Top 7 Teen Dating Apps Every Parent Should Know 2024

Teen dating apps are growing in popularity among kids and teens. However, even if dating apps help connect people, they are not 100% safe. Unfortunately, dating apps can expose your teens to inappropriate content, sexual predators, and other problems. So let’s talk about the top 7 teen dating apps and sites you should know about as a parent.

1. Tinder – Famous Online Teen Dating App

By far, Tinder is the most popular dating app for teens. It gives you a list of potential matches. On Tinder, you can swipe right to connect with people you like, or you can swipe left to “reject” a person. Once you’ve matched someone, you can message them directly on the app. The minimum age to use Tinder is 18, but teens have been known to bypass this requirement.

  • Target Age: 18+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of Tinder:

  • Left and right “swiping”
  • Send messages to matches
  • Face-to-face video chat

Dangers of Tinder for Teens:

  • It’s easy to create “fake” profiles.
  • Sexual predators may lurk on the app behind fake identities.
  • In many countries, Tinder is only used for sexual hookups.

iKeyMonitor Tinder Protection for Teens

  1. monitor tinder messages
  2. Capture live screenshots of Tinder video chat
  3. Block Tinder app
  4. Set time limits for Tinder

2. Bumble – Free Dating App for Teens

This free teen dating application is known for encouraging women to take their first steps. For this reason, teens, especially women, may feel that the app gives them more control. Unfortunately, this can give teens a false sense of security. Once connected, men can chat at will. It has a swipe design; if you are interested, please swipe right; if you are not interested, please swipe left.

  • Target Age: 18+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of Bumble:

  • In-app activities
  • Quiz games
  • Direct messages and video chat

Dangers of Bumble for Teens:

  • Bumble is NOT designed for kids or teenagers.
  • Bumble has led to incidents of stalking, sexual assault, and rape.

iKeyMonitor Bumble Protection for Teens

  1. Monitor outgoing Bumble messages
  2. Capture screenshots of Bumble messages and video chat
  3. Log keystrokes entered in Bumble
  4. Block Bumble app
  5. Set screen time limits for Bumble

3. MeetMe – Online Dating App for Teenages

With MeetMe, you can find like-minded people near you. Over the past few years, over 100,000,000 users have created accounts on MeetMe to find friends. Unlike some other teen dating sites that require users to be 18, MeetMe has a minimum age requirement of 13. This means that there are a lot of minors on the site. Users can chat with each other or select the “Quick” feature to meet in real life as soon as possible.

  • Target Age: 13+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of MeetMe:

  • Text and video chat
  • Live streaming

Dangers of MeetMe for Teens:

  • The site is full of sexually explicit content.
  • It gives predators the opportunity to exploit children under the age of 18.

iKeyMonitor MeetMe Protection for Teens

  1. Monitor text and video chat on MeetMe
  2. Capture screenshots of live streaming
  3. Block MeetMe app
  4. Set restrictions for MeetMe

4. Happn – The Most Used Teen Dating App

Happn is the fourth most used teen dating app in the world. Like most services that use geolocation, people who have crossed paths with you and have profiles on Happn will literally appear on your timeline. This will give you the opportunity to connect with them. You can find people close to you through your account and send requests to people you are interested in. If it’s mutual, you can chat.

  • Target Age: 17+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of Happn:

  • Based on real-time location
  • Send voice messages
  • Set in-app statuses

Dangers of Happn for Teens:

  • There is nothing to verify age on Happn.
  • This app has sexual content that’s inappropriate for kids and teens.
  • On Happn, you may come across creepy users with whom you might have crossed paths.

iKeyMonitor Happn Protection for Teens

  1. Record voice messages on Happn
  2. Capture screenshots of chat conversations
  3. Block Happn app
  4. Set time limits for Happn

Yubo is a dating app designed for teens. You can think of Yubo as a teenage version of Tinder. Yubo lets teens create profiles, browse images of other users near them, and express their appreciation or disapproval by swiping right or left. It groups users by location and common interests. You can add filters and emojis to make conversations more interesting.

  • Target Age: 13+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of Yubo:

  • Private messages
  • Public live streaming

Dangers of Yubo for Teens:

  • Anyone between 13 and 25 can join a public live stream.
  • There is no age verification, so predators can easily create fake profiles, watch live streams and interact with teenagers.

iKeyMonitor Yubo Protection for Teens

  1. Monitor private messages on Yubo
  2. Take screenshots of public live streaming on Yubo
  3. Block Yubo app
  4. Set time limits for Yubo

6. Skout – Teen Dating App & Website

Skout is a teen dating app and website that groups users by location. This app allows users to connect and meet new people. It has many great features that allow you to stream, watch other streams, and access updates from your local users. Unlike other teen dating apps that require users to be 18, you only need to be 13 to join Skout.

