Top 99 Teen Texting Acronyms Every Parent Should Know 2024

Teen Texting Acronyms

Have you ever noticed your kids texting friends with unknown acronyms? How to decode teen texting acronyms? By now, texting acronyms like LOL and OMG are popular among teens. If you’re a parent of a teen, you need to know the abbreviations in their text messages. In this article, you’ll learn the top 99 teen texting acronyms and slang every parent should know.

Teenage Texting Acronyms: What Is an Acronym?

Acronyms are abbreviations made up of the initials of multiple words but pronounced as one word. Teens tend to use them everywhere online, especially on social media.

Teenage texting acronyms have become so popular because they allow teens to communicate instantly without typing long texts. Teenagers also know that their parents are always watching them. This is another good reason to use acronyms and slang terms in texts. If you’re one of those parents who keeps asking yourself, “What does FTF mean in texting?” or “What does KMS stand for in texting,” keep reading this article.

General Acronyms Used By Teens

  • AF: As f**k
  • AFK: Away from keyboard
  • AFAIK: As far as I know
  • ATM: At the moment
  • Bae: Significant other or crush
  • Bih: Short form of b*tch
  • BRB: Be right back
  • BTW: By the way
  • Cappin’: Lying
  • Dope: Something extremely cool
  • Fam: Friends
  • FINSTA: Fake Instagram account
  • F2F or FTF: Face to face
  • GB: Goodbye
  • GLHF: Good luck, have fun
  • IMHO: In my honest opinion
  • KMS/KYS: Kill myself/Kill yourself
  • OFC: Of course
  • OTP: On the phone
  • SMH: Shaking my head
  • TBH: To be honest
  • NMU: Not Much, You?
  • ILU: I Love You
  • HAK: Hugs And Kisses
  • IIRC: If I remember correctly

Casual Chat Acronyms Used By Teens

  • FOMO: Fear of missing out. Teenagers want to be involved in everything around them; when they can’t, they get FOMO.
  • Flex: It means to show off.
  • SUS: This word is used as an acronym for suspicious or suspicion.
  • Noob: Noob is a relatively new word that is popular among kids that play online games like PUBG, COD, etc. A noob is basically a person who is not good at their tasks.
  • Gucci: You might misunderstand this word with the brand Gucci, but in kids’ terms, this word means everything is good.
  • Swipe right: This term was made popular by Tinder. As on Tinder, you swipe right on someone’s profile that you like or approve. Kids also use this term when they have approved something.
  • A3: This simply means Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace.
  • 143: This code is decoded as I(1 word) LOVE (4 words) YOU (3 words).
  • 4EAE: It means Forever and ever.

Adult Alert Acronyms Used By Teens

  • CD9: Parents around/Code 9
  • KPC: Keeping parents clueless
  • POS: Parent over shoulder
  • MOS: Mom Over Shoulder
  • PIR: Parent in room
  • PAW: Parents are watching
  • PAL: Parents are listening

Sexual Abbreviations Used By Teens

  • ASL: Age/sex/location
  • CU46: See you for sex
  • Body count: The number of people someone has slept with.
  • Daddy: An attractive man, usually older, who conveys a sense of power and dominance
  • DTF: Down to f*ck
  • FBOI: F**k boy, a guy just looking for sex.
  • FWB: Friends with benefits
  • GYPO: Get your pants off
  • GNOC: Get naked on camera
  • Hentai: Graphic anime pornography
  • LMP: Like my pic/lick my p***y
  • LMIRL: Let’s Meet In Real Life
  • NIFOC: Nude in front of a computer
  • Smash: Means to have casual sex
  • Swoop: To be picked up in an automobile
  • Skeet: To ejaculate
  • TDTM: Talk dirty to me
  • Thicc: Having an attractive body
  • Thot: That ho over there, used instead of “slut”
  • WAP: Wet ass p*ssy
  • IWSN: I Want Sex Now

Teen Texting Acronyms for Drugs & Alcohol

  • 420: Marijuana
  • Broken: Hangover from alcohol
  • CID: Acid
  • DOC: Drug of choice
  • X/Bombs/Smacks: Ecstasy
  • Molly: Party drugs, Ecstasy
  • Turnt: To be high or drunk
  • The plug: One who supplies the drug
  • Poison: Alcohol
  • Wings/ Ice Creams/ Butter: Cocaine, Heroin
  • Idiot pills/Roxy/Lemonade: Prescription Painkillers

