to keep track of what happened on the target iPhone.

Differences of iPhone Spy Stick and iPhone Spy Software

Although iPhone spy app and iPhone spy software are commonly used by users, what are the differences between them? Which one is better for keeping tabs on the activities on the selected iPhone?

iPhone Spy Stick

iPhone spy software makes it easy to recover the deleted text messages, contacts, call logs, web histories, calendar tasks and more, which gives you the ability to know what web pages are viewed, whom the iPhone user contacted with and more. Besides, it is also simple to operate. By connecting the iPhone spy stick to the USB port of your computer, and after several minutes, you can get the recovered information such as the web visits, text messages, call logs and more.

Whenever you want to know the iPhone activity, you need to get the iPhone at hand, connect the iPhone spy stick to the USB port and then take some time to transfer the information. This is neither stealthy nor convenient.

iPhone Spy Software

However, using an iPhone spy software program is different. spy software for iPhone is a kind of iPhone monitoring tool that can be installed on the target iPhone to keep track of the actions performed on the iPhone. It automatically starts working on the target iPhone in stealth mode, so no one else except you will notice it.

To view logs with iPhone spy software, you just need to get the iPhone once to install the iPhone spy app on it, and all logs will be recorded and sent secretly to the appointed email address or FTP space at the time interval you set. In this way you can view logs in remote locations via computers or smart phones.

iKeyMonitor is the best iPhone spy software that logs keystrokes typed, websites visited, SMS text messages sent and received, both-side WhatsApp messages, social networks, videos watched online and more. Get iKeyMonitor and spy on iPhone remotely and secretly right now!

Why Not Use iPhone Spy Stick?

After the comparison above, obviously a good iPhone spy software program which requires less physical access is much better than an iPhone tracking app. For instance, you want to check whether your children have visited inappropriate websites which may contain porn, violence, or adult content, but you don’t want your children to find that you are doing so. Teenagers are sensitive and they highly value their privacy. They may get crazy and angry if they find that you are checking their iPhone activities with iPhone spy stick. iPhone spy software is a good choice for those parents who hope to monitor secretly.

If you want to keep an eye on your children’s mobile activities remotely, such as call history, web history, keystrokes and passwords entered, contacts, social media activities and more, maybe iPhone spy software better suits you rather than iPhone spy stick. And iKeyMonitor iPhone spy software is the best choice for you.


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