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How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone 2023

Do you want to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone? Are you looking for a powerful WhatsApp recorder? There are many simple ways to help you record VoIP calls. Check out the methods below to learn how to record WhatsApp calls on iOS.

Using QuickTime Player to Record WhatsApp Calls on iOS

  1. On your Mac, open QuickTime Player, then go to the File menu, and select New Audio Recording.
    New Audio Recording
  2. Place the Mac and iPhone close to each other. Press the mute button on the Mac keyboard.
  3. On the iPhone, make a WhatsApp call.
  4. Place the WhatsApp call in speakerphone mode.
  5. On the Mac, click the “Record” button in QuickTime.
  6. Have a WhatsApp call on speakerphone near the Mac.
  7. Click the “Stop Recording” button in QuickTime.
  8. Save the recording file in QuickTime Player.

Using Watusi to Record WhatsApp Audio Calls on iPhone

  1. First, install Cydia on your iPhone.
  2. Download and install Watusi.
  3. After installing Watusi, open Whatsapp, and hit Settings.
  4. You will see a Watusi Preferences option. Simply click on it and enable the record calls option.
    Use Watusi to Record WhatsApp Calls
  5. Now all your WhatsApp calls will be recorded and saved automatically. You can access them from the recent panel.


The above two methods can help you record WhatsApp calls on iPhone easily. If you want to record more activities, you can try iKeyMonitor. It allows you to monitor the conversations on popular social chat apps such WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Facebook and more. It works on both Android and iOS devices. Sign up and start recording now!


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