How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone 2024

Do you want to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone? Are you looking for a powerful whatsapp call recorder? There are many simple ways to help you record VoIP calls. Check out the methods below to learn how to record WhatsApp calls on iOS.

Can I Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

It is absolutely possible to record a WhatsApp call on an iPhone. Although WhatsApp does not provide a native recording feature, third-party applications are available that enable you to record voice calls. However, it is not recommended to record WhatsApp calls secretly. If you wish to avoid legal repercussions, it is best to obtain the permission of all the individuals involved in the call beforehand.

The legality of recording WhatsApp calls on iPhone varies from country to country, so it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the laws in your jurisdiction. In some countries, it is legal to record calls as long as one party gives consent, while in others, all parties must give consent. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are in compliance with the law before recording any WhatsApp calls.

Can I Use the Voice Memos App or iOS Screen Recorder to Record WhatsApp Calls on My iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot record WhatsApp calls on iPhone directly using the Voice Memos app and iOS Screen Recorder. The Voice Memos app is designed for recording audio from the device’s microphone, while the iOS screen recorder can only capture what appears on the screen. Since WhatsApp calls are encrypted end-to-end, you cannot directly record the audio using these built-in features. In spite of this, it is possible to record WhatsApp calls on an iPhone using other methods.

How to Record a WhatsApp Call on an iPhone or iPad

Here are four methods you can use to secretly record WhatsApp calls on the target iPhone or iPad.

Use a Second Device to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

One method to record WhatsApp audio calls on an iPhone is to use a second device, such as another smartphone or a tablet. You can put iPhone in speaker mode during a WhatsApp call, then use the camera or voice recording app on another Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to record the conversation.

Use Your Mac to Record WhatsApp Calls

If you want to record WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone, you can use your Mac to do so. This method requires connecting your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable and using QuickTime Player to record the screen. With your iPhone connected to your Mac, open QuickTime Player and select “New Movie Recording” to record the video calls or “New Audio Recording” to record only the voice. 

  1. On your Mac, open QuickTime Player, then go to the File menu, and select New Audio Recording.
    New Audio Recording
  2. Place the Mac and iPhone close to each other. Press the mute button on the Mac keyboard.
  3. On the iPhone, make a WhatsApp call.
  4. Place the WhatsApp call in speakerphone mode.
  5. On the Mac, click the “Record” button in QuickTime.
  6. Have a WhatsApp call on speakerphone near the Mac.
  7. Click the “Stop Recording” button in QuickTime.
  8. Save the recording file in QuickTime Player.

Use iKeyMonitor on a Jailbroken iPhone to Record a WhatsApp Call

iKeyMonitor is a powerful and reliable monitoring application that allows you to record WhatsApp calls on a jailbroken iPhone, including voice calls, video calls, contacts, call dates, call duration, etc. Once installed on the target iPhone, iKeyMonitor runs in the background and automatically records all WhatsApp calls.

In addition, iKeyMonitor can help you record text messages, phone calls, websites visited, and chat messages on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat, and more. To start monitoring with iKeyMonitor, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the guide to jailbreak your iPhone.
  2. Sign up for a free iKeyMonitor account.
  3. Sign up for iKeyMonitor Restrict Access to Restrict Apps

  4. Log in to the cloud panel and download iKeyMonitor on the target device.
  5. Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key.
  6. iKeyMonitor will then automatically record WhatsApp calls in the background.

FAQs About WhatsApp Call Recording on iPhone

Q1. How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone automatically?

To automatically record WhatsApp calls, you can use the iKeyMonitor WhatsApp call recording app. Once installed, it runs in the background and automatically records WhatsApp calls on an iPhone.

Q2. How to record someone’s WhatsApp video call without them knowing?

You can record WhatsApp calls without them knowing by using a WhatsApp Call recorder such as iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor is the most powerful automatic WhatsApp call recorder app, which automatically uploads all recorded calls to the online cloud panel, allowing you to listen to them remotely.

Q3. How can I record a call on my iPhone for free?

You can record a WhatsApp call on your iPhone for free in many ways, including using a second device or your Mac to record WhatsApp video calls.

Q4. How to record WhatsApp calls remotely

You cannot record WhatsApp calls remotely. You need physical access to the target phone to record WhatsApp calls.


While there is no direct built-in feature on iPhone to record WhatsApp calls, there are alternative methods that can be used to achieve this. Whether it is using a second device, an Android phone, a Mac, or an iKeyMonitor WhatsApp call recorder on a jailbroken iPhone, it is important to ensure that you are in compliance with the laws in your jurisdiction and respect the privacy of others. Remember to obtain consent from all parties involved before recording any WhatsApp calls.


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