Record Phone Calls on iPhone with iKeyMonitor 2024

To record phone calls on iPhone with spy apps such as iKeyMonitor has become increasingly popular and easy. iPhone spy apps have become so popular in the world today that many software companies and software developers are working day in day out to ensure that they provide users with the best and up to date iPhone software. This development and popularity have made things easy for parents and employees at large. How to log phone calls on iPhone devices, and other mobile activities, such as messages, web history, and app usage with iKeyMontor?

Is there a way to record a phone call on iPhone? Of course, there is. iKeyMonitor is such a great way for you to monitor phone calls on iPhone. Although there are many spy apps out there to serve different monitoring purposes, iKeyMonitor for iPhone is an app that you wouldn’t want to let go if you need to record iPhone calls. If you are the parent whose children keep making suspicious calls or an employer whose employees are always on call during work hours, then you need to get yourself this awesome iPhone spy app, iKeyMonitor.

What Can iKeyMonitor Do to Record Calls on iPhone?

In order to record a phone call on iPhone, iKeyMonitor can quickly and efficiently monitor data from call history, chat logs, accounts and passwords, keystrokes, and phone conversations and avail it to your preferred email or FTP account. The records are accompanied with phone contacts, call time, call duration, and the nature of the calls. All this data can be viewed anytime with an Internet connected device. Note that iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app does all its operations in a silent mode.

Why Do You Need to Record Phone Calls on iPhone?

Why you need to record phone calls on iPhone is a question that many people know the answer, but refuse to take action. But for the few who don’t know why they should, here are some reasons why:

  • Parental Control
    Children of today are very witty and smart. Even if they are doing a wrong thing, they will never tell it to you straight. As a loving and responsible parent, you should take it upon yourself to ensure that whatever it is they need to be kept in safety. Those phone conversation maybe to a drug supplier, a morally rotten person who wants to take advantage of their innocence or even a bully. Be on the lookout for your children’s safety with iKeyMonitor for iPhone.
  • Employee Monitoring
    If you are an employer, you always need to be alert. You never know what those unending phones calls by your employees mean. They may be sharing delicate company information to one of your worst competitors. Be watchful and save your company from destruction by installing iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App

Besides recording phone calls on iPhone, iKeyMonitor iPhone spy software can also;

  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone
  • Keep Track of Web Activities
  • Record WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Line/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook Messages
  • Log Typed Chat Conversations
  • Monitor Social Networking Activity
  • Record Entered Email Content
  • Capture Screenshots Periodically
  • Track Cell Phone GPS Locations
  • Log Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos
  • Log Events in Calendar
  • Log All Contacts on iPhone
  • Block Apps/Games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store
  • Filter Inappropriate Websites like Porn/Phishing
  • Limit Screen Time on iPhone

In conclusion, get the best spy app for iPhone to record phone calls on iPhone for you to protect your children safe online or increase employee productivity. With iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app, you are able to monitor phone call conversations in a more efficient and discrete way. Besides, what you can do is more than record phone calls on iPhone since you also enjoy many other features.


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