Best iPad Keylogger App Free Download

iKeyMonitor, a powerful iPad keylogger app, performs well in recording the activities on iPad as a confident digital parental tool. It enables parents to well monitor what kids do with their iPad such as the online searches, keystrokes, and passwords typed on iPad, websites visited in Safari, social networking activities, screenshots and more. Make Full […]

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Help Kids Use iPad Properly with iPad Keyboard Logger

As parents, have you ever thought of using iPad keyboard logger to keep an eye on your children’s iPad activities remotely and invisibly? With the introduction of iPad, it has opened a path for an improved web experience for everyone. It plays more and more common role in people’s free time. Today millions of people […]

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iPad Keylogger: Tell You How Social Media Affects Kids Badly 301

What’s the top iPad keylogger? The social media refers to a website or the technology that allows people to write, share, evaluate, discuss, and communicate with each other. It is a tool or platform for many people to share opinions, experience, and information. With the increasing number of people surfing the Internet, social media has […]

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Find Out If Kids Are Bullied With iPad Keylogger Free 301

How iPad Keylogger Works? 301

iPhone/iPad Keylogger Hits the Market

iKeyMonitor, iOS Keylogger for iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch and any other iOS devices, released on February 17, 2012. iKeyMonitor aims to monitor and track the user activities taken place on target Apple devices. This iTouch/iPhone/iPad Keylogger is becoming another significant product for Apple users. The main logging features of iKeyMonitor include tracking websites, printing screen and […]

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Keylogger for iPad Helps You Dig Out the Dark Sides Online

How to find the best keylogger for iPad? The iPad has become the new favorite for both adult or young kids because of its excellent performance. Increasing people prefer to use it to surf the Internet, play games, watch videos, chat with friends and more. It seems that it is very difficult for parents to […]

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iKeyMonitor v3.3.0-64 Released

iKeyMonitor v3.3.0-64, stealth keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that logs keystrokes, passwords, SMS, WhatsApp, websites and more, released on October 26, 2013. What’s New? Improved the FTP delivery feature To offer iKeyMonitor users with smoother log delivery experience, the FTP uploading feature was improved. The iPhone/iPad/iPod keylogger users now can use the customized […]

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iKeyMonitor v2.1.0 Released

iKeyMonitor v2.1.0, iOS keylogger for iPhone, keylogger for iPad/iPod Touch and any other iOS devices, released on April 27, 2012. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v2.1.0? Added the multi-language support in iKeyMonitor interface, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Added Web Portal support for remote monitoring turn-on […]

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iKeyMonitor v2.2.1 Released

iKeyMonitor v2.2.1 – The only Keylogger app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and any other iOS devices with remote control panel released on May 15, 2012. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v2.2.1? Improved the algorithm of log update to enhance user experience Fixed the bugs that may cause iOS device freeze Fixed some other small bugs The update […]

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iKeyMonitor v2.0.0 Released

iKeyMonitor v2.0.0, iOS keylogger for iPhone, keylogger for iPad/iPod Touch and any other iOS devices, released on April 10, 2012. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v2.0.0? Added the feature of Password recording Improved the algorithm of keystroke capture Optimized the update rate of keystroke logs Improved the intelligibility of keystroke logs Fixed some other small bugs. […]

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iKeyMonitor v1.7.0 Released

iKeyMonitor v1.7.0, Keylogger for iPad, Keylogger for iPhone and iPod Touch and any other iOS devices, released on March 28, 2012. iKeyMonitor v1.7.0 provides some improvements, including: Optimized the detection algorithm of keystrokes Added the support of keystroke recording from SMS and Email. iKeyMonitor – iPad/iPhone keylogger is fully compatible with iPad 1, iPad 2, […]

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