FaceTime Spy App – How to Record FaceTime Calls? 2024

What is FaceTime spy app? Can you spy on FaceTime? FaceTime spy app is a monitoring app that allows you to spy on the target Apple devices. As FaceTime becomes more and more popular, it is important that you have a way to monitor FaceTime calls, especially those related to your children and businesses. Using a spy app like iKeyMonitor to record FaceTime calls, you will know exactly what’s happening on your children’s or employees’ devices.

Why Do You Need To Use a FaceTime Spy App?

In recent years, FaceTime has gradually become a well-known video calling app. This means that children and employees are using them at home, school, and office. Although FaceTime brings convenience to people’s lives, it may also pose a threat to children or the company. Online predators and cyberbullies may contact your children through FaceTime. Some disloyal employees may sell company information for money. To protect your children and company secrets, you can use a FaceTime call recorder.

Parental Control

As a parent, it’s crucial to know what happened on your children’s mobile devices, especially with the spread of technology like the iPhone and iPad. With iKeyMonitor FaceTime recording tool, you can find out whether your children are keeping contact with strangers. protect kids

Employee Monitoring

Do you suspect your employees of making FaceTime calls during work hours? Are you worried about your employees sharing company secrets via FaceTime? Don’t worry, FaceTime spy software helps you record FaceTime calls and you can take timely measures to protect company interests. Monitor Your Employees

How to Record FaceTime Calls?

Here are the steps to help you record FaceTime calls on your Mac.

Using QuickTime to Record FaceTime Calls on Mac

  1. Open QuickTime from the launcher or from Applications.
  2. Select File and New Screen Recording. New Screen Recording
  3. Select the small down arrow labeled Options next to the record button within QuickTime. options
  4. Select MacBook Microphone. MacBook Microphone
  5. Go to the File section and choose Quicktime Player. Quicktime Player
  6. Open FaceTime to set up your call.
  7. Select QuickTime to record the entire screen or drag and drop to record just a portion of it. record the entire screen
  8. Click the Record button when you’re ready. Record
  9. When the call is over, click the Stop Recording button in QuickTime.
  10. Select the stop recording icon once done. stop recording icon
  11. Click File in the Menu bar. Select Save.
  12. Name your recording, and select where you wish to store it. Click Save.

Use iKeyMonitor to Spy on FaceTime on iPhone or iPad

  1. First, register for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor FaceTime spy app. sign up
  2. Next, log in to the Online Cloud Panel. iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. Now you can go to Logs > Screenshots – App to see the screenshots of FaceTime calls. screenshots


The above are two ways to help you record Facetime calls or spy on FaceTime app. You can choose one method that suits your needs. If you only want to record calls on FaceTime, you can use QuickTime. If you also want to monitor more online activities, we recommend you to use iKeyMonitor. It is a powerful monitoring app that allows you to spy on text messages, calls, chat messages, and more. Sign up and start spying!


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