What Can You Do with Spy App for iPhone?

Why Use An iPhone Spy Program

iKeyMonitor, a powerful spy app for iPhone users, logs for you what people do with the iPhone, where he/she is and make a record of his/her iPhone activities. Since IMs, SMS, E-mail and online chat with iPhones have been frequently used to communicate with people, iKeyMonitor is highly recommended to watch your kids or supervise your employees. It will send reports to your Email address or upload logs to your FTP account in regular time, which does you a favor to check logs anytime and anywhere. Now let’s see what iPhone spy application can do for you.

Useful Features of Spy App for iPhone

Now with iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone, you can discover the truth by monitoring someone’s smartphone. It offers a lot of useful features and a free trial version. You can try it before you buy it.

1. Logging Sent and Received SMS and Keystrokes

No matter how great and hard your employees try to hide activities to you, phone spy software will make a detailed record without letting them know. Now you are quite clear whom your employee is talking to and what they are talking about, hence the logs lead you to figure out what the truth is and determine if your employees revealed any confidential info or not.

2. Logging Websites Visited in Safari

Employees and kids may delete the browsing history if they visited questionable websites. Spy App for iPhone will draw out the website logs on Safari to give you information on what kinds of websites they visited so you can figure out what they did on the Internet.

3. Sending Logs to Email/FTP Automatically

The logs that record almost all the activities of your employees and kids on the iPhone will be sent to your preset Email/FTP automatically so you can check them anytime and anywhere as you prefer. On the other hand, you can also backup the logs as an evidence.

4. Secretly Monitoring in Stealth Mode

iKeyMonitor can ensure you that the whole monitoring iPhone monitoring software process is running 100 percent invisible which will not show up in your App list, settings page or any icons on your iOS device so you can monitor your kids without being perceived.

5. Recording Passwords Entered on iPhone

If your kid forbids you to access to their iPhone, Spy App for iPhone can do you a big favor by recording passwords entered on the iPhone, which helps you make a further dig for your kids by knowing their passwords of iPhone, credit card, E-mail box and the like.

6. Spy App for iPhone is Password Protected

You can take it easy to the whole iPhone monitor process, for the logs sent to you are protected by a password which guarantees that you are safe and secret with the logs and no one else can access to them.

It is really necessary to use iKeyMonitor – an excellent and trusting spy app for iPhone software – to get the details happening on the iPhone, thus removing your doubts and worries.


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