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How Can I Restore WhatsApp Backup from iPhone or Android? 2023

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How to restore WhatsApp backup from iPhone or Android is a problem which many people will encounter for deleting Whatsapp chat unintentionally. iKeyMonitor WhatsApp backup app enables you to restore WhatsApp backup by logging keystrokes entered in WhatsApp, capturing screenshots of WhatsApp chats, recording sent and received WhatsApp text messages, voice messages, and photos. Losing information seems huge trouble for our daily life or business. Follow the guide below, and you will find the answer to how can I restore WhatsApp chat history.

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup?

There are different methods that you can use to retrieve WhatsApp backup. Here we will use various techniques you can use for the process.

Backup from WhatsApp

In the recently installed upgrade WhatsApp automatically backup all the messages and media files that you have shared on your applications. Here is how you can recover the essential information.

  • Open WhatsApp, and you have to enter your phone number and wait for the verification
  • After the verification, you need to enter your name and pick a profile picture.
  • Once all the information is added, you will get the option of whether you want to restore chat backup in WhatsApp.
  • Select the option of yes and wait for a few seconds until your chat is restored into your device.

Use Restore Application

If you want to restore WhatsApp backup from iPhone or Android, there are chances that sometimes the original backup process will not work. In this situation, the only option that you will have is using the third-party application. You have to install the software on your laptop and connect your phone with it.

Start the scanning process, and you will get the information of all the files that you have shared so far. Once the WhatsApp files are accessible, select them and start the restore process. It might take a few minutes, to assure that you patiently wait. Once the restore is complete, you can easily view your WhatsApp chat backup. 

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup with iKeyMonitor

  1. 1. Sign up

    Sign up for a 3-day free trial of iKeyMonitor WhatsApp backup app.

  2. 2. Log into the Cloud Panel

    Log into the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor to the target phone or add no-jailbreak spy for iPhone / iPad.

  3. 3. Install iKeyMonitor

    Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key (No install needed for iPhone / iPad no-jailbreak spy).

  4. 4. Start Restoring

    Start restoring WhatsApp Backup on the Cloud Panel.

Why It Is Important to Restore WhatsApp Backup

You might have been wondering that why it is essential to restore chat backup in Whatsapp. The biggest reason behind it is that there are many information documents and media files that you have shared on WhatsApp. The copies of these files are not available on your computer, and your WhatsApp is the only source. Using the restore method is the only way you can protect the data.

Make sure that you restore WhatsApp backup from iPhone or Android with the method that you are most comfortable with. Do not waste your time and money on the fake software because they might steal your data. It is crucial that you conduct complete research on the software you are planning to use. Compare the rates, reviews, and rating of the company because it will give you the best idea that what they are providing and whether they are trustworthy or not. 


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