spy app for iphone : iPhone 8/iPhone X Spy App: Everything You Need to Know

With the release of the iPhone 8/iPhone X, how to find a reliable iPhone 8/iPhone X spy app to spy on iPhone 8/iPhone X seems to be a concern for parents because the iPhone 8 is being courted by the young generation, especially teenagers. You know how difficult it is to control modern teenagers, but […] Tags: , , , , , , ,

spy app for iphone : Easily Record WhatsApp Activities with iKeyMonitor

Recording children’s WhatsApp activities has become a necessity for many parents. People these days, especially the teens, youngsters and middle aged people are more exposed to Internet and its disadvantages than any other generation. Many parents worry about the advanced technologies and easy availability of numerous smart phone applications that ruin the life of the […] Tags: , , , , ,

spy app for iphone : Track iPhone Messages with Best Spy App

If you want to track iPhone messages, then you need to use spy app such as iKeyMonitor which is especially available for that purpose. Today most of the parents want to know what their children are doing in their smartphones and with whom they are in contact. Similarly most of the employers want to know […] Tags: , , ,

spy app for iphone : iKeyMonitor Spy App for iPhone/iPad v4.3.0-11 released

iKeyMonitor Spy App for iPhone/iPad v4.3.0-11 is a bug fix release for iKeyMonitor users. iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone and iPad v4.3 also enables users to know the direction of the chat logs with From(sent by others) and To(sent by the user) marks. Added From/To direction of Chat logs. Fixed a bug that Monitoring Status […] Tags:

spy app for iphone : iKeyMonitor v3.9.0-51 Released

iKeyMonitor for iOS v3.9.0-51, an invisible spy app that works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, was released on March 3, 2015. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v3.9.0-51? Fixed the crash issue in call history page Fixed some minor issues The spy app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch stealthily performs keystroke logging, call logging, SMS […] Tags: , , , , , ,

spy app for iphone : How to Keep Track of Child’s Text Messages on An iPhone?

How can I keep track of my child’s text messages on his iPhone? Is there any program to record his iPhone activities? iKeyMonitor is an astonishing spy app with which you can track text messages of iPhone. It comes as a boon for those people who want to monitor their children, employees and devices of […] Tags: , , , ,

spy app for iphone : How to Download A Free Keylogger on Someone’s iPhone

Hi, there. I was just wondering how I can download a free keylogger on my kids iPhone that will be able to record every single keystroke pressed. My son has an iPhone 5s. Is there a way I can back up or view his text messages? You can use iKeyMonitor. Just download and install this […] Tags: , , , ,

spy app for iphone : App to Spy on iPhone – the Good and Bad Sides

Installing an app to spy on iPhone can be used for good and bad intentions. iPhone is by far the single most popular phone in the world today. Everyone, from millionaires to street vendors in Africa, can be found sporting them with obvious pride. The wide availability of the phones, and the vast number of […] Tags: , , ,

spy app for iphone : What Can You Do with Spy App for iPhone?

iKeyMonitor, a powerful Keylogger for iPhone users, logs for you what people do with the iPhone, where he/she is and make a record of his/her iPhone activities. Since IMs, SMS, E-mail and online chat with iPhones have been frequently used to communicate with people, iKeyMonitor is highly recommended to watch your kids or supervise your […] Tags: , , , ,

spy app for iphone : iKeyMonitor v2.2.2 Released

iKeyMonitor v2.2.2, the only app/web-based spy key logger for iPhone, iPad/iPod Touch and any other iOS devices, released on May 24, 2012 What’s new in iKeyMonitor v2.2.2? Improved the performance and speed of log loading. Added limit of maximum 1000 records to SMS logs. Old logs will be deleted when limit reaches. Added the support […] Tags: , , , , , , ,