How to Record High-Quality Viber Calls and Save Voice Messages on iPhone? 2024

Have you ever considered recording Viber calls and saving voice messages on your children’s iPhone? Your daughter, who just turned 16, received her first iPhone for her birthday and now, you are left wondering how your teenager will take it from there. Will she entertain strangers when they try to communicate with her? Will she engage herself in an “online relationship”? It may sound snooping, but is it possible to record calls and voice messages on Viber?

Why Should You Record Viber Calls and Save Voice Messages on iPhone?

While smartphones bring a lot of benefits for people nowadays, it can also be a way for criminals and fraudsters to engage their victims in crooked activities. Children, being the most vulnerable, need close supervision at the time they can operate your gadgets. Teenagers should be monitored to; especially their social media accounts and mobile communication apps like Viber.

Equipping their devices with smart technology allows you to manage your children’s smartphone activities, and record Viber calls on their devices if necessary. This way, you can better guide them in knowing how to be more responsible people and protect them from law offenders, as you launch them into adulthood.

According to the GuardChild’s compilation of Child Internet Crime and Abuse statistics, 86 percent of the girls that responded said they could freely chat online without their parents’ consent, 57 percent could gain access to their parents’ e-mail, and 54 percent could have an online relationship. By installing yours and your children’s iPhones with a control and monitoring app like iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy, you can now limit their access to your browser and communication apps. It also lets you effectively track and record mobile app calls and voice messages. In this way, you can still be in control over your own, and your children’s device usage.

Record Viber Calls and Save Voice Messages on iPhone with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy app is specially designed to effectively integrate with the sophisticated iOS operating system. With this app, you can now scrutinize the messaging and call related functions and apps of you or your children’s smartphone. It also allows you to record Viber calls and save audio messages through iPhone.

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App not only records mobile app calls, but also saves voice messages received on iPhone. This unique feature is actually the first of its kind in the market. It can also access the mobile phone’s browser and monitor web activities, filter access to porn and phishing sites, and track social media activities. The app is jam-packed with features that allow you to protect your children from unlawful and inappropriate online activities, and also teach them about the responsible use of the internet.

By giving your children their own devices, you start teaching them responsible ownership and accountability. However, we know that crooks and opportunists are just lurking around for potential victims, and your children could be one of them. iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy app can give you the peace of mind while your children achieve the benefits of technology through smartphones. So why not record Viber calls and save voice messages on iPhone with iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app?


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