Best Keylogger for iPad – How to Install Keylogger on iPad 2024

Want to find the best keylogger for iPad? Since the iPad has attracted and influenced many Apple fans, an iPad keylogger has become the tool parents and employers seek. Don’t worry, iKeyMonitor free iPad keylogger can help you monitor your kids or employees.

Why Do You Need A Keylogger for iPad?

Many times, you find yourself needing to understand people’s true motives. Perhaps it is to protect and guide your children or supervise your employees’ work. If they have iPads, iKeyMonitor’s free keylogger for iPads will tell you the truth behind them.

Parental Control

If you are worried about your children’s online safety, a keylogger can be a powerful tool. iKeyMonitor tracks every keystroke in the specified apps so that you can see exactly what your children are doing. You will be able to protect your children from inappropriate content on the Internet, such as content related to drugs, suicide, gambling, etc.
parental control

Employee Monitoring

If you are an employer, keystroke data can be used to monitor employees to ensure productivity and minimize your business risks. Can you ensure your employees will not leak valuable information to your competitors? With iKeyMonitor iPad keylogger app, you will have peace of mind.
Monitor Your Employees

The Necessity of Installing iPad Mini Keylogger?

It is very important and essential for people to install an iOS keylogger app, especially since the iPad mini was released and has become more and more popular in our fast and modern life. With a smaller, thinner, and lighter design, it allows people to hold it in their palms and stash it in their bag without taking the extra iPad bag, which is more convenient to take and use. What’s more, it also provides a perfect experience to people as big as iPad, so more and more people prefer to use it to surf the Internet, watch videos, play games, and much more.

Of course, it brings many benefits to users. However, many activities when people begin using their iPad mini may get them into trouble.

For example, many teens love to use iPad mini to share photos and videos on their social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Many people make new friends online without being alerted. Actually, it is reported that many predators are always waiting online to take advantage of those who are easy to cheat. They also get a lot of private information that threatens and harms them online, which are all dangerous but true things happening in the real world.

What Does An iPad Mini Keylogger Do for You?

The iPad Mini’s ultra-thin and light design is far more intimate and booklike than the original larger iPad, which is also why it quickly occupies the market and becomes more and more popular in our lives. Likewise, attention should also be paid to the security of the iPad Mini. iPad Mini Keylogger is the most professional spy software for iPad Mini that can be installed on your iPad Mini to monitor all things happening on it so that you can keep all things done on the target iPad Mini under your control. Because more and more people like to surf the Internet with iPad Mini, iPad Mini spy software is also increasingly in demand for its professional online protection. Now, let’s look at what the iPad Mini keylogger can do for you.

  • Record all keystrokes typed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    iPad Mini Keylogger records all keystrokes you type on your keyboard, which helps you record almost everything you do on your iPad Mini, such as recording all kinds of passwords you type, emails you send, and chat messages you send.
  • Record text messages pasted
    iPad Mini keylogger can also record all text messages pasted on the iPad Mini, which allows you to know more about what they do if the iPad Mini users like to copy and paste content.
  • Record web activity
    Web activity monitoring is the most important and necessary feature for people who want to guarantee the security of the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini Keylogger records all websites that are visited in Safari, so you will know exactly if your kids have viewed some unhealthy websites such as porn web pages, violent videos, and more.
  • Capture screenshots
    The iPad Mini spy also captures screenshots of your iPad Mini, which helps you learn more about what users do with it. For example, when iPad Mini users are watching videos or viewing photos, the screenshots can help you record everything they do by taking a picture of your iPad Mini screen.
  • Complete protection Guaranteed
    The iPad Mini Keylogger runs every time the iPad Mini starts and works in a completely Automatic mode, so all logs are recorded automatically and secretly. Users can find spy software working on their iPad Mini. Besides, for better protection, you can also set a password if someone wants to enter the software. So, this keylogger for iPad Mini provides complete protection for all users.

How to Install iKeyMonitor Free iPad Keylogger?

  1. Sign up for a free plan and install iKeyMonitor.
    sign up
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. You can go to Logs to check iPad activities.
    iPhone spying logs

Log iPad Activities with iKeyMonitor iPad Keylogger

iKeyMonitor iPad keystroke logger records the entire keystroke history on the target iPad. This encrypted log of captured keystrokes will be automatically sent to your email for you to view and download. Here are some benefits of using iKeyMonitor:

Capture Screenshots on iPad to Detect Suspicious Photos

iKeyMonitor allows you to remotely take pictures of the target iPad screen. You can log in to the cloud panel to check if there are suspicious photos.
Capture Screenshots

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on iPad

iKeyMonitor gives you insight into what your children typed on their iPads. You can view chat app keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, website URL keystrokes in the cloud panel.
iPad keystroke

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on iPad

iKeyMonitor enables you to set up keyword alerts on the target iPad. If your children enter the warning word on their iPads, you will receive instant email alerts.
get alerts

The New Features of iPad 3 Keylogger

Keylogger for iPad 3 – iKeyMonitor’s iPad 3 Keylogger, which will record keystrokes, websites, screenshots, and send logs via Email/FTP, will be available soon.

Apple introduced the new iPad – the third generation of its category-defining mobile device on March 7, 2012. There are many favorable features of the new-generation iPad 3. Let’s check out:

  • Faster Processing Speed
    The new iPad 3 has a faster processor than any of its predecessors. Apple uses A5X chip processing power in order to ensure the smoothness and fluidity of iPad 3.
  • Retina Display Capability
    The iPad 3 with a higher resolution is much more possible, and processing makes everything you do on the iPad more responsive, including editing photos and playing games.
  • Wi-Fi and 4G
    The iPad 3 is built-in with Wi-Fi and 4G to boost connectivity around the world. Users can download content and browse the web quickly and easily.
  • Better Battery Life
    Although the new iPad has faster processors and higher resolutions, Apple still promises 10 hours of power to read, watch, play, write, and create whatever users want.

The new iPad has been of great attention and will be appreciated by families and individuals. Then here is the question that many parents and guardians are concerned about: Is there an iPad 3 Keylogger available for my new iPad if I would like to monitor my kids? The answer is “Yes”. iKeyMonitor will get a major update to make it better compatible with iPad 3 and offer more features. The iKeyMonitor iPad 3 Keylogger will be able to:

  • Log Keystrokes pressed
  • Record pasted content
  • Log Websites visited in Safari
  • Capture screenshots in any interval
  • Send logs to Email/FTP automatically
  • Secretly Monitor in automatic mode
  • Work on iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch
  • Work with Password Protection

This iPad 3 Keylogger will be available soon. However, you must jailbreak your iPad 3 before installing iKeyMonitor – the iPad 3 Keylogger.


iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPad allows you to accurately understand what is happening around the target iPad. And all of these will not send any prompts to the user. It has more than 30 monitoring functions that can tell you everything that happens on your children’s iPads. It is especially good at reading IM messages such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, LINE, etc. In addition, it monitors GPS, email, photos, and many other apps. Sign up and start logging now!


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