Best WhatsApp Tracker – How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages for Free

WhatsApp Tracker – How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp tracker helps you to track the most advanced messaging app in the world. Whatsapp is the most commonly used messaging application, although there are messaging features in almost all applications with the same structure, such as using emojis, removing message, turning off read recipients, or updating statuses are available.

Still, WhatsApp is the most preferred app for messaging, calling, video chatting, and voice chat, etc. This is the reason if you want to get in touch with the details with whom your spouse, daughter, son, or foster kid is messaging mostly, all you need is WhatsApp tracking software.

What Is WhatsApp Tracking Software?

Track WhatsApp messages

Software that allows you to track WhatsApp messages is known as WhatsApp tracking software.

Keep records

Tracking means, you can keep track of the WhatsApp contacts, messages, and media shared through the app. The software is best to spy on kids mobiles because you don’t know to whom your kid is talking.

Get screenshots

However, a good WhatsApp tracker sends you screen and video shots of the WhatsApp screen. You can read messages and check stuff shared through WhatsApp. It gives you complete bits and bobs of the WhatsApp of the person you are tracking.

Things WhatsApp Tracker Can Do

No matter what, whatever you want to get from the mobile, WhatsApp tracker software allows you to do. The best thing that tracker software does for you is:

1. Track WhatsApp Messages

Yes, the application you use works as a WhatsApp chats tracker. You can find out to whom your kid or teen had talked. You can Track WhatsApp Messages of the sender as well as receiver. The tracker keeps record of the whatsapp chats that even been deleted. Most of the time, WhatsApp is used for contacting all the contacts. Hence, you will have no need to go through other social media apps in order to find out what your kid is doing with his or her mobile.

2. Track WhatsApp Media

A WhatsApp chats tracker not only brings you textual chats but media chatting and voice messages as well. What type of pictures and how many of them were sent to whom, can all be tracked by using WhatsApp tracker. Well, wherever we go and to whomever we meet, the first thing we do is take pictures. After that we share them through our WhatsApp with people who were with us during going to the places. Hence, when you get media details, you can find out about the places where your kid had been. You can also track to which they talked, and what type of activities they performed.

3. Track WhatsApp Contacts

The best WhatsApp tracker also give you bits and bobs of the contacts. It means, you will not only WhatsApp Chats and Media shared, but complete detail of the people added on the WhatsApp of your kids and teens. By doing so, you can even see the block list of WhatsApp of your kid. You can see to whom your kids have blocked and save them from any sort of dangers.

4. For How Long WhatsApp Been Used

If you want to track the time, your child spent on mobile while chatting to their friends and contacts, the best WhatsApp tracker gives you details regarding this as well. It gives you details, when your kid came online, what type of internet connection he or she used, to whom he or she talked, and all with this, how long he spent on WhatsApp. Even if the last seen feature from the mobile is hidden, still you can track when your kid was last online.

5. Track WhatsApp calls

All with this, WhatsApp tracking software allows you to listen to recordings of the calls, your kid made through WhatsApp. You know that landline or mobile calls are not free but when you a mobile is attached to WIFI connection, that’s easily available everywhere, he or she can make free calls from WhatsApp to WhatsApp. Therefore, most of the calls are made through whatsapp. Therefore, you can say to whom your kid talk to mostly and at which time and can save them from any sort of danger.

iKeyMonitor Is the Best WhatsApp Tracker

Well, basically, a WhatsApp tracking software works in the following ways:


By capturing the screen in pictorial and video both forms. Such as, it sends screenshots on your mobile taken on various times when your kid was using mobile.

Receive all call logs

It will send you videos of the screen when your kid was talking on video or audio call. It means, there is nothing on the mobile of your kid that’s hidden from you. You are well aware of all the activities of your kids.

Why Choose iKeyMonitor WhatsApp Tracker

Well, the best benefits you will like about WhatsApp tracking software are:


By using privacy feature, you can hide the icon of the WhatsApp tracking software from mobile of your kid. It means the child won’t even know that you have installed this software in his or her mobile. By this, they won’t be able to complain to you about tracking their mobile or apps like WhatsApp.


Convenience means the convenience of using the best WhatsApp tracker. By using the Internet, you can receive tracking data at home or on any device at work. It supports all types of devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. In addition, once you log out of the device, the software will no longer send data to the device.

Well, sometimes parents feel guilty about using WhatsApp tracker because they think they are conservative and don’t trust their children. This is not true. You are tracking other chats on WhatsApp and your child’s phone to avoid any harm or danger. The internet is a dangerous place. Children follow dangerous dangerous trends for adventure. However, these adventures can even hurt them. So by using tracking software, you just keep them from danger.


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