Parent’s Guide: What To Do If Your Kid Is A Target Of Mask Bullying

What To Do If Your Kid Is A Target Of Mask Bullying

Nowadays, mask bullying has become a new form of bullying. Teenagers and children are victims of mask bullying, especially in middle and high schools. If children do not wear masks due to peer pressure, it will pose a threat to their health. As a parent, you need to protect your kids from mask bullying at school.

What Is Mask Bullying?

If the policy of wearing masks is not mandatory in various regions, mask bullying will be a trend in schools nationwide. This is fun for children who do not follow the rules, but children who are bullied may face health risks and psychological harm. Mask bullying incidents not only occur in schools, but also in other places where children gather.

  • Mask bullying refers to children bullying each other for wearing or not wearing masks.
  • Stigma, discrimination, or bullying may arise due to wearing or not wearing a face mask.
  • Any kind of mask bullying, or any other form of bullying, may have a negative impact on children’s studies and lives.

Mask Bullying

What Are The Threats of Mask Bullying?

Mask bullying is not a game of teasing children. It is likely to harm the growth and development of your teenagers. Mask bullying may pose the following threats to your children:

Lower Self-esteem

Taciturn and shy children tend to succumb to mask bullying. When someone bullies them, they often begin to doubt their worth and value. The first effect of bullying on children’s self-esteem is self-doubt or loss of confidence. In severe cases, it will seriously affect their growth.

Lower Self-esteem

Health Problems

The biggest threat to children from mask bullying is health risks. The bullies in the school made fun of other children by letting them take off or put on their masks, but they did not realize that this behavior could easily lead to infection.

Health Problems

Commit Suicide

Mask bullying happens in schools. No child wants to be publicly humiliated. Once they are bullied, their self-confidence will be destroyed, and they may think of suicide to escape reality.

Commit Suicide

How to Protect Your Kids from Mask Bullying?

As a responsible parent, you need to find ways to protect your children from mask bullying. The first step in protection is to tell your children that they need to wear a mask when going out. Let your children know that no matter what others say, they should not take off their masks at will. Talk to your children in advance and tell them what mask bullying is and teach them how to deal with such incidents.

Help Your Kids Understand What Happened

You need to tell your children about mask bullying and why they must wear a mask. Tell them that if any bullies try to hurt them, they can ask their teachers or friends for help.

Help Your Kids Understand What Happened

Build Trust with Your Kids

You can build trust with your children by having friendly conversations with them. Let your children know that they can tell you anything, and you will support, comfort, and encourage them instead of punishing them.

friendly conversations

Model Mask-Wearing

Children will imitate the behavior of the elderly unconsciously. For children, parents are their role models. If you always wear a mask when going out, gradually, your children will wear a mask before going out without being reminded.

Model Mask-Wearing


Mask bullying has a serious negative impact on your children’s studies and lives. As a responsible parent, you need to talk to your children and tell them how to deal with bullying. If you find that something is wrong with your children, then you need to install iKeyMonitor to monitor their online activities. iKeyMonitor helps you find signs of bullying so that you can take timely measures to protect your children.


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