  • Target Age: 13+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of Skout:

  • Shake to Chat
  • View live-streaming video

Dangers of Skout for Teens:

  • It’s easy for minors and adults to connect.
  • There is no formal age verification system.
  • Personal information can be easily disclosed on this app.

iKeyMonitor Skout Protection for Teens

  1. Monitor chats on Skout
  2. Capture screenshots of live-streaming video on Skout
  3. Block Skout app
  4. Set time limits for Skout

7. MyLOL – Free Teen Dating Site

MyLOL is a teenage dating app for users between the ages of 13 and 19. This app is one of the most popular dating sites in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. The service has over 300,000 members worldwide. At MyLOL, you can create profiles, upload photos, and search for people to start chatting with. Its chat option allows you to chat with people you already connect with and add new friends.

  • Target Age: 13-19
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Features of MyLOL:

  • “Shake” your phone to start a conversation
  • Direct messages
  • Text and images

Dangers of MyLOL for Teens:

  • Many users post nude and erotic images on MyLOL.
  • Chat topics may include drugs, alcohol, and violence.
  • Review sites report a high risk of predators.

iKeyMonitor MyLOL Protection for Teens

  1. Monitor direct messages on MyLOL
  2. Capture screenshots of images sent and received on MyLOL
  3. Block MyLOL app
  4. Set time limits for MyLOL

Potential Risks of Using Teen Dating Sites

Connecting with a potential lover on popular online dating apps can be fun and exciting for young people, but it can also come with potential risks. While most kids today are tech-savvy, they may not be safe. Here are three potential risks of using teen dating sites:

  • Not everyone is what they say they are. Predators, in particular, lurk on dating apps, posing as teens for sexual images and videos, and even tricking kids into meeting them in real life for their own desires.
  • Pictures can reveal a lot. Pictures can reveal bits of information about a user’s location — even if you don’t actually tell the app where you live. It can be harmful if someone with bad intentions knows where your kids are.
  • These apps promote sex. Your kids may not think about sex. They may just choose to use online teen dating sites to meet friends and develop pure relationships. But things can quickly get out of hand online. It’s easier to say what you want to say through words than in person, so the relationship can develop quickly.

How to Find Out If Your Teens Are Using Dating Apps?

If your kids are using a free dating app like Tinder or pretty much any online dating site for teens, chances are they’re keeping it a secret. So how to find out? Here are two methods that work well:

Open up a Line of Communication

First, talk to your teens. Open discussion on why free teen dating sites can be dangerous. Specifically, explain that the stranger behind the dating app profile could be a malicious adult. Sometimes these strangers may send messages that contain inappropriate content, such as images, text, or links to adult-themed websites. Also, let your teens know they can ask you questions about dating, dating apps, and online safety.

Install A Parental Control App

A clever solution is to install a parental control app like iKeyMonitor. After installing, you can see which teen dating sites they’ve visited, check which teen dating apps they’ve installed, get instant alerts when certain teen dating apps are being used, and monitor who they’ve talked to.

FAQs About Teen Dating Apps

Is My Child Using These Dating Apps?

There is a foolproof way to check if your child is using these dating apps. The solution is iKeyMonitor parental control app. It allows you to see installed teen dating apps, read conversations on dating apps, and capture screenshots of dating app profile information. You also have the option to monitor your child’s location with real-time GPS tracking.

Can You Prevent Your Teens from Using Dating Apps on Their Phones?

Yes. You can use a parental control app like iKeyMonitor to prevent your teens from using dating apps on their phones. All you need to do is install iKeyMonitor on your teens’ phones and block specific dating apps.

How Do I Prevent Teen Dating Apps from Becoming Dangerous?

To prevent teen dating apps from becoming dangerous, you need to monitor which dating apps your kids are using. Luckily, iKeyMonitor free parental control app can help you monitor your kids’ online activities. With iKeyMonitor, you can block all the teen dating apps used by kids to protect them from potential dangers.


The above are the top 7 dating apps for teens. Teen dating apps have grown in popularity over the past few years. The upside of this situation is that teens are able to make new friends and acquaintances, but it also exposes them to other dangers. The most troublesome are violence, pedophilia, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content. Installing a parental control app like iKeyMonitor makes it relatively easy to track your teens’ online activities and whereabouts. Sign up and start protecting!


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