Parent’s Guide: Is GIPHY Safe to Your Kids?

GIPHY Parental Controls

Whether it’s about short videos, looping videos, stickers, or GIFs, all of them are available on GIPHY. Kids can easily access stickers, search any topic, category, or phrase, and it displays a large number of GIFs, stickers, emojis related to the search. Children can share these stickers on different social media channels. Sometimes there are suggestive mature themes in this app. If your children are using this app, then you definitely need to be cautious and find ways to protect them.

What Is GIPHY?

GIPHY is the world of GIFs and stickers. If you want to use this app, you need to allow it to access your camera. You can view sample scenes in the app, and then select the scenes of GIFs or stickers to add. You can find many favorites, choose your favorite gifs, and then share them on social media platforms.

the GIPHY App

  • It is an entire library of GIFs (short, looping videos) and stickers that are easily accessed via smartphones.
  • It lets users search any number of topics, categories, and phrases and will display a wide selection of GIFs, animated stickers, and Emojis.
  • It has an age rating of over 17 years, which means that kids over 17 can only access the app.

GIPHY app data

Is GIPHY Safe for Your Kids?

You need to know that GIPHY doesn’t just contain GIFs. It also provides many short 30-second videos, which are very interesting. There are many GIFs with beautiful animated stickers created by many creative people. However, some of these creations are crude humor and may have a bad effect on your children. Therefore, you must know this app in detail to provide the necessary protection for your children. Here are some facts about GIPHY:

Adult Themes

The app often provides some adult themes to users. If your children are using GIPHY, the adult content may be harmful to them.

adult themes


Some of the cartoons used in the GIFs depict violence which may harm the growth of the brain of your children. Though there is an age limit of using this app that is 17 years.


Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use

Your children will see people smoking, drinking, or using drugs on GIPHY. Talk to your children about how smoking is harmful or how drinking alcohol can get people into trouble and let them know that they should stay away from these substances.

Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use

How to Protect Kids from GIPHY?

Now, when you already know the harmful effects of GIPHY, you need to take appropriate steps to protect your children from the app. The first thing is, if your children are less than 18 years old and still using the app, then you must sit down and discuss how they use it. In addition to this, you can change the settings of the app and set preferences. These are some steps that you can take to protect children from GIPHY:

Talk to Your Kids

Have an appropriate conversation with your children about GIPHY. Tell your children that GIPHY is dangerous and teach them how to protect themselves online. Develop a smartphone guide for your children and explain what types of apps they can download.

talk with kids

Check Their Phones Regularly

You need to make rules to regularly check your children’s equipment. Check to see if strangers have contacted your children so that you can take timely measures.

check phones

Set Up Parental Controls on Children’s Phones

Today, many smartphones offer parental control settings. You can set up parental controls on your children’s devices to limit the usage of GIPHY. You can also limit the time they use their phones, which apps can be used, and so on.


Use A Parental Control App

Use a parental control app such as iKeyMonitor to monitor the stickers and gifs your children used on GIPHY. With iKeyMonitor, you can also block other apps and games that you think are inappropriate on your children’s devices.


Set Up System Built-in Parental Controls on Children’s Phones

Nowadays, both Android and Apple devices provide parental controls that can help you protect your children from things they shouldn’t watch or experience online. Check out the two guides below to protect your children from online dangers.


Monitor GIPHY with iKeyMonitor Parental Control App

You can use iKeyMonitor to keep track of your children’s GIPHY activities. iKeyMonitor offers multiple parental control features for you to use. It allows you to monitor call history, text messages, GPS locations, and so on. Here are the ways that iKeyMonitor helps you monitor GIPHY:

Capture Screenshots on GIPHY to Detect Suspicious Photo

iKeyMonitor regularly takes screenshots of mobile activities, including photos, videos, chat apps, and visited websites, iKeyMonitor can intuitively display your children’s operations on GIPHY. You can see which gif/stickers your kids used and what type of terms they searched for.

giphy messages

Block GIPHY to Protect Your Kids

The iKeyMonitor app blocker can restrict apps and games on the target device. You can always block GIPHY, limit the screen time for bedtime or homework, and set the maximum daily usage time. In this way, you can protect your children’s eyesight and keep them away from GIPHY.

block GIPHY

Set Screen Time Limit on GHIPY

iKeyMonitor supports limiting the screen time on your children’s devices. This feature allows you to limit the time children spend on GIPHY, and you can freely block this app at certain times, such as bedtime and homework time.

time limit

Keylogger Tracks the Searched Terms on GHIPY

The iKeyMonitor keylogger tracks all keystrokes typed on GIPHY, including the pasted text, so you can clearly know what is happening on your children’s devices and whether you need to take steps to protect them.


Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on GIPHY

With this feature, you can receive notifications immediately when your children perform dangerous or inappropriate operations on GIPHY. In this way, you can take measures to protect your children from potential danger.

get alerts

As a responsible parent, you should discuss the potential dangers of using GIPHY with your children and tell them to protect private information. You can use the iKeyMonitor monitoring tool to check your children’s online activities and easily block such apps. Download iKeyMonitor and start monitoring now!


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