Recover and Restore Deleted WeChat Chat History/Messages on iPhone and iPad with iKeyMonitor 2024

You may want to recover and restore deleted WeChat chat history and messages on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices when you regret deleting WeChat chat history or messages. Sometimes you may delete them because you are emotional or stressed or you have just accidentally deleted it. Is there an easy way of restoring deleted WeChat messages on your devices quickly? The answer is yes! iKeyMonitor will help you solve the problem entirely.

Use iKeyMonitor to Recover Deleted WeChat Chat History and Messages on iPhone and iPad

It seems impossible to restore lost WeChat chat if you’re going to look at it on the first glance. Surprisingly, there is a quick way to recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone. iKeyMontior iPhone/iPad spy no jailbreak helps you solve the problem quickly. You can retrieve all the data that you’ve lost in addition to the deleted WeChat history as long as you have used it in advance.

You need to have the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone or iPad, enable iCloud backup, and disable two-factor authentication on the targeted device. After that, you can use iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad spy no jailbreak solution to retrieve WeChat chat history and messages on the targeted iOS devices.

iKeyMonitor allows you to view the deleted WeChat activities on iPhone and iPad listed below:

  • Deleted WeChat messages
  • Deleted WeChat Voice messages
  • Deleted photos and pictures shared in WeChat

What You Can Restore Is More than Deleted WeChat Chat History and Messages

Although there are several apps in support of retrieving deleted WeChat chat history on phone, only a few apps are like iKeyMontior that can recover even more than WeChat data. iKeyMonitor is a professional monitoring and data recovering tool for iPhone and iPad. It also monitors and retrieves the activities on your phone or other people’s phones that you have the permission to monitor. Take a look at several outstanding and brilliant features in the below.

  • Recover deleted SMS messages
  • Restore deleted chats in Viber, Tinder, Line, and QQ
  • Retrieve deleted call history
  • Restore deleted voice messages in QQ, WhatsApp, WeChat
  • Recover deleted contacts

As an easy-to-use and versatile spy app, iKeyMonitor also enables you to use it as a spy app for iPhone and iPad. It can be used to monitor the chatting or messaging actions not just on your phone but also on your kids’. You can keep an eye on the mobile activities even when you are not around. Doesn’t it sound fabulous?

iKeyMonitor is packed with several recovering and monitoring features and the best software that you can use to recover and restore deleted WeChat chat history and messages on iPhone and iPad. If you want to find back the deleted WeChat messages and other important data on iPhone, you can try using iKeyMonitor in advance to make up for the mistakes.

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