How to Restore/Recover Deleted SMS Messages on iCloud? 2024

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It is a tricky problem how to restore/recover deleted SMS messages on iCloud.Technology has given us many advantages. One of the best inventions is mobile phones. We use iOS or Android phones to communicates, check emails, sending SMS, clicking pictures, watching movies, listening to songs and much more. Apart from doing voice calls, we often communicated through sending SMS. Sometimes, we send various types of information through messages like contact numbers, address, codes and so on. Through text messages, we keep track of some important conversation with other people. There are many chances that we lose track of messages due to iOS upgrade. Sometimes, we delete them accidentally. If you want to get deleted text messages back, here are three convenient ways for you:

Recover Deleted SMS Messages through iCloud or itunes

Recover on iCloud

  • On your iOS device, click settings and then General
  • Click Reset and erase all content and settings
  • Wait until the erasing process completes
  • Restart your iOS device
  • On app & data screen, click iCloud backup
  • Restore your device

Restore through iTunes

Most of the people have a habit of backing up through iTunes. Apart from iCloud, you can also recover deleted text messages on iPhone through iTunes: For that, you need to plug in your iPhone to your computer,

  • Go to iTunes and click edit
  • Click preferences and then devices
  • Prevent syncing iPhones, iPods, and iPads
  • Click Ok

(When syncing your iPhone with iTunes, you can also permanently delete the messages if you don’t want to recover them again.)

iKeyMonitor Helps You Restore Your Deleted SMS Messages on iCloud

iKeyMonitor is also another way for recover deleted SMS messages from your iPhone. You can install this app on your device. This app can record keystrokes, calls, passwords, Chat messages, SMS and much more. It comes with an invisible monitoring feature that assures that no one can find it easily. If someone is using your device for sending SMS or anything and delete it, this app lets you recover those deleted messages. Even you can keep an eye on your kids’ activities by installing this app on their devices. It becomes easy to monitor the activities of your kids or employees. All of these can help you find out the complete truth about their use of their iOS or Android devices.

Apart from that, this app also recovers chat messages from Skype, WhatsApp, Viber Kik, Line, Hangouts, Facebook etc. There are many apps through which we can chat with our friends. We send or receive messages from them. With iKeyMonitor, all messages that you receive or send will be recorded and can recover them in case you accidentally delete the text messages.

What Makes iKeyMonitor the Best App to Recover Deleted SMS Messages on iCloud?

  • Log the date when the messages are sent or received.
  • Keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Record the phone numbers of the senders or recipients clearly.

So, download this app now and recover your lost data easily without putting much effort. It is easy to restore/recover deleted SMS messages on iCloud or you can recover them through iKeyMonitor.

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