How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iCloud Backup? 2024

There are many people who accidentally delete their photos from their iOS devices, but they don’t know how to retrieve deleted photos from iCloud Backup. Once data is deleted, it is hard to get it back. There are many reasons behind this such as device broken/stolen, iOS upgrade issue, factory reset, jailbreak fails, or just mistakenly deleting. Whatever the reason may be, if you have backed up your data on the device to iCloud frequently, you can recover deleted photos through iCloud easily.

New Ways to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iCloud Backup

In order to restore photos from iCloud backup, normally, you have to restore iOS devices with the whole backup. Due to this, all data will be replaced with data available in the iCloud backup. If you don’t want this, we have come up with new ways to recover your deleted photos from iCloud backup without erasing or restoring. Follow these steps:

  • Upgrade the iOS device with the latest version
    On your iOS device, go to setting and check the version of your iOS. Select the general and then click on the software update. In short, keep your iOS device updated all the time.
  • Check the iCloud backup
    Click the setting then click the iCloud and select Storage & Backup. Check if iCloud backup shows or not at the end of the window. iCloud backup is shown if you have backed up your iOS device
  • Get your photos back from iCloud backup
    To retrieve deleted photos, click on setting and then click the General. Select the reset button and erase the content and setting. Click the setup of your iOS device. Go with the choice of restore from backup. A list will open and you can choose your backup and restore your photos from an iCloud backup. Finally, you will find your backed up pictures on your iOS device.
  • The Necessity to Create A Backup of Photos on iCloud

    A dependency of creating a backup reproduction of your documents on iCloud will save you from the most sudden and traumatic situations linked with the lost facts. It will take you a few minutes whenever you connect your iOS device to the pc. You may additionally do that once a month and you’ll be able to retrieve deleted photos from phone. Having achieved it, you’ll never worry approximately losing your treasured photographs and other documents. In case you want to recover the records from iCloud.

    The Best App to Recover Deleted Photos on iCloud Backup

    iKeyMonitor is a great monitoring app for iOS devices that works automatically, remotely spies on surroundings, Calls, Clipboard, Voice messages, Screenshots, Videos, Photos, SMS, GPS, Chats, Websites, blocks apps and games, Keystrokes, and limits screen time. You can install this app on your device or your kid’s device and track their activity. Through this app, you can secretly check logs, change settings and monitoring status on iOS devices. The best part is that you can block certain apps or set daily usage time to them. You can also set an option to save media files through Wi-Fi only.

    Finally, it is easy to retrieve deleted photos from iCloud backup if you have backed up your data on iCloud frequently.


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