The Parent’s Guide: Is Discord Safe for A Child?

The Parent’s Guide: Is Discord Safe for A Child?

Discord is a chat app specially designed for video games. Discord is not safe for children anyway. On this platform, children can enjoy their favorite online games while sending or receiving voice or text chat. Children can easily communicate with other participants of the game and fully enjoy the game. When children’s views are inconsistent, they usually cause controversy and further lead to unnecessary bullying. Therefore, you should follow some guidelines to protect your children from the harmful effects of the Discord app.

What Is Discord?

Discord is an IP voice app that allows children to talk to other children while playing online games. In addition to basic functions, children can perform many other operations on this app. When children find someone with the same frequency and attitude, they can make friends.  These are some features of the Discord app:

1. Meet Friends

When playing games, children make friends and meet them when they log in to the game. Generally, everyone knows that if children have something in common, they will be mixed with other children. Here, children can immediately use Discord to connect with other participants. Kids make friends through this Discord chat app.

2. Effective Play

Participants’ communication during play makes the game interesting. The children began to feel the reality in the game when talking with collaborators. The children share their every move in the game with their companions to win the game. This realistic feeling brings great fun to the children.

3. User-friendly Interface

Children like to use this application because it has excellent comfort features. The Discord app is neither complicated nor technical because it is a toy-like product that can quickly convince children. Therefore, it was welcomed by the children.

Is Discord Safe for Child?

The Discord app has set the minimum age to use the app to 13 years old. According to the network team, it has various terms and conditions and ensures that only children over the age of 13 can play the server age. Only when a child uses this app under the proper supervision of an adult can it be considered safe. But the truth is, you can’t always provide supervision for your children at all times. Therefore, it is not safe for children to use the Discord app without any supervision. The following are reasons why the Discord app is not safe for your children:

1. No Official Age Verification

When children register using the Discord app, there is no proper procedure to check their age. The poor verification process led children under the age of 13 to easily enter this chat platform.

2. Cyberbullying

If the communication between the children is controversial, it will lead to bullying. At any time there may be a high risk of using bad words, unethical speaking, etc.

3. Adult Content

Children may engage in adult chats, such as sex, pornography, etc. Children do not need to search for adult content, and obscene words with pornographic images will appear within 15 minutes after logging in. For children under the age of 18, this situation is very dangerous.

How iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Discord?

If your children have already started using the app, monitoring of the application becomes necessary. But you cannot be with your children all day. Therefore, you can use the monitoring tool to easily monitor the Discord app. iKeyMonitor is a parental control tool that enables you to take measures to protect your children online. Here is how iKeyMonitor monitors Discord app:

1. Monitor Chat Apps

It monitors chat messages sent and received on social media. You can monitor Discord, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and so on. You can remotely view these chat messages in your mailbox to protect your kids on time.

2. Record Keystrokes

It records the keystrokes on the target device. You can check the monitoring records to see if your children are being bullied on the Discord app. This way you can take timely measures to protect your children from harm.

3. Detect Installed Apps

It allows you to view the complete list of apps installed on your kid ’s device. You can check this list to know if your children secretly installed and used the Discord app. If you find that your children have downloaded the inappropriate apps, you need to prevent your children from continuing to use them in time.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is an excellent parental control application that many parents around the world are using. It ensures that your children are protected from the dangerous effects of the online world, especially apps like Discord. Using this monitoring tool, you can take corrective actions against your children ’s incorrect behavior. The following are the main functions of iKeyMonitor:

1. Block Apps and Games

It helps in blocking inappropriate apps and games. You may find it difficult to convince children about the harmful effects of an app so it is better to block them using this tool.

2. Capture Screenshots

With iKeyMonitor, you can get screenshots of your children ’s devices. You can easily view these screenshots to understand your children’s online activities and protect your children from online threats.

3. Screen Time Limit

It provides a screen time limit function that allows you to limit the use of your children ’s smartphone. You can set the screen time between your children ’s sleep time, mealtime, and learning time. Therefore, you can keep your children away from mobile phone addiction.

Therefore, you must know that the Discord app is absolutely unsafe for your children. However, if your children have already started using the app, the best way is to use a monitoring tool like iKeyMonitor and regularly monitor their online activities.


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