Free SMS Tracker App without Installing on Target Phone

SMS tracker is a monitoring application which enables you to track SMS messages of your kids and employees. iKeyMonitor SMS tracker app not only enables you to spy on SMS text messages, but also allows you to monitor iMessages, call logs, call recordings, website visited, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, social chat conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Hike and more. iKeyMonitor free SMS tracker is designed for parents and employers who want to monitor the mobile activities of their kids and employees.


Why We Need Remote SMS Tracker?

Today’s online world is too complicated. Everyone is connected to social media and their phone. Spying on someone other’s phone has been in human mind for a long time. Sometimes you have to spy on his or her phone. It does not mean that you have any evil intention. Everyone has his personal reasons as it is possible that you want a SMS tracker app that can inform you about messaging history of your kid. If you are an employer and want to keep a record of your employee’s activity in the workplace, SMS tracker is a must have app for you.

How Can SMS Tracker App Save Your Day?

If you want to buy or try something, your first ask how this thing or service can be beneficial for you. So, the question is how a remote SMS tracker for Android can help you? The answer is different for different users according to their status. If you are a parent who wants to know the activity of your kid, then it can be an effective way to study your kid’s behavior.

If you feel that your kids are cheating on you, then you can use free SMS tracker app without installing software on target phone to find out the truth. If you are a boss and your company’s secrets are being leaked out, then you can use SMS tracker to find out the mole in your organization. The reasons behind its use can be different, but at the end, these apps can save you from some big troubles. If you can sort out the problem before a significant loss, you should be thankful for SMS tracker app.

How to Use Free SMS Tracker App without Installing Software?

  1. 1. Sign up

    Sign up for a 3-day free account of iKeyMonitor SMS tracker.

  2. 2. Log in Cloud

    Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor to the target Android phone or add no-jailbreak spy for iPhone / iPad.

  3. 3. Install iKeyMonitor

    Install iKeyMonitor and activate it with your license key(No need to install for iPhone/iPad no-jailbreak spy).

  4. 4. Start Spying

    Start using SMS tracker for free.

What Can iKeyMonitor SMS Tracker Do?

As the name of the app shows, you can monitor nearly anything related to the messaging on any phone. Once iKeyMonitor is running on the phone, you will get continuous information about the contacts who are being texted, the messaging texts and time of messages. In simple words, you can see what other person is up to and what they are planning. You can see the chat history of both sides and can get a better idea of the whole situation with this single SMS tracker app. iKeyMonitor is a unique app that you can be used to read the messages sent and received on the phone. So if you want a SMS tracker with all of these options, then iKeyMonitor is a perfect choice for your needs.

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