Party Slangs Parents Should Know About

  • Dayger: This texting term means the party is during the day
  • Rager: It means that there is a big party about to happen
  • Kick back: Kick back is used to describe a small party
  • OC: OC is a short form for Open Crib which means parents are not at home or at the party
  • WTPA: This acronym is used to ask the question, “Where is the party at?”
  • Throw down: Simply means to throw a party

Less Frequently Used Teen Slang Terms

  • 11:11: Popular time to make a wish
  • ASB: As balls. Example: I’m high asb.
  • Chad: A hyper-sexual young man
  • Chill: Relaxed or laid back
  • Coney: Slang for “penis”
  • CYA: “Cover your ass” or “see ya”
  • Dabbing: Refers to concentrated doses of cannabis; also a dance craze
  • Dongle: Slang for “penis”
  • HEAF: An acronym for “High Expectations Asian Father”
  • Hulk: A 2mg generic benzodiazepine bar, which is green
  • ILY: I love you
  • IRL: In real life
  • JK: Just kidding
  • OKURRR: Variation of “OKAY” made popular by rapper Cardi B who defines it as something that is said to affirm when someone is being put in their place
  • School Bus: A 2mg Xanax bar, which is yellow
  • SH: Sh** happens
  • SUFF: An acronym meaning “Shut up, f**k face”
  • Spam: A fake social media account
  • TDTM: Talk dirty to me
  • WUF: Where are you from?

What To Do If Your Teens Use the Above Texting Acronyms?

As a parent of teens, you’ve probably seen a lot of acronyms on their phones. While many of them are harmless, such as “sus,” “bet,” or “bussin,” some do pose potential threats. Teens are curious and like to try new things. If your teens are using inappropriate texting acronyms, here are a few things you need to do.

First, you can discuss the dangers of texting acronyms with them. Second, let them know that they can always ask you for help. Last but not least, you need to monitor your kids’ texts to see what they’re talking about.

The good thing about technology is that every difficulty or problem that arises has a matching technical solution. Sometimes teens use bad slang or slang that is at risk of cyberbullying, and parents should be aware of this. In this case, iKeyMonitor parental control app is a good choice for worried parents. When it comes to monitoring dangerous text codes on kids’ phones, iKeyMonitor would be of great help.

Monitor Teen Texting Acronyms With iKeyMonitor Parental Control App

Now you know a lot about the texting abbreviations used by teens online. But it is undeniable that the dangers are still there. If you want to stop your kids from sexting or keep them out of other troubles like cyberbullying, it’s not enough to know teen slang and acronyms. To ensure your kids’ safety on the Internet, you need to know exactly what acronyms they received and sent.

A proven solution is to use a parental control app such as iKeyMonitor. After installing iKeyMonitor on your kids’ phones, you can easily monitor their online activities. You might be wondering what features iKeyMonitor supports. Here, let me introduce you to some of its most parent-friendly features.

Monitor Teen Texting Acronyms In Chat Messages

With the chat message tracking feature, you can monitor sent and received text messages and social chat messages on your teens’ phones. If you notice signs of dangerous text abbreviations, try to approach your teens and talk about it.

Capture Screenshots of Texting Acronyms Used by Teens

The screen capturing feature helps you to regularly capture screenshots of online activities on your teens’ phones. After logging in to the cloud panel, you will see everything that contains dangerous texting acronyms. In this way, you will find out if your teens are at risk and if you need to take action.

Get Alerted on Any Suspicious Teen Text Slang

iKeyMonitor allows you to set keyword alerts on your teens’ phones. After logging into your account, you can set specific acronyms as alert words. You will be notified immediately when they use certain teenage slang words.

FAQs About Teen Texting Acronyms

Why Do Teenagers Use Acronyms?

Young people use hundreds of acronyms when texting. These abbreviations help shorten common phrases and encode information that teens want to hide from their parents. Some abbreviations may not be threatening to your teens, but others are extremely dangerous. So you must know which abbreviations your teens have used. Luckily, you can use a parental control app such as iKeyMonitor. With iKeyMonitor, you will be able to keep teens safe from sexting, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content.

How Do I Decode My Teens’ Text Messages?

To decode your teens’ text messages, you need to know what teen texting acronym they’ve used. You can install a parental control app like iKeyMonitor to monitor their texts to see if they’re using inappropriate codes. For more teen slang words, please visit our guide.


Since kids use teen texting acronyms every day, as a parent, you must be familiar with teen slang, abbreviations, and acronyms. You need to pay attention to what your teens are talking about and who their friends are. Plus, use iKeyMonitor to keep informed of your kids’ mobile activities. It is an effective way to track their texts, get alerted on any suspicious SMS, and detect explicit content sent or received on their phones. Sign up for a free account and start monitoring!

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