Best WhatsApp Tracker – How to Track Someone on WhatsApp 2024

What’s the best WhatsApp tracker? Want to spy on WhatsApp messages for free? Today, WhatsApp is still the preferred app for messaging, calling, video chat, and voice chat. If you want to track someone’s WhatsApp, you can use a WhatsApp tracking app such as iKeyMonitor.

Why Do You Need A WhatsApp Tracker?

Have you ever worried about whom your children talk to on WhatsApp, or do your employees share company secrets with competitors on WhatsApp? If so, you need to track WhatsApp messages. iKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracker app enables you to remotely track WhatsApp activities without being discovered.

Parental Control

As children spend more and more time pasting on WhatsApp, you need to monitor their WhatsApp messages. iKeyMonitor whatsapp spy app allows you to see who your children are talking to, what they are talking about, and even the pictures and videos they send. iKeyMonitor serves as a tool to prevent your children from engaging in dangerous behaviors on WhatsApp.

parental control

Employee Monitoring

Use iKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracking software on the company’s phones, and you can track the conversations between employees and external parties. This is very important to ensure the use of company property for commercial purposes. iKeyMonitor allows you to set up keyword alerts and track media files shared by your employees.

Monitor Your Employees

How to Use iKeyMonitor WhatsApp Tracker?

  1. Sign up for a free plan and install iKeyMonitor best WhatsApp tracker.
    sign up
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. You can go to Logs > Chats > WhatsApp to view the WhatsApp messages on the target device.
    whatsapp chats

Track WhatsApp Activities with iKeyMonitor WhatsApp Tracker

iKeyMonitor WhatsApp chats tracker allows you to remotely view incoming and outgoing messages and multimedia on WhatsApp. iKeyMonitor will record the messages and upload them to a secure online Cloud Panel for future use.

Capture Screenshots on WhatsApp to Detect Suspicious Photos

iKeyMonitor allows you to take screenshots of WhatsApp activities on the target device, including chat messages, photos, and videos. It can also capture screenshots of touch operations or when alert words are detected in WhatsApp.

Capture Screenshots

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on WhatsApp

iKeyMonitor tracks keystrokes typed in WhatsApp on the target device, including pasted text, so that you can clearly understand what will happen on the target device.

keystrokes on iphone

Monitor Chats on WhatsApp to Detect Suspicious Messages

iKeyMonitor enables you to monitor whatsapp messages sent and received on the target device in detail. You can check WhatsApp messages to see if your children are chatting with strangers.

monitor whatsapp messages

Record WhatsApp Calls to Ensure Your Children’s Safety

iKeyMonitor allows you to remotely record WhatsApp calls on the target device. It automatically records the conversation and uploads it to the secure Cloud Panel for convenient listening later.

record calls

FAQs about WhatsApp Tracker Free

How Can You Track Someone on WhatsApp?

With iKeyMonitor best free WhatsApp online tracker, you can easily track someone on WhatsApp. It allows you to monitor sent and received text messages, capture screenshots of WhatsApp chats, logs keystrokes entered in WhatsApp, WhatsApp calls, and more.

Does WhatsApp Tracker Really Work?

Yes. iKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracker free download works well on the target phone. You can use it for tracking WhatsApp activities after installation.


The Internet is a dangerous place. You need to track WhatsApp chat on your children’s phones to avoid potential harm or dangers. With iKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracker, you will be able to track the WhatsApp activities of your children. This will help you ensure their online safety. Sign up and start tracking!